Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Lights top is DONE! ;)

Some photos taken outside today - here is the view that I have when I'm walking out of my gauge. Can you see that tiny little peek of red leaves?? I'm so glad that the land owner didn't bush-hog that away the last time he came thru as it's my only colorful tree for me to look at for fall. My part of Texas just isn't very colorful for this time of year. Pitiful isn't it - but I really do enjoy those few red leafs!

I love that our neighborhood is right in the middle of town but that our home is on the backside of the neighborhood and we only have houses across the street and one home to the left of us... Directly behind us and to the right of our driveway we are surrounded by nothing but pasture....acres and acres...

You may have seen my post last night, and I really thought I'd be getting my Christmas Lights done, but I was too tired to do the back and forth limbo from the sewing machine to the floor to pin and sew borders on so I waited until today to do that... thankfully the twins enjoyed a show while I sewed and then after lunch time they went down for their nap and I could finish up.

As you can see, as planned I didn't go buy any large print of red/green fabric to use for the largest border - but unlike my plan to use the red... I had to go with the black b/c I was 17" short of the red. But I think it turned out GREAT! ;)

The sun didn't' come out but someone else did... can you guess... take another look.

see those black dots in the background behind my quilt thrown over the BARBED wire fence (what was I thinking?? - so glad it didn't hang and snag the fabric or get caught in the loose threads of this top)

Did you guess cows??? Yep I was lucky to get their photo today! The land surrounding us is so large that we don't see them everyday but rather maybe only once a week!

What is it about cows that they can't help but be nosey and stare at you the whole time you are near them? I grew up on a small farm in KY - and remember standing there just looking at them as in a stare down... never did I win :P Probably b/c as a kid I would give up and go play in the sandbox or something more fun that staring - but I did give them a good 5 minutes or so before I gave in.

Shoot, they pose FIVE THOUSAND times better for me than my own kids do! Think people would notice if I just took their picture for the Christmas card instead this year? :P

and here is just one more of those beautiful red leaves... The trees behind the cows have an orangish tint to them when the sun is brighter - but today was rather cloudy. Still in the high 70's - not cold at all despite the no sun...

Speaking of cows... I talked to Daddy and Clara over the weekend, and my Daddy sold all of his cows last weekend. First time in my life that he's had no cows at home, but he has been considering it for a long time and thought it was time to get rid of them... I think it was a good choice for him. I guess now when he comes down to Texas to visit there won't be any rush to get home to make sure his cows didn't get out or not! ;)

And one last photo of the top thrown across my kitchen floor with the cute snow man fabric I already had in the stash (some 6 yards) that i will use as the backing :) I am pretty sure I purchased this when our local Hancock's went out of business in 2007 when I was pregnant with the twins. I must have bought all that was left on the bolt to get an additional 10% off that they were offering... and I'm so glad I did! It's gonna be perfect!

And because I don't like to cut and resew back together the same fabrics with large prints for backing fabric - I hate when they have an obvious don't match up line... I'll use some of my scraps and pieces to put a strip of them in-between the two large pieces of snowmen ;)

I can't wait to get this on it's way to Maine for Miss Margaret to get it on her longarm machine!

I'm so excited that this WHOLE quilt front and back was made using STASH!!! I did collect the scrappy 4 patches thru a swap I hosted but the ones I made to swap were all from my stash so I'm counting it as 100% stash! ;) Whooo Hooo! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL and so is your surrounding countryside!

  2. Your Christmas Lights is fabulous! I just sent mine to Maine today too...she will be sick of all those CL tops, but I can't wait to see how they come out!

  3. Looking good, I thought that outer border was blue but read it is black. I think it looks fantastic. I think the snowmen will be fun on the back.

  4. Love the quilt and all from your stash...awesome!!

    Love your country pictures...

    I am giving away a ginger jar quilt on my blog, come on over and take a look!!

  5. Your Christmas lights is beautiful! I've seen a few CL's. They all look different, though it's the same pattern, but they're all beautiful.Just finished my own CL.
    Cute snowmen fabric :-)

  6. It looks great!! Way to go!! And congrats on it being a total stash quilt! Thanks for the cow pics - they cracked me up!

  7. It's really cute, Bonnie! Great work. We drove over to Lake Charles on Saturday, and the trees are much prettier over there, maybe you just need to take a drive into Louisiana....

  8. Perfect borders and back for the Christmas Lights. I posted on Quilty Pleasures like you advised!

    The height of the colorful leaf season is over here (happened while we were on vacation!); glad you have at least a few red leaves to remember what autumn is all about.

    We too have many acres behind our house of "empty" land. The boys just loved playing back there!

  9. As usual your work is beautiful. Love the pic on the fence and the cows are to die for. Close farms here...you can hear the roosters and I had a pair of Mallard ducks that spent most of the warm weather under my bird feeder. Hubby was complaining about all the bird poop...he hates the feeders. Finally saw the REAL reason for the big poops.

  10. It looks great Bonnie! I like your borders. :-) Congrat's on a lovely finish!

  11. Your mystery quilt is lovely! Every time I see another gorgeous one, makes me wish I would have made it.
    Not enough hours in the day!
    I can't believe you hung it on a fence though...yikes! You sure are brave!
    Glad to hear it didn't get any damage!


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