Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From her mailbox to MINE!!!

WORRY NO MORE!!!! IT Arrived today!!!!! My Fall Mini from Crazy'boutquilts is finally HERE!!! :) And oh how B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L is!!! I may have been the "last" to receive a fall mini of everyone who participated in the swap but that is fine and dandy b/c I received the best one of all!!! :)

and take a look at the love in the wrapping. A piece of tissue paper covered it folded up and only a single piece of clear tape and heart sticker to seal the deal..... so sweet! ;) In a way that reminded me of my mother... and I love her personalized label in the corner.

I tired to recreate the same mailbox photo with Crazy's mini as I had taken with mine. Look at those colors aren't they great!?!!

I’ve have seen this pattern done before and wasn’t’ sure what it was called but saved a photo in my inspiration folder for one of these years!!! I really love it – the fabrics blend together so perfectly and are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S shades of fall which I really miss seeing in these parts where I now live! After all the hurricanes we’ve had in the past 4 years, we are just lucky to have trees I guess.

and then playing around I just tossed it over the fence post - this mini is the most fall looking colors in our whole county!!!! See that one little patch of color just above the right top corner of the quilt? That is about the only thing in that field that changes color each year. Really.

And of course I walked it to the front porch and took a photo of it by Nora's "Princess Emily Pumpkin" ;)

Sorry for the delay in sending you a note but I had to be early to the carpool line so I was the first set of cars along the pickup area b/c I had to rush to go take the twins to a friends home to play while I took Nora for her post surgery follow-up appointment – and you know Dr’s offices! Our appointment was 3:45. Anyway after that and going to pick up twins and chit chatting with Jill… then home to unload kids and CHECK the mailbox!!!

I'm so glad I took the kids in the house first and gated them into the den with a show so that I could just sit and enjoy my package on the driveway!!! And of course I took a few dozen photos hoping to get some good shots to show just how pretty it is!!!!

Crazy - You did a super job Thank you, Thank YOU, THANNNNNK YOU!!! I’m so glad we swapped between us b/c I feel that we got the best of all the minis in the swap! :)

EDITED TO ADD - here is a link to Holee's blog where she has shared photos of all of the quilts included in the HGTV Fall Mini Swap - go take a look... they are all so pretty! There is a lot of talent on the boards - and I'm so glad to be a member! Lots of support, encouragement and inspriation there ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. omg Bonnie, this is sooooo cool! I am in awe and a little envious, what a prize you got! Congrats!

  2. I'm the first in the group to see it! Great quilt and yes, it is nice to have something "real" fall when you don't get the tree's turning.

    I'll let you post it to HGTV but I'll put it on my blog for all to see!

  3. That is Beautiful! Love the design and all the different prints, very pretty. I love all the different pics you took of it too, they all look great. I need to be more creative when I take my pics. :)


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