Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank you chanlady!

Remember the little doll quilt that I made for Nora with some of the small pink scraps I had. Pink is Nora's "current" favorite color.

It turned out really cute! Look at that poodle dog in the middle ;) I posted an update of Nora on my quilting board and mentioned about our little project that she and I were doing and look what arrived in yesterdays mail.....

Oooough-la-la! you would have thought this card had been full of $10 bills or something! Nora was VERY excited to get mail of her OWN and it had her favorite color (PINK) fabrics in it! :)

"Both of them momma! Light pink AND dark pink momma!"

I bet you can already tell what she's planning... another doll quilt! I even overheard her mention "needing to go count all of her dolls to see how many more quilts we need to make!" LOL I guess that is all I need to hear to know that she really does like the one I made for her. ;)

Thanks chanlady! and all of my quilter friends for thinking of Nora! You all are so sweet to send Nora little things!!!

Love from Texas!


  1. I LOVE it done up in all pinks. That is so so sweet!!! Isn't it fun to use up those little bits?

  2. That is so adorable, it makes me want to cry! What a precious, precious daughter you have in Nora, and Paul Thomas is so darn cute, too! Oh, you help me remember the good times of having little ones...we can gently forget the hard ones, can't we and just treasure their sweet goodness!


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