Tuesday, November 3, 2009

fall mini take 2

Tonight while I had the camera out getting a few photos of the twins wanting to watch big sister Nroa play her computer game... I thought - Hey, I'll get David to take my photo with my mini so I can post on my blog for Crazy to see just how happy I am with it....

only problem - all David wanted to do was zoom in on my face. :/ and not get the quilt much.... men! LOL I then told him what I wanted and then he thought it would be funny to work that much harder at getting the opposite of what I wanted. Talk about hard to smile a genuine smile of thanks for the mini and not really show how frustrated I was at him. :P

See what I mean... he even got closeups of my watch or feet... urgh. Finally ONE photo of me and the whole quilt like I asked. Looks like next time I will have to find my tripod and learn how to use the timer on my camera!

and look how cute Paul Thomas is looking through the sales flyer like Daddy :) and of course Olivia is right there helping him pick out what looks good in the grocery sale paper! ;)

Love from Texas!

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