Monday, November 2, 2009

Design Wall Monday

What's on my design wall??? Nothing. Not a thing..

But that doesn't mean that I'm not working on something! ;) Actually I've got a few clues for you.. see here these??? This is the first time I've ever worked with "setting triangles" before.

Need another clue... how about we leave the sewing room and go downstairs to the dining room.... floor that is ;) take a look...

have you figured it out yet?? How about one last clue...

Yep although my Quiltmaker magazine has been here several weeks, I'm just now getting around to setting my "Christmas Lights" mystery blocks together! ;) and I'm la,la,loving them!!!

and for the first time, I used these nifty little templates by Fons & Porter on my setting triangles. Cutting off the dog ears made it super simple to line up the pieces to the blocks to sew on the corners! ;) I can't believe that I've not used them before now!

and Ta-Da! My first ever quilt on point is looking great so far.... even if it's not on my design wall but on the dining room floor. ;) All left to do is press each of the seams in each row into opposite directions and then join the rows together... then move on to borders! I am really hoping to have this quilt done in time for giving to my husband for Christmas this year! ;)

... and in other news... I am still working on my copy of the Fall Mini I swapped with Crazy'boutquilts. I took it with me to the hospital last week and worked on it while Nora was having her surgery. She had to have the hole repaired in her eardrum.

I thought I had lost the sunflower template forever b/c I had left it there and even went back same day to find it with no luck. Called next day - no luck... and then 2 days later they called me and had found it on the floor! :) Yeaaa! I bought these back in 1999 and spent a whole day looking on the internet with no luck in finding replacements. I'm so happy they found it!

and Nora is doing great! She's only had to take pain medicine ONCE and that was right after we got home from the hospital - since then she's not complained of any pain. I do pull her hair back quite a bit from it b/c of the ointment - don't want her hair to stick to it.. I just pray that none of her school friends make fun of it. They have all heard about her "pretend earrings" episode and she even took a poster to school for show-n-tell showing how she went to the hospital the first time to have the seed/nuts removed from her ears.

We go tomorrow for her post surgery followup.

Love from Texas!


  1. What a trooper, your little Nora . . .
    and the quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Lovely photos of your Christmas lights quilt in progress!

  3. Your Christmas Lights looks great. Bonnie's quilts use so many small pieces that I didn't try this one but your's makes me rethink that decision.


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