Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Fall Yaw

and Happy Halloween too. :) ahhhh... 4 year olds are so unpredictable... :P

Since my newest digital camera is now BROKEN (camera #4) I'm sorting thru saved photos to find something to use. ;) and came across this one that I took while we were home in KY in September for IKE... and went to "Cow Day's" ---and to think we went back home to TX a week too early and missed "Ham Day's" and "Apple Day's" festivals. Oh how I miss life in KY sometimes.

thankfully broken camera #3 still takes photos so I will have a way to capture some pics of the twins' first costumes this year... but I won't know what I'm getting until I load them in the computer. :P

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween :)

Love from Texas!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

a photo to share

Well what do you know..?

While looking for somehting else this afternoon, I found the digital camera David broke in May (rollin around on floor playing with kids with camera and KEYS in his pants pocket - smash = broken screen)

Anyway it does still tke photos you just don't know what you are getting until you download them on the computer...and had I known I had so much carpet in the photo I would have moved in closer.

But on a good note... WHEW! at least we'll have a back up for Halloween!! and taking photos of the kids! :) also Kathy suggested buying a disposable camera ((good idea)) and I still may do that too ;) thanks!

So the block is one of two that I made for the November HGTV Sunshine Quilters hostess. (They were both exactly alike) Other than sewing flannel Bonnie Blankets, this was the first time I had used flannel to make quilt blocks. ..... andalthought i washed and ironed many more colros in hopes to make more than the required two blocks... I doubt I will bother as I just didn't enjoy using the flannel to piece with. :( just not my thing. I do like flannel quilts that I have seen, I just dont' prefer to use it myself.

I think I will contact ssharon334 and see if she'd accept my extra flannel to use either fo rmore blocks and if so, I could precut.. or perhaps to use as scrappy backings for the quit tops she plans to put together?

Wish us luck with Cannon - while meeting David for lunch otday I whined about th ecamera and he contacted Circut City and of course there is NOTHING they will do for us since we didn't buy the extended warranty on the camera... but since we purchased it in June, we should be covered under the warranty... let's hope!

Until now we've had only Cannon's. We love them! Since 1997 we have owned 4 of them... I don't know why we didn't buy the extended warranity??? You'd think as rough as we are on them, we would have!#^!**$#>

Love from Texas!

well drat :(

nothing real exciting to report... although I have made two charity blocks for the HGTV Sunshine Group this week :) I may not be able to make "whole quilts" but a block or two to be part of a quilt helps me feel connected :)

I'd share a photo with you - but my "NEW" (as in, just purchased in June of this year) digital camera is BROKEN!!! I'm feelin a little bummed about it too b/c Halloween is coming up and I will not be able to get any photos of the twins in their 1st costumes! The camera works ONLY on video mode. It will not switch over. Whaaaa! :(

and other news to report, I'm spending today cleaning to my dining room - all of this year I've little by little brought sewing stuff downstairs so that I could work on this or work on that... then never returning it back to the sewing room upstairs. I know, I know... bad Bonnie!

Actually the messy dining room doesn't bother me at all... but b/c of the room's weird location in our house... between kitchen and den on the back of the house... and not up by the front door like most homes... we pass by it ALL the time. 10-12 times a day, coming and going, and it is driving my husband C-R-A-Z-Y...

So, I'll take it all back upstairs and who knows when if ever I'll get to use my sewing machine ever again since the only time I really get a chance to sit and sew is when the kids are in the den playing or napping...

I certainly won't be able to be upstairs while they're down stairs playing. I need to be close by and able to hear what's going on... and I don't know if sewing across the hall while they are napping will work either??? we'll see.

I just want to show my husband I do respect him and help to make him happy. Who knows maybe if I get it all cleaned out we can actually invite another couple over for dinner! ;)

Love from Texas!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mail Call from GRANNY'S ATTIC

"Wwhooo HOoooo" - I have been waiting and waiting to open this box! It has my blenders from the Buy-in that I helped organize over on the HGTV board... plus some CW 1/2 yard cuts I ordered along with some notions and other goodies for Nora... I can't tell you how hard it's been for me to wait to open this box up!

Here are the Quilter's Choice Marbled Blenders that were selected or our recent Buy-In from the HGTV board along with a special TY gifty that Karen owner of Granny's Attic included with each order! What a nice surprise for all of us, don't cha think!? ;) Nora loved counting the "pretties."

My box actually arrived on Saturday, but we didn't discover it in the mailbox until we got home that night - and since Karen at Granny's Attic had told me that she had something for Nora on top... I thought it'd be best to wait 'till the next day to open since it was already dark and we'd be going in the house to go up for bath and bed... I knew she had left behind a piece f flannel fabric with baby hand prints on it when we were visiting her shop in KY last month... and so I figured that was what was on top... sure enough it was - along with something extra special for Nora... POLKA DOTS! She had begged me and begged me to buy them when we were at the shop!

aren't they cute? and Nora noticed immediately that each color had an "OFF-A-SET" :) and told me - look mom one with yellow dots, one with white dots - one with red dots, one with white dots...and on down the line... then she said, "It has a pattern! Each dot has an off-a-set!" :)

and Look...there's even a roll of fabric behind the dots that she said she thought would make pretty PJ bottoms... :) we'll have to work on that for sure!

So why did we wait to open the box today ... sorry I left you hanging didn't I?
...well the following day at church, I found out that Nora hadn't told me the truth on her behavior at school *urgh* - her teacher goes to our church and had asked me if I got her letter and NO I had NOT - Nora had hid it under my bed during her nap time Friday afternoon!!! ** I was so disappointed, and embarrassed**

So she didn't get to open her box form Granny's Attic that day/night either - that wasn't her punishment b/c as she had no idea that the box had arrived... but I didn't' think she deserved anything extra until the weekend was over and she had gone back to school and earned good behavior - if so then Monday after her nap, we'd open it.. if not we'd wait until Tuesday... trust me her punishment was much worse -but we won't talk about that...
Well today she had good behavior, so here she is opening it today after her nap. I cut it open and told her to wait while i got the camera, which she did - then I took a few photos -and thought, "OH, I know! Take a video so Karen can WATCH and see it almost live!" :P
Well CRAP - I tried 4 times and waited and waited for it to download before discovering it has to be 100MB or less in size... and wouldn't you know mine is 189MB *waaaa!* I'll try uploading it to youtube.com and then post here later. I do want you to see Karen :) It was cute.
....and finally the best for last - the surprise for me - I ordered a selection of CW's and just told Karen to surprise me - and I love all of them! I am lacking in "lights" also known as shirting's so I told her to pick a majority of those... which she did.... ooooogh aren't they lovely. I'm drooling over them still as I look at them here on the computer screen! LOL :P Rolled up or laid out - they are beautiful 1/2 yard cuts.

Thanks Granny's Attic!!! You out did yourself with such super duper customer satisfaction! :)We are tickled with our fabric purchases and thanks for the gifts for both Nora and I ;) You are super kind .... just like a true country girl from 'tucky! :)
.,...and I will try and figure out youtube.com and see if I can get my video posted for you to see... I'll email you when I do so you'll know to check back. ;) k? OK! :P

Love from Texas!

How many times have your turned your quilt frame yet Bonnie? - asks my Dad..

Anyone out there remember the day I posted about this quilt?? Way back in February...Well I'm sad to say, not much has been accomplished on it since that weekend that my dad was here and helped me put it in the frame he made for me. :(

I seriously had high hopes to be ale to sit and stitch on it at nighttime after the kids were put to bed... but who was I foolin? With the mini swap I'm hosting all year and the emailing and board posting involved... It much easier to spend all of my nights and free time on the computer. Not to mention I love blog hoppin :)

....ahhh if only I had the super power to "freeze time" so that I could get done what I want to do. ...and I'd promise not to abuse it, let me only have that power to once a week! LOL

Well it's been sitting behind the sofa in our den since then and every time I talk to my dad in KY he can't help but ask me "Have you turned your quilt lately?" and every stinkin time the answer is "are you kidding? NO, I've got kids, have you forgotten!" :P LOL

Well one day last week I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher when heard a lamp fall over in the den where the twins were watching a video "out of their car seats" - I thought I could trust them....for just 10 minutes while I was in the kitchen.... turns out NO I can NOT!

So I go runnin in to find that Olivia had knocked over the lamp - and good thing b/c Paul Thomas was up on TOP of my QUILT FRAME ROLLIN AROUND trying to sit up!!! AKKK! It's a wonder he didn't RIP the fabric!

So needless to say, I will be removing it form the frame ASAP and putting the frame away until another year... *sigh* not a big deal b/c I hadn't even loaded thread in the quilting needle but a hand full of times if that many...

and later that same night, I discovered a topic over on the HGTV Quilting & Needlework message board that I had missed shortly after IKE b/c I was evacuated in KY and not on the boards. It seem that needlecrazy is heading up an IKE Relief fundraiser project. Several of longarmers from the board have volunteered to quilt a simple meander on any quilt sized up to 100" for a donation of minimum donation of $50.

The quilting will be simple--no ruler work or pantographs, just an all-over
free-motion meandering design. This is a chance to get a top you've had lying
around quilted and help out some very needy folks at the same time.

And I'm not sure the mos recent amount but it is already somewhere over $2000!!! Isn't this great!?@!#! I know there are three longarmers involved so far and many spots filling up. I asked if it was too late to get in this deal... and was told by my friend Quiltaholic that she'd go ahead and include me in her group, expanding it to a "bakers dozen" but that none of the tops she has volunteered will be quilted until after January.

I don't care when - the only hurry I am in is to get it taken out of the frame and out of the living room so I don't have to worry any longer about Paul Thomas up on top of it rolling around! *sigh*

Now all I need to do is rip out my hand quilting - which won't make me shed any tars much since there is not much to take out.. *rolleyes* and then rip the backing piece and square up and then resew more fabric to it to make it large enough for the longarm - which Quiltaholic asked for it to be 10" longer both sides than the quilt top. Shouldn't be a problem. ;)

I'm so glad I happened up onthe IKE Relief fundraiser thread - b/c it was the answer to my problem! ;) and getting my "Texas Treasures" Round Robin quit longarmed next year will be such a treat! I can actually enjy using it while we live in Texas!!! Who knows how many years it would hav remained in that quilt frame waiting to be hand quilted. ....and besides, it was way to buy of a pattern for hand quilting to show up on. An overall meander will work just fine ;) don't cha think?

Love from Texas!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goodwill Blues...

Well today (Sunday) was the sale day for my local Goodwill... they are in a new location here in our town - which is about 3 times larger... which is nice. Apparently they didn't keep the same phone line b/c before going I tried to call ahead to see if Blue tags were on sale for $0.99 or not... (last week while shopping, I saw a lot of shirts I liked with blue tags)

Have I got it bad or what!!!%^%$!LOL

Well I drove on down there and as I pulled up to park I noticed the colored signs on the door - PINK and GREEN tags on sale for $0.99. I went in anyway.. and started browsing and flipping thru shirts just to see what I might find.

Nothing like last Sunday, that's for sure... but I did notice something new to me... something very different...usually everything on the rack is for sale Reg. Price for $3.99 each... then each week, they have their tag sale where they pick two colors to b on sale for $0.99.

Well, NOW they have "SPECIALTY SELECTED" items with REAL PAPER Price Tags that are marked $5.49..and those I am told will NEVER go on sale...!

nevertheless, I flipped, and flipped, hangar after hangar... and just a two foot section, counted over 30 shirts with the $5.49 paper tags on them... nearly everything has this newer price system which is a lot higher!

What a bummer!!! They didn't do this at the previous store location... waaaaaah!!!

Today I only purchased 4 or 5 to add to my shirt collection... and will edit and add a photo when I find my camera :P

Love from Texas!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quilting Bloggers get listed

I made some updates over to the right in my side bar. I figured since the "Fall into Fall" was over I'd remove that link... and also since the quilt give-away is over I'd remove that button too...

and while I was updating I ventured out and did something a little crazy for me... I registered with "Quilting Bloggers" by submitting them my blog addy and waiting for their email to see if or not I'd be accepted into their regitery... and I was! :eek: :P Now my blog is included with thousands of others :P

...you see, this is exciting b/c I have never participated in a "real blog ring" before... although I have always wanted to... but being realistic, I won't fool myself into thinking I'm blog ring wothy.... I just know I wouldn't be able to keep up with the guidelines of maintaining an active status.. (I am the mom of Nora, Oliva & Paul Thomas = all 4 and under by the way = nuff said) LOL

However I do enjoy blog hopping around rings such as Qult Mavericks and StashQuilts (which are bot closed for new memberships) and Hearstrings Quilt Project but I feel that I probably get as much traffic coming to my blog without being a member of a ring as I would with a ring... ;)

My secret? When bloghoppin and visiting leave comments often! :) Chances the blogger I am commenting to will visit me upon reading my comment... and also when others read/leave comments they'll see me and click on by too for a visit.

So far that has been working for me. ;)

and while talking about visiting blogs... don't forget to look over to the right for the list of my HGTV Quilting Friends blogs... just the most recent updated ones are listed so it changes from time to time. We're not a ring.. but I decided a while back to list them on my blog in hopes to help get them more traffic... If I knew how to make a ring of us I would... but i don't so I'm not gonna worry with it.

Love from Texas!

Friday, October 17, 2008

what I would do if I won...

Ok, I know i didn't give most of you a fair chance at winning that quilt that Elizabeth made... but HONESTLY I only learned about it today myslef... and wanted as many chances as possible to win so I posted here ;) not to tease you... but to increase my chances... :)

and I have been thinking of it all day - I know I'm not gonna be the winner... it'd be a slim chance to get picked b/c she had over 1000 comments and probably most of them did as I did and posted on their blog to get more entries... so the chance that my name will be picked is like 1 in 5000!

....but if I did win the quilt... I know exactly what I'd do with it - I'd take it to the Bridge City Library to donate so they could use it for a fundraiser!
The people there are like familiy to the kids and I - it was a great day when I got a phone call from the ladies at Story Time saying Nora and I could had been picked to come to their Wednesday Lap Sit Program. When we moved here I got on the wait list (small class for only 20 kids) and ever since we have been going.
Now for you it may sound silly, but for us Story Time is something we needed - b/c it meant meeting moms and other kids around Nora's age! Which equaled FRIENDSHIPS for both of us = which meant me not so lonely and hating this new town... :)

...and since the BC Library is so small - when they built it - they only had built 1/2 of it and for the past 3 years have been raising money to fund the cost of building the 2nd half of the library... and earlier this year they were down to the last $1000 needed... but now after IKE they are having to start all over! Everything was ruined!

So IF I win this quilt, I will donate it so they can sell tickets or auciton it off - in hopes to raise a lot of money for their rebuilding of the library and the supplies needed to get it back to what it was before IKE.

The kids and I sooooo miss going to Story Time each week. and until the mess is all cleaned up - it could take longer than a year before they are back up and going. :(

Who ever wins this quit - will love it. It is a bright and cheerful pattern. I jsut had to post another photo to show you the whole top... :) Elizabeth did a great job on it didn't she?? I hear it is raw edge applique - I bet it is soft.
Happy Weekend & Love from Texas!

Pigtials and Snails is giving away a quilt!

Recently I found soooo many bew to me blogs by participating in the "Fall into Fall" giveaways... which I am still cruzin' around the blog list to see who won everything ;) it may take me a week to get thru the list.

...anyway, tonight I found out that Elizabeth over at Pigtails and Snails has made this beautiful quilt and is giving it away - drawing tonight 10/17/08! So hurry on over! Just click on the button at the top in my side bar ;)

You will love the design and pattern which was one that she created! Isn't it beautiful with those awesome yellow leaves in the background?! Oh, if I could get so lucky... but there are nearly 2000 people in the drawing...

Love from Texas!

Fall into Fall - and the winners are...

Sorry folks for not posting the drawing results sooner (as in yesterday the 15th!!!) but life sorta got in the way. Notthing major... just "minor stuff" as always - ya know, 12 poopies in day with the twins, hubby not getting home until very late -nearly 8pm... and kids not in bed until wayyy later - as in after 10!
Never the less, I finally printed out my slips tonight from the spreadsheet (next time will print them larger = easier to read) and got them all cut out and folded up for the basket. Over 100 - I'm blown away!!! :) thanks Debi for your "Fall into Fall" idea - and I will be planning to participaate in your winter one in January. :)
ok... so here are the results for my give-away... sorry for the blurry pics - but I didn't have any help - hubby is snoring on the sofa right now... and i know it wouldn't be worth it to wake him to help.. :P

"Quilter Going Bananas"

" Elaine Adair"

Congratulations you two :) please email me with your mailing addresses and I'll package up your book/pattern gifts to go to the Post Office early next week. :)

Love from Texas!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tinker Bell

Hey everyone... guess what we started over the weekend??? Nora's Tinker Bell throw - aka "Bonnie Blanket" :)

I don't have a tutorial ready yet - but please be patient... it's in the works. :)

I still have to swap out the minis from this past round...... but since we have 3 packages missing in action (due to IKE)

I'm giving them one week to show up before swapping... Please join me in crossing your toes * you can still use your machine's foot pedal for sewing with toes crossed * ... whereas, crossin fingers can be very dangerous for rotary cutting and sewing ;) Please DO NOT attempt!

And do you notice her new little friend... the stuffed cow she's holding??? That is "Callie" the preschool mascot for her class. Each weekend Callie goes home with the student with the BEST Behavior for the week!!!! I was so excited to meet Callie and we all had a great weekend with her.

Love from Texas!

lookie, lookie, looookie :)

Our local GoodWill just recently moved to a new location. The new store is not only 3xs the size of the old place but today was full of green and pink tags (the colors chosen to be on sale for $0.99)

Today while brousing the shirts, I noticed tons tagged with blue colored tags... so next Sunday after they open I'll call and ask what the sale colors are - and if they say blue I'll zip down there - if not blue then I'll skip a week. ;)

I speant most of my time over in the men's department but before goign to the checkout I did stroll by the kids... and look at this beautiful crocheted shaw! It will be perfect for Oliva to wear to church this fall/winter! and it was only $0.99!

and the yellow dress hanging behind the shaw.. It needs washing/ironing but that's no big deal I ALWAYS wash everything from the GoodWill... but I thought it was so cute and that my neice in Kentucky would like it next summer ;) She's 10 and growing up so fast.
and these little reigndeer pajamas are just too cute and about the softest thing I have ever felt before in my life. They are sized 18 months... and the twins will be 18 months old in December... however probably not ready for that size until another 3-4 motnhs later.. but I don't care.. they are still super cute! and in the backgorund are two pairs stretch pants in Halloween colors. One pair for Nora this year and the other pair 24 monts for Olivia next year. Hey, for $0.99/pair why not buy ahead? ;) I also got a few other items for the kids that you see on the table in front of the shirts....

Oh and I also bought a black/white check dress for Olivia for this winter... darn it - seems I missed getting a pic of it... again only $0.99! And I am pretty sure I have a dress similar to match it for Nora to wear... that I bought last year when their tag sales were only $0.50/each! :P

Gotta love the GoodWill!!! There is no telling how many men's shirts I have... too many to count that's for sure.... I really need to sort thur them and maybe fold organize them to see what colors I am lacking. I probaly don't need to buy anymore reds or blues!

No doubt, I have more than enough to make something from Bonnie Hunter's new book, "Scraps & Shirttails" .... but until the swap for 9-patch minis is over I'm not gonna start anything new... just plan, buy, plan, buy, think of a swap idea, buy.... you get the idea! :)

Has anyone else started combing the thrift stores for shirts? If so please share - we bonnie fans would love to know! and see your shirt stash!!
Love from Texas!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Only 3 more days till the Fall Into Fall Blog-give-aways

Several of you who saw your name on the NO REPLY list below have updated your profiles and/or sent me your email addys and I appreciate it so much. :) However there are several new entires with out the info - and rather than spend the time to list them... I feel I have done all I can.. and will include them in my basket drawing and if *by chance* their names are drawn, I'll post on my blog the winners names... and give them 3 days to contact me.. and if I don't hear, then I'll redraw. Fair? FAIR. :)

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I need email addresses - please update your profile

wow, I am so amazed at how many new visitors I have had this week!!! This is awesome! :)

However with my blog-giveaway, I failed to mention somehting very important... if you do not have your email set up in your profile then you need to include it in your reply! There are almost two dozen people who I couldn't hit reply to their comment and tell them that they are entered - so unless i get an email form you YOU ARE NOT ELIGABLE for the drawing.

I hope people revist and read this - here's the list of names that had "no-reply" for their email addresses:

sweetiepie NO REPLY
cpullum NO REPLY
sewbaby NO REPLY
sue cahill NO REPLY
~~Charlene~~ you're NO REPLY to but I have your email from the FQ Bingo list ;)
KyTriplets NO REPLY
della NO REPLY
Sewfast NO REPLY
Ly + Alan NO REPLY
Lavinia NO REPLY
Saved Sinnr you're NO REPLY to but I have your email from the FQ Bingo list ;)
needprozac you're NO REPLY to but I have your email from the FQ Bingo list ;)
tisme you're NO REPLY to but I have your email from the FQ Bingo list ;)
corina NO REPLY
Stampincathy NO REPLY
froehlich NO REPLY

so if your revisiting and see your name above please go to your profile and edit yoru email address :) so that when you leave comments in blogland then the person can simply hit reply to the email that they receive and talk back to you :) and then I can include your name in my drawing and notify you if you win! :)

Thanks & Love from Texas!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alert-Alert---My first Blog-give-away :)

A few weeks ago Quilting with Debi posted about her new blog Called "Fall Into Fall Quilters" where she would list a whole collection of quilters who were hosting blog-give-aways on their blogs for October. And also told about her incentive - a MODA gift to one lucky blogger who participated... - so far there are over 30 people giving stuff away between now and October 15th!

Well I knew I wanted to do it - I just didn't know what I had to give... after all I don't' have time to make a cute little something to give away... nor did I know if anyone would even bother leaving a comment to enter... I don't get as much traffic here on my blog as quilters who are in web rings do on theirs...

I know it's shocking to some of you, but just this week I learned how to look up the number of posts I have posted (always wondered how people knew they were coming up on their 100th or what ever...?) and was surprised to learn that I've posted some 160 times already!!! WOW.... so rather than wait for a 200th post... I'm gonna jump in and "Fall into Fall" :)

So what do I have up for grabs you ask??? Well I finally made up my mind on what I could possibly have to give away that someone might want to enter to win for :) Two books and two patterns from my quilting room :)

I'll select TWO winners on October 15th who have left a comment on THIS POST HERE... and just for fun...
....and while I'm in the picture taking mood... let me get one of my new favorite snack! :c) What's yours??? EDITED TO ADD: Please make sure your EMAIL address is in your profile - "No Reply" addresses will not be entered into the basket!
Anyone tried these??? Pringles Baked Wheat Stix I have only tried the pizza flavor - and yummmm are they good! :) ....but there are other flavors too. And you don't have to feel guilty snackin on them... b/c each pack is less than 100 calories too! and there are a lot in each pack! :)
Now... I just gotta figure out how to add this cute scarecrow to my sidebar... then tell Debi to count me in :)
Love from Texas!

Friday, October 3, 2008

more and more minis ;)

I think I'm becoming a "hostaholic" if not one already.... well actually ...now that I think about it... scratch that -I've always been a "hostaholic" from the very beginning but just now realizing it! :P LOL

I love getting packages in the mailbox! and if you host a swap, you are guaranteed to get packages! :P it is so fun to be the first to open and see what everyone made... LaLaLoooove being a hostess!

So here are photos of the ones that arrived yesterday - a total of 7 packages with a combined total of 560 cuttie tooties! So grab a cuppa and "ENJOY THE SHOW" :)

These were from "QuiltTX." She has a great system for organizing her sets. Her index cards are all typed out... love them and her EAZY peazy freezer bags that are every hostesses favorite ;) Thanks QuiltTX for the extra FQ. I love country looking fabrics but don't have many of my own yet. ;)

and this box is from "quiltsewpieceful" = aka my super swapper overachiever! ;) You know that little ole sayin' about the one with the most wins... well she is gonna be the winner when this whole swap is said and done! :) She sent in the most sets again this month.

These are from "luckirish" - ooough, ooough, oough can you guess WHAT's in that baggie in the front...! LEFTOVER blocks for little ole me!!! :D :D :D my swappers are the bestest! They really know what I like and need and cover all the bases! :) Thanks luckirish for the extra 12 blocks!
these are from "KWILT4U"... again more beautiful greens in a variety of shades! :) another thing I love about hosting is SEEING fabrics I have never seen before or may never see again... like passing people in an airport... I'm always dumbfounded at how there can be so many unique people... just like fabrics! :)
"catec7" sent in a package of sewing machine needles with her minis - SEE I told you my swappers spoil me! I think they all talk behind my back or something to make sure that they cover all aspects of what I could use or need. LOL :) Honestly I can not remember when the last time I changed my needle other than it breaking - so now i have a solution to that problem! :) Thanks catec7!
These cutie tooties are from San, another faithful ziplock user ;) LaLaLove those freezer bags!
.......opps I think my finger got in the photo again - sorry about that... and that set on the far right bottom are my favorite..... yep I'll pick one of those for me for SURE! :)" HunterHI" sent in four sets... and I think that extra $0.50 is for postage I paid on hers last round??? or she wants a delivery confirmation this time... not sure so I will have to email her and ask to make sure. So often swappers email me and tell me they're gonna send me some money next go round but then by the next go round I forget.... and to even think of sorting thru all my boogles and boogles of emails to reread and find out makes my head hurt to think about it... so thankfully my swappers are pretty forgiving and remind me when I forget! :) Did I mention that I have the best swappers EVAH! :D


and for today's mail... I thought there may be another USPS Mail Crate but there wasn't. Maybe tomorrow. :)

I received two packages today 10/3/08. The first from "Dot128" Thanks for the shipping label Dot! That saves me time at the PO ;)
...and you'll have to click and make larger to see - but I just LOVE the one on the far right! Isn't that what Bonnie Hunter calls "Poison Green"???? :P

and the last photo is from "nancyc20"....who I so wish I could have as neat of penmanship as she does.... *sigh* I scattered her sets about so that her address labels would not show. (that's why the check is thrown in upside down to cover those last two bags) ;) Some swappers send me a check for the postage rather than a SASE which works for me! :) OH, and see that one set that is not like the others??? yep, sweet swapper "nancyc20" made me a very special hostess set in RED! :) I'll have no problems remembering that those are for ME to KEEP, now will I? :)
.....and I have been known to RETURN hostess gifts back to the swapper - I forget who's but I have done it twice that I know of... :P Not that I didn't want the gifts... I just keep it all together in the envelopes until I am mailing back so I don't forget who sent what and to make sure I write a TY card to each of them... and somehow I forgot to remove the gift twice! (twice, that I know of. :P)

Well that concludes the photo shoot :) I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me... the real fun will start probably this time next week when they're all laid out on the dining room table all together...all 1790 of them! :P

...........and I haven't forgotten about the "Bonnie Blanket tutorial... but as you can see I'm up to my eyeballs in minis.. let me get those swapped first K?
Happy Weekend Everyone and thanks for visiting my blog. :) please leave a comment and tell me you stopped by won't cha? ;)

Love from Texas!