Wednesday, November 4, 2009

doll quilt

Last week while blog reading I saw this adorable tiny ticker tape doll quilt over on crazy mom quilts' blog. Then the next day over at Sew Mama Sew she posted a tutorial on how to make the same adorable quilt - to see the tutorial click here

So since Nora's eardrum repair surgery she can not play soccer for the next few weeks and I was thinking... since Pink is her favorite color I'd make her up one of these and I even had some left over princess frog fabric that I used on the backing of her Happy Quilt...

So Friday I went upstairs and removed my pink noodle drawer and brought down to the dining room and laid them all out layered on top of each other and started cutting

Since all of the noodles were already 2.5" wide I just measured over 1" and sliced. and then again over to 2" to later square up a few of those

Here is a little something I will share with you - the tutorial shows just putting the 3 layers at the machine and adding snippits as you go along - no planning really. . . . well I just can't do that! I have to know how it's all gonna look and move things around to fit before I even make the first stitch. :P So I decided to try using hair spray to stick them in place. BAD IDEA.

Bad idea b/c it didn't work -most did stick to the white fabric but as soon as I picked up the piece to carry to the machine and it folded they started popping off! and the pink pieces were as hard as plastic... :( so I ended up using pins to hold each of them on in the long run... next time I think I will try Elmers school glue.

and see that blanket under the hairspray lid??? Well that is because I was holding each tiny pink fabric into the lid as I sprayed - I didn't want to make a mess... but little did I know that that black lid had a PIN SIZED HOLE IN IT and then noticed juice running out and lifted it up and LOOK AT MY TABLE!!! I quickly whipped up all the hair spray and took a photo then continued on with my project using the blanket... and afterwords when I removed it the spot was GONE! :) yeaaaa! Thank the Lord! Not that this table is in perfect condition - I've used it more for quilting than dining and it has the marks to prove it but I didn't really want yet another one to 'splain to my husband! Whew!

Thankfully this was a small project - other wise all those pins would have been a pain to work with if I had to roll up the quilt to get it thru the machine. I worked on it some Friday night and then finished it up Saturday morning.

I piecked three or four pink noodles to use as a scrappy binding and as I was joining them up and cutting them... seeing these leftover triangles gave me another idea - you could make up one using all triangles! :) Wouldn't' that be cool?! Actually last week in Nora's hospital room there was a boarder wallpaper around the room with all triangles lined up with the white space between them... and I thought that then too. ;)

I washed it up and really la,la,love how it turned out! so soft looking!

It's really quite a shame that Nora doesn't feel the same :( I know it was just a blue moon type of day for her b/c she didn't like my doll quilt I made for her...

...or the stuffed kitten present that a little girl from church brought over for her as a get well soon gift or the card that Bella drew for her b/c she made Nora the "short one" on it :( but Bella is 7 and Nora is 5 of course she's the shorter one...

...and she refused to eat spaghetti for supper saying she didn't like it when I know she does! URGH. :/

Well that is ok -b/c I do plan to make up some more of these with scraps that I save - after all Nora isnt' the only one in the house that likes to play with baby dolls - take a look at the photo I took the other night at the kitchen table of Paul Thomas and Olivia playing dolls.... ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Just got back a couple days ago from 2 1/2 weeks "out west" in some of our national parks. Sad to read of Nora's ordeal---her mood will improve and she will recover. I happened to mail her a post card this morning, as I know she collects them!

    Neat doll quilt; may try for my granddaughter(s). Also fabulous mini swap you did with Crazy!

    One bummer on our vacation is that our camera obviously was malfunctioning since beginning of trip, but we didn't notice it until near very end when we wanted to view and discard some photos we had taken. The case has a gap--we did not drop it; perhaps it was banged by other people putting suitcases in the overhead on the plane! Getting to the Canon dealer tomorrow to see if it can be fixed (almost new!)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial...love the quilt....

  3. Love your little cut up quilt. Thanks for the quilt show too.

  4. I LOVE the doll quilt -- so cute. I bet you have a lot of dolls at your house that need quilts!

  5. I love the pink quilt. After finishing mine I noticed one blogger (who?) had done something similar but then quilted spirals right on top of the patches without paying attention to the patches and it looked great...not as much turning, or maybe more? but it looked great too.


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