Saturday, September 30, 2006

aaaahhh Saturday!

Today we dropped off my van at firestone for it’s oil change and then headed over to IHOP for brunch. Nora loves pancakes! The van still needed some more time before being ready to pick up so, afterwards we went to Target to check out the Halloween costumes. Last year we used my nieces hand-me-down costume and Nora was a very cute bumblebee.

This year, I have been trying to think of something for her to be but nothing I’ve thought of has seemed to wow me....little did I know that Nora would have her own ideas! – I just needed to get her to the store.

When we got there, David wanted to just sit in the car and wait while I went in but I convinced him to go in with us. After we found the Halloween section it didn’t take long for him to be glad that he did come in. The first isle of costumes we came to were for toddlers, perfect. They had lots to choose from but the very minuite Nora spotted the Care Bears she started chanting – “Care Bear Count Down! Care Bear Count Down!” that’s the way her DVD starts out…she recognized them right off the bat. Looking at all the tags they were all sized 3T-4T which I thought, well bummer – she needs a 2T.

When she saw in the way back the purple one, she really started chattering! “I want pea-bull Care Bear” I looked at David and he looked at me and we both knew that she had just decided once and for all that for Halloween she was going to be a “Pea-Bull Care Bear”.

Of course I thought we needed to try it on first so we did. David warned me that we may have to wear it home... thankfully we didn't :c) but she LOVED it! Can you tell from her big smile!!!! I didn't even have to tell her to say cheese. I am gonna have to think of something to help hold the hood back so she can see. Maybe use some hair clips to clip it to her hair?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The photo of the Bright Strings Quilt

I have no idea why it didn't post the photo... I will try again. Also when I am typing into the box to create a new post the tool bar isn't across the top instead, it is all going downward one button at a time...?

Again, I wish I could give credit where credit is due. I did not make the quilt shown. Just saw it on webshots.com

Aaaaahhhh - quiet

When I came up with the idea to call my blog "Nap Time News" it was because usually during the afternoons I have between 2-3 hours of free time to do what I want while Nora is napping. I usually update my spreadsheets that I made to keep my swap informaiton organized, check my email and make replies, read posts on the HGTV.com quilters message board and check in on a few of my favorite quilting blogs. After my computer work is done, I head to the sewing machine and enjoy the rest of my time.

Well this past week has been very difficult to enjoy my time. Nora has been resisting taking her naps and fighting tooth and nail to keep from doing our daily routine that leads to nap time. (medicine & Bandaids on boo-boos, brush teeth, story time, then prayes and put in bed.) I know that this is just another phase she is going thu.... She is testing her limits as a typical two year old will... but it has been driving me nutty!

Today was like normal! Yeah! She fell right into step with our normal routine. Yes she did cry out when it came time to put her into her crib but she stopped before I got to the last step coming downstairs. For a little while I heard her talking to herself as she often does.

Well Nora has been quiet for the last 20 minuites so it is safe to say that she is either haivng sweet dreams or well on her way.

Today's task at the sewing machine - to complete my scrappy squares for the swap. I have 3 sets done and another 4 or 5 in progress.

I am hosting a Scrappy String Squares Swap (try saying that fast 3 times!) on the HGTV quilting Board, that is due to me no later than October 1st. I have several packages from swappers already but have not prepared them for sorting. When I get them laid out I will take a photo!

Durring our discussion we voted in a poll and came up with 4 groups of String Blocks that people could choose to participate in.

Happy Scrappies Group – The entire block is scrappy-go-lucky! :)
Scrappy Around Red Group – Center string must be RED!!
Scrappy BRIGHTS Group – Like the pic posted of the quilt hanging over the deck with all bright colors shown.
Scrappy Blues / Yellows Group - only blues and yellow stings in random sizes and order.

I have been very pleased with this swap and will host it again next year. We started the discussion in the spring to determine the groups and then everyone had all summer to make them before the 10/01 due date. Next year I will let everyone vote again on what extra groups we do in addition to the Happy Scrappy - gotta have that one of course ;)

and now for the photo - which was my inspriation for doing the swap! I wish I could give credit to wehre credit is due, but I don't know who made the quilt. I just saw it on webshots last year.

one step forward and two steps back

That is what it seems like to me. URGH! I hate not being able to figure this all out. I must be determined is all I can say. And here I thought I wouldn't be one of those negative, blow off steam type blogs. LOL

Ok now I got the pic to work in my profile. I think using the smaller one helped. Now how the heck do I get it back to the top instead of my side bar being all the way at the bottom of the page!?@#@?@?@?!

I just wish I knew someone who could offer me some help.

one more try

ok here is the same photo again only this time I selected the small size. I hope this will work as when I tried using th eother it said it was too big. We'll see...

not sure about this..

I am not sure about this blog thing yet. It is 11:34pm and I know that when I get done with this the tiem posted will not be correct. For some unknown reason I am not able to select the correct time setting on the selection choices and it is just one of the many things that is driving me nuts!

I have tried and tried to post a photo to my profile and have not been successful. Much less a description about myslef.... Urgh, I had no idea setting all this up would be so difficult. How did everyone else in the quilting world get their blogs so neat and tidy and perfect??? Did you all have a techno-goo-roo in the house to do it for you?

I have spent over an hour and can't tell I have accomplished anything! I did manage to figure out how to post links to my yahoo photo album of quilt photos and also to my daughter's web page. Now if I could just figure out how to add other things to the side bar like other blogs I have admired...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Photo 12/2005

Well figuring out all the "How To's" is a little frustrating - not to mention when I tried to do the spell check earlier everything I had dissapeared.

Oh Here is a photo of me taken at Christmas time, 2005. I have never been very photogentic but I think this one is decent. My mother-in-law asked everyone to wear black tops and blue jeans for a family portrait. Before my husband and daughter left for the photo session, my dad took a photo of the 3 of us. I cropped my head to use here.

Funny thing about me is that most of my photos look so different from each other even when there hasn't been that much time gone by from one to the other. I recently cut my hair to sholder length and also dyed the grey out... so stay tuned - currnet photos will be added later. For now this one will do.

ok... holding my breath hoping that this works...

edited on 9/27 to remove the big photo - I hope this will make my sidebar come up to wehre it shoudl be and not stuck at the bottom of the page...

OK - Here I go - I am gonna try out this blog thing once and for all...

Ok, for the past several months I have been contemplating beginning my own blog. I belong to a few yahoo groups and even asked for their advice a few times... "to blog or not to blog?" I know that was ages ago and you may be asking yourself, What took you so long?

I don't know. Call me a nerd, but I even had it set up in my outlook as an appointment to make my own blog and that appointment came up months ago and I kept hitting snooze on the reminder (a week at a time) thinking I just didn't have the time right then... I do have a 2 year old and my computer time is limited when she is awake.

Hummm..... speaking of the 2 year old... maybe I should have named my blog "Nap Time News" because that is the only time I will get to post on here ;c)

Another intimidation I had to starting my own blog was:
Do I really have enough to discuss? Would anyone find it worth reading?

Oh well.. at least I will give it a try and see what becomes of it. Who knows I may fall into loving blogging. I do love following several peoples blogs and I read several "QUILTING" blogs every day. At least now I will be able to comment on their blogs! :c)