Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav, can't you dissapear???

Well, I haven't really had time to check in on any of the giveaways... but I haven't' been contacted as a winner. I know some are not over yet... so there's still hope.

However, I just posted over on our family blog about our possible hurricane situation. We will find out tomorrow if the city officials will call a mandatory evacuation or not. So there's a 99.99% chance that I will not be spending any part of Labor Day weekend sewing. :(

Just wanted everyone to know - in case I'm away from blog land for a while. Hopefully I'll be back on line soon with updates now that I have a laptop. :) The computer towers to the two old computers will go with me in the van.

and b/c this time I have the twins and all their stuff... I've thought and thought about it and most likely all my "stuff" will get bagged up and taken to the upstairs guest bedroom this hurricane. There's only so much room in the van.

Traveling alone with 3 kids and a dog is sure to be an adventure - so pray for me if you get a chance. :P We'll be headed to Jackson, MS which is about a 5 hour drive. Boy, those books on CD for Nora I ordered should would be handy about now... only they haven't arrived yet! :{

Oh, and something new I added on the sidebar is a geo tracker -cool hua? I had no idea I had visitors from so far away! :) Helloooooo to all of you readers :) :) :)

So for all of you Quiltville Mystery players - have a lot of fun this weekend!!! I can't wait to see what you create after I get to where I'm going!

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WOW, Blogland is overflowing with generosity

More blogaversaries = more blog-give-away!!! Wow, I was just over at Luv2Stitch visiting and man oh man does she have the luck for finding blog-give-aways! I'll save you some time and only list the few that are still current ;)

Can you believe this???!! Must be a blue moon event in blog land with all of these quilters being so generous! Not that quilters surprise me with their generosity... I learned long ago that quilter =s generous :) I'm just hoping I get lucky with one of them ;) ~bonnie

First off, Amy's Passions is having a blog-give-away, in honor of her 100th post! All you have to do is leave a comment or make a post telling about your favorite quilt! And since I just wrote about my "first quilt" being the one my mom and I made together when I was growing up and now all of three of my little ones have taken turns using it to sleep is will always be my most cherished favorite quilt! :) Better Hurry and enter - chances close tonight!

Next up is Jessie in Singapore. She's celebrating her first year of blogging with by giving away a very lovely and gorgeous scissors holder and fob. If I win this I know just the perfect friend to give it to as a birthday gift - or perhaps a "just because gift" ;)

and Vicky E over at Mid-Ohio Knitter has an assortment of loot to give away in celebration of her 200th post! Take a look. I don't get to the LQS very often (remember mom of 3 kids under 4!) so I sure hope I get lucky on one of those MODA packs! :) Don't you just love her bears at the top of her page??? I do! :)

Gina at Quilting in the Valleys is itching to give away something too in excitement of her
200th post... she didn't exactly mention what -but I am sure chances are it is something we don't have ;) Check it out, she'll draw a name Sept. 1st.

and well folks, there you have it - don't say you never get to enter the blog drawings b/c if you are here reading, I just gave you directions to all the ones I know of! :P

Love from Texas!

Alert, Alert, Alert = Blog-give-away heads up ;)

wow can you imagine I found one before it even started? actually two! - no make that THREE!!!

so take a look and bookmark them to make sure you revisit to find out when they start and what you can win.

Dana over at Old Red Barn Co. is actually giving away THREE Quilts! You have to make a youTube video to enter. Doubt I'll ever figure out that one... but maybe? I'm not very creative...

and Susan over at The Reluctant Quilter is having a bloganniversary - and says she'll post details tomorrow.

OH, and there's another - Connie over at Cootie Bug mentioned last Wednesday, that she's thinking of hosting a blog-give-away soon... I just checked and no details yet -so keep watching!

wow, look at that THREE blog-give-away ALERTS! and all three BEFORE they've been officially posted!! What's up with that? Must be a blue moon! b/c I'm usually clicking to read their blogs after the fact. LOL

so do you know of any blog-give-aways coming up? or still available to enter? If so please share!!! :)

Love from Texas!

Show and Tell

JulieKQuilts showed a Sunbonnet Sue quilt and asked that we show ours. While I have never made one (yet) I do have a very special one that I mentioned in the previous post.... and since I didn't post it's photo yesterday, I'll go ahead and post here. You can read about my Sun Bonnet Sue quilt's story here.
and if you haven't stopped by in a while, you can click on the link and read - then skip it in the next post ;)

Love from Texas!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My "First" quilt(s)

Susan over at Ape over Quilting recently held a blog-give-away - sorry you missed it, as I missed it too. I just happened to find her blog a day or two too late. However, she had asked what our "first quilt" was... and for a photo and even though the contest is over, it still makes for a great prompt for a blog entry don't cha think? ;)

So it got me to thinking... and thinking... which is considered my first quilt? hummmmm -let's see....

First quilt? Now that is sorta complicated... For me there are several that were my "firsts" :)

The first quilt I ever RECEIVED As a GIFT: was from my grandmother, who I call Momma Newt. When I was born she gave this Dutch Doll Quilt to my mother as a special secret gift to me. She had made it when she was a little girl growing up using flour sacks for the background fabric and feed sacks for the dutch doll dresses. She didn't want any of the other Aunts/cousins to find out about it and feel like they missed out on something so special... but b/c she was already at the age of 69 the year I was born... she was so scared that she'd die before I ever got old enough to remember her, and since I was the youngest of 18 grand kids (the 17th grand kid was a preteen when I was born...)

Or what about the first quilt I ever made by myself... (which was a very large King size when I finished... I didn't know when to stop! LOL - but it made a great gift to my husband at that time my fiancee for his King size water bed.)

Oh, and then there's the first quilt I ever "hand quilted"...

and there's the first quilt I ever made from a class... I used homespuns and while it was a rather plain pattern, I didn't care, I just wanted to learn how to use sashings and keep the blocks straight with each other. :)

Oh, and of course there's the first mystery quilt I ever made... look how young Nora was then :)
and of course, let's not forget the first quilt I ever made for Charity...what a great feeling of acomplishment there is in making a quilt for charity!!!
and there's also the first BOM quilt I ever participated in... still isn't finished yet! Top is waiting the final piano key boarder...I think the last time I posted about it was in May of 2007 before the twins were born...

But the most special of FIRST Quilts... is the first quilt I can remember helping my mother make - that was from start to finish to be made for ME!

I loved helping my mother when she quilted. I sat on a stool on the opposite side of her machine and it was my job to cut apart the segments as she chain pieced.. and getting them paired up and lining them up read for her to run thru again... I learned how to finger press before I could count to 100. :c) She told me stories of how she use to work for "Fruit of the Loom" years before I was born and I pretended that we worked there together... she was the sew'er and I was her cutter and presser. :)

I have no idea just how many quilts we together turned out -as my mom gave all of her quilts away -wedding gifts, birthdays, anniversaries... babies... So this was a very memorable moment b/c from the time we started this quilt - it was for me!!! Talk about exciting!

Actually it was just meant to be a doll quilt that my mom suggested we make to use up some of her scraps and leftover blocks...

I was about 8 or 9 years old and my mom had some left over 4patch blocks... and was only gonna make it about 12" square.

I kept begging her to make it bigger... bigger than a blanket for my Barbie...

so we added some more blocks... and I said I need it bigger... for my Cabbage Patch doll...

so we again, added more blocks...

then after we looked at it once more, I begged her to make it bigger and insisted we go BIGGER... for my "one day, real live baby"

My mom was out of leftovers by this time, and really did not want to make more and suggested it was large enough..... but either I was super cute and polite as I persisted... or she was in a good mood... b/c she did in fact help me double it's current size so that it would be big enough to be a real "baby quilt for one day."
Oh, and I am forever so VERY GRATEFUL that my doll quilt grew and grew a little each time we looked at it.
Mom died of a brain tumor in 1999 just two years after I was married. She never got to meet my children, but I know that she sees them... and smiles like I do remembering the day we made that quilt together.

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nora is loving school and SO am I :c)

Now that school has started for Nora - read all about it here - I am loving our NEW daily routine! It's especially nice that BOTH babies are napping at the SAME times both in both the morning while Nora is at school and also again in the late afternoon... when she is home napping too!! :) :) :)

I can't tell you how happy that makes me and how I am now able to enjoy some much needed peace and quiet around here every day!!! :P Perhaps now that Naps are becoming more regular... there may more postings on Nap Time News! :P

So here are a few things I have been working on so far this week while Nora is at school.

Star blocks for the Sunshine Quilters from the HGTV quilter's board. I need to make one more friendship star block...then they'll be ready to mail out.

ssharon334 (Sept) asked for Friendship Stars made with a novelty print and coordinating print for background.

Below are two more Sawtooth stars I made for jane_kiwi (Oct) who requested any star pattern made using bright animal print stars.

The Sunshine group is very casual - no one keeps records if you make blocks or not -you don't get in trouble if you skip a month.. some make only 1, most make 2 when they are able... and others mail in more. I'm planning to mail 2 each month and 3 for October b/c a "traveling box swap" I was in recently, the hostess or rather coordinator... requested no gifts but instead to make a block and donate it to charity in honor of her... so that White cat fabric block is in honor of LisaP8! :) I don't know if she likes cats or not, but I do think she likes brights and while I wasn't sure if the polka dot background would be too busy or not, I took a chance and made my 3rd sawtooth block using it - and I think it turned out just fine. Don't you? :) All of them are pretty fun colors hua? ;c)

I even made a couple sets of green mini 9 patches for my quarterly swap I host... Here's a pic of the first set. This was my first day of sewing while Nora was in school... so I sat her "Dora" up to keep me company. I sure do miss her and I've even shed a tear or two realizing that the Hero she sees in me will from now on change... as she gets older she will begin to value the opinion of her peers and their acceptance more than mine or her dads. sad but true... it's just how it is. I do pray that our bond we have created will last a lifetime and that she will have many fond memories of these years she spent at home with me (her Stay at home Mom.)

and in anticipation of Bonnie Hunter's new book release, I've also been finding time to cut up some of the shirts I have collected in the past year. I was gonna working on a binding during the Olympics... but I just can't do that and keep my eyes on the TV too. :P So for me, shirts are easier and faster!
I wonder how many other faithful readers of http://www.quiltville.blogspot.com/ are also cutting up shirts while we wait for the book to be released?? Have you not seen her cute cover? no? well check out her post she shared on 08/14/08
Love from Texas!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Woohoo, I found another Blog-give-away

This is one any quilter, or even nonquilter would love to win!!! Amber of One Shabby Chick made this beauty and is giving it away to one lucky winner.
It is so pretty with bright, hip cool fabrics. Take a look at her August 13th post to read about and and see more photos. Be sure and leave her a comment on what your favorite book was to be entered in the drawing! Maybe either you or I will win! :c) Hurry, she draws a winner on the 18th!

BTW, my favorite book is "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving. What's yours? Leave a comment and tell me, I'd like to know ;)

Love from Texas!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

look what's new over at the "real Bonnie's" place

I know if you are following my blog you are a quilter, and if you are a quilter, there's a good chance you've already heard/read all about Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website. :) I think she's the best of the best don't you??? :c)

But do you read her Quiltville Blog? If so you already know she's been working her tail off on her first book - working her "shirttail" off that is...

Well, enough of my babbling - I just wanted to give a shout out telling everyone to SWING BY HER BLOG AND TAKE A LOOK!!!!!! She has shared a photo of her new book cover!! It's perfect!

Also scroll down and listen to her talking on her videos she posted :) cool isn't it!?

Love from Texas!

Where's Bonnie? What has she been doing?

Anyone looking for me??? I doubt anyone even drops by anymore b/c I've become so, let's say.... quiet on here...

Group A
Maybe it appears to anyone who has stopped by that I got a new laptop then dropped off the face of the earth... well no not exactly. I have been more dedicated in keeping our family blog "Minorhappenings" updated for my family in KY to read... (my 74 year old dad just got a computer) and Dad calls often asking when I'm gonna post photos again :)

Group B

...but since I've not had anything quilty to talk about, I haven't made any new posts over here. Well, I've had one quilty thing I guess you could say -my Quarterly Mini 9 Patch Swap that I host over at the HGTV Quilter's message board. (these photos are from the past red/orange groups)

Group C

Thankfully all of my 30+ swappers are all very patient with me. :) July was such a busy month for us here - vacation to KY, Paul Thomas' surgery and then Vacation Bible School week... so I didn't get everything finally swapped and returned until this month.... and that was only possible thanks to my twice a week "helper" I have. Diane, 13 years old, is our Deacon's daughter and she's been coming on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week to watch/play/help with the kids. Now that Paul Thomas is climbing ALL the time, I just can't get anything done during the day.

Group D

After 3190 red and orange blocks to swap and return.... I'm so glad to be cleared out as of last week! Now I can try and get out my sewing machine and put it back on the dining room table... I gotta get busy on my mini greens for the next round! And maybe I will find my Star Struck Lotto Blocks and bring downstairs to have near by and kid of use them as Leader/Enders and work on both at the same time? We'll see...

Group E

As summer draws to an end, I won't be so excited when school starts back. Very excited for Nora who started this week (read that post here) however NOT excited about public school stating the 25th b/c... I've had a helper (13 year old Deacon's daughter) the last couple of weeks here helping me with the babies on Tuesdays & Thursdays. On the days she's here, it is so helpful to run errands in town and she stays in the van while I run into the Post Office, CVS, and other places... It will be hard to let her go back to school the 25th of this month!

Group F

and what you've been looking at while reading, if you are reading... is pics of the red and orange minis that I ended up with after swapping. I made some sets to be swapped and several of the swappers gave me a few of their leftovers (((my favorite hostess gift))) Leftovers, really add up!

Group G

I didn't include any of my duplicates in the photos... we had a great variety! Of course with over 30 people swapping we all have something different to contribute :) I am so pleased with this swap and so glad I thought of it. :) and thankful it is only quarterly! :P

Group H

For anyone readying and looking at the pics and want to make/swap/collect mini 9 patches... our swap is pretty much closed for now. I just cant' do much more than 30 people at a time 9most of who send in 200 each round)... but WE WILL BE HAVING A POTLUCK swap/ make up for anyone who missed previous rounds.. at the beginning of next year, 2009. Probably due in Jan or Feb. so contact me if you are interested and I can give you all the guidelines and details. :)

Love from Texas!
The listed below blocks have already been spoken for:
Group A=4
Group B=2, 3, 4, 8, 9
Group D=4, 6
Group F=4, 9

Friday, August 1, 2008

DUDE, I got a Dell

My new laptop computer (Birthday gift) arrived this morning! Yeah!!! I am not 100% sure of what I am doing, but it sure is exciting.

I’m not use to typing on a laptop yet, especially when it comes to using the mouse on here. Looks like some games of solitaire may be helpful for learning how to get my fingers use to using the mouse pad on here?? And speaking of the keyboard, my laptop has the number keypad to the right of the regular standard keyboard.. I am so happy to have this on my laptop b/c of all the number keying I do when it is time for my annual Fat Quarter Bingo Game! What a great surprise!

I’ve played around with a few of the things.. like the web cam that is built in. I’m not sure if I can figure out where the few photos I took are save to add to this post or not? The operating system is Vista and I’m exploring my way around. Still a lot to learn.

I have installed McAffee, Office and even connected to our wireless Internet so far. I think I’ll wait until David gets home before I attempt anything else. He is much better at all of this than I am and I don’t want to risk messing anything up! ;)

Yeah, for the laptop!!! Something I have always wanted! I can just see myself now sitting in a variety of places, typing blog entries… reading Internet…. And perhaps a few web cast chats with friends! I know Tracie has a web cam, anyone else??? Please email me and let me know if you ever want to chat. Of course we will have to schedule a time… :P

I want to make sure I am presentable. And another fun thing about the web cam is holding up the kids so the other person I’m chatting with can see them. Of course, that is something saved for the end of the conversation… b/c once they see the keys all they want to do is start playing with them.

Well, gonna wrap this up for now. I need to get some housework done. You know, load the dishwasher, fold clothes… the dull boring stuff. :P

Love from Texas!