Sunday, November 8, 2009

A new plan for borders and QUILTING

Thanks for letting me know that the link in previous post wasn't' working correctly. I went in an changed it and think I've fixed it now. ;)

I had planned to do borders last night but after kids were put to bed was too tired to think. :P

and actually I'm glad I slept on it b/c I do not have a large print fabric in my stash to use for final border like Quiltmaker Magazine suggests... but went back to look at Suebee's blog photos
I noticed that she used the black for #1 then the fabric she substituted for what they called for green for #2 and then her big #3 border was the same as her what they called for red in the blocks... and i think it looks very nice framing the busy quilt...

So today after Mass when I get home and get the twins to napping, that is the same formula I'm gonna use...

1st do black they call for cut at 2"
2nd do my green (hope I have enough) cut at 2.5"
and 2nd for larger border do the same red i used in the quilt. Wink cut at 5"

SPECIAL NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU - I also was reading around last nigt on blog land and discovered a new to me blog in PERFECT timing b/c she is a new longarm quilter getting started and offering super low prices for anyone who can get them their quilt top to her in the next 7 days!!!! WHOOOOooo hoooo! Now I don't have to worry with trying to do this one myself on my bernina! And it will be done in time for Christmas!!!

check out her blog and super deal here:

in her photos gallery of her regular website she has already quilted one CL Mystery quilt - http://www.mainelyquiltsoflove.com/main/?page_id=322

Edited to add her email address - msolomo1 at maine dot rr dot com and dont' forget to tell her that Bingo Bonnie told you about her Wink

Love from Texas!


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