Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Freedom Stands" (2005)

"Freedom Stands" (2005)
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Today, November 11, 2009, is Veteran's Day and at Nora's school they are having a special service today to recognize all men and women who have served in the United States Military. I went last year and was impressed with the turn out that they had. I'm guessing close to 50-60 Veterans and their families. Even Congressman Kevin Brady spoke. I regret that I didnt' get to stay for the whole service b/c of the twins...who were about 17 months old then.... I'd love to go again today to their service at the school, but just do not think that I could handle the now 2.5 year old twins...

But I am certainly thinking today of the many men and women who have so freely sacrificed for our nation. To be gone so long at times away from their own family so they could protect mine.... And for the all too many men and women who we do not get to thank b/c they didn't' make it back home alive.

The quilt shown above is one that I made in 2005, just after I moved to Texas and really got "into" quilting. I donated the top to "Quilts With Love" a group who makes quilts to mail to soldiers who are currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was one of the very first quilts that I ever made and donated to charity and I can't put into words the feelings I had the whole time while I was making it and praying for the man or woman who might receive it. So far since they have began mailing quilts, they've given 1818 solders a Quilt made with Love.

Now some 4 years later, I can only wonder about the soldier who received it... if they are back home or not.. I hope that the quilt I made for them wraps them up and keeps them feeling loved and appreciated as that is what I wanted. I'm proud to be an American and even prouder of the ones that were before me who helped make our country the best in the world! THANK YOU!


  1. Very striking, and relatively easy, quilt! I am positive it was appreciated. Really great message you wrote too. We just cannot take for granted our freedom here. God Bless all those in our military. One of my son's is (now 17years) in the Coast Guard, stationed at present in West Virginia.

    P.S. I got no response from the lady offering reduced rate quilting and now do not find that invitation on her site.

  2. The colors and the idea that it is a friendship star pattern are very patriotic and what a way to celebrate the fact that you are a quilter.


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