Monday, May 4, 2015

End of the year swim meet

Starting with the school year last August, all three of the kids participated in the local Swim Club's Conditioning Swim Team.  Yesterday they had a local meet just between team members to end the season.  

Actually last weekend was the date, but it got cancelled after the first event started and lightening struck followed by a big BOOM and then the bottom dropped out and it poured!   So today was the make up meet for both of the girls while brother had his Cub Scout Crossover. 

They both brought home ribbons & Chocolate Bars from All Things Chocolate & More . Olivia placed 3rd in Freestyle and Nora placed 2nd in Butterfly and 4th in backstroke.

Sure wish hubby and PT could have been there.... I'm already looking forward to summer.  It's going to be fun!

Love from Georgia!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Everyday is a new record for most miles driven on my van!

Here's to hoping we can get another two years from our ole van!  We brought it home when Nora was just 3 months old....

Love from Georgia!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nora's New Earrings That She Made


Over the summer my oldest, Nora got her ears piered with birthday money.  Until now she's only worn her piercing earrings.... but while out of school for MLK day - she was invited by her penpal to attend their Girl Scout Troop's filed trip to Hobby Lobby and Jewerler Workshop and earn a new badge that will go on her new Junior uniform next year!  How cool is that?? 

She was so excited about her new earrings, and couldn't wait to wear them to school on Tuesday :)  "Please momma help me pull back all of my hair, so that everyone will be able to see my new stylish earrings!" :)

How can it be that she's already in grade 3 and acting so big???

Love from Indiana!

The best gifts are the home made ones right?

Over the summer I worked on my guild's "Challenge Quilt Project" and made a quilt from the given guidelines using the Easy Angle Rulers.  I let my 5 year old choose the fabrics and he helped quite a bit during the process of piecing and puting together the quilt top.  You may remember the Dino quilt if you follow me on facebook - as I shared photos of it there.  Why is it, that it's so easy to email a few pics to facebook and skip out on blogging about it??  Bad Bonnie!

Also during that same time I used a simple 4 patch and made my youngest daugher a Panda Bear quilt using her 2 favorite colors. Pink and Purple! Every little girls delight right? and her favorie animal too! 

Quiltaholic, a long time quilting frined that I fist met on the HGTV quilting forum, and then later met in person at a retreat, quiltied them for me and did an outstanding job!  Much more than what I expected!!!  WOW!

The quilts arrived on my door step on Christmas Eve - just in time to wrap them up (without the binding) and give them to the twins for Christmas!  A gift made by "Momma" ;) 
Love from Indiana!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Olivia slept tight!

The hardest part of getting the kids ready in the mornings usually begins with the task of waking them up.  See what I mean?  I let her sleep in until 6:45am before disturbing her - whereas Nora and Paul Thomas had been up (on their own) since 6:00am. 

I hate having to wake her up.  Look how sound she slept under 4 layers of covers.  She didn't move an inch the whole night!!!

Love from Indiana!