Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just a few pics to share

Well guess who now loves her Mini Mouse polka dot dress...! Only a week and a half AFTER Halloween ;) She did love the Micky suit too and it was well worth letting things work out the way they did however I still wish I could get Paul Thomas into the suit if only for long enough to take their photo together... for the scrapbook to look at years down the road. :(

and have you ever seen such a head of curly hair that Olivia has??? ;)

Here below are a few photos I took of the extra blocks that I had left over from making my blocks for the Christmas Lights mystery. As you can tell... depending on which way you turn them they can make for some neat designs!

The photo above on the right is what I ended up going with to make a row to join in between the two backing snowman pieces ;) I love a little something extra on the backing ;) don't you - makes me feel like I'm doing a "Bonnie" thing as Bonnie Hunter often includes scrap blocks and pieces on her backings. ;)

That zig-zag piece on my table above will go in between the two snowman pieces for backing for my Christmas Lights on the back side.

Oh and one last photo before I leave ya... A little sneak peak of what I've pulled from my stash to use on my Christmas Mini Quilt exchange with Crazy'boutquilts! ;)


Oh and one last thing before I forget about the Christmas Lights Mystery - ATTENTION TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS QUILT - I just read last night, over on Quiltmaker's Magazine's BLOG they have posted asking for people to post photos of their completed quilts (or tops) onto their Flickr group.

For everyone who uploads and shares a photo of their Christmas Lights Quilt, they will be entered into a drawing! Ooough, doesn't that sound exciting?

I told Miss June, I'd be happy to spread the word and that all of you would "hit the ground runnin" right over to share and post your photos!

For those of you who use Google Reader and want to add their page - their regular home page is: http://www.quiltmaker.com/blogs/quiltypleasures/

Love from Texas!


  1. Love your little runner you are making and thatcurly hair girl...adorable!!! So is the Minnie gal...tooo cute!!

  2. Olivia is an adorable Minnie! :-) And thanks for the little peek! ;-)

  3. thanks for the shoutout to Quilty Pleasures. I can see you're having fun with your Christmas Lights leftovers!

  4. Your Christmas Lights is gorgeous! I bought some fabric for the main colors of it, but never did start it. You have inspired me to get going!
    That extra strip will look really cool on the back Great idea!

  5. Hard to believe anything could make Olivia cuter than she naturally is, but I do think you've found it! Adorable!! Hope her ears are getting better and better! And please do forgive me if I get your kids mixed up in my comments ;)


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