Sunday, February 28, 2010

Downy's Touch of Comfort

It will only take a moment to see this video - but like the actress/spokeswoman says at the beginning - it will leave a great impact!

I'm so glad I found it - Nora and I watched it together and it really opened her 5 year old eyes to see and understand what it means when we pray at bed time how grateful we are for having healthy kids and remember those who are sick and ask that God can place his healing hands on all the children who are in the hospital and bring them comfort, hope and healing to them and their parents.

Nora and I had talked before but now she understands why I'm making my ducky quilt to donate and seeing this video she got to see where it will go. She even asked if seh and I could go to Houston to the Texas Children's Hospital to visit them and give them a child the ducky quilt in person. She doesn't quite understand that only their family are allowed to see the sick kids.

anyway - here's the video. You will be inspired by these quilters and THE KIDS too!

For those of you not members of some online quilting chat-groups, perhaps you haven't read or heard about Quilts for Kids. I know some of you have commented back about my previous Quilts for Kids posts, and you are VERY welcome for the link to the kit request website. What a wonderful cause and something so simple for us to do who love quilting so dearly. Here is an informational message/email sent out and shared with us (posted at Quiltvillechat - Yahoo group)

Dear Quilters,

Each year in the United States, children account for more than six million hospital stays and must confront the challenges of overcoming illness while staying in unfamiliar hospital environments.

In January 2009, Quilts for Kids, Inc. kicked off a partnership with Downy fabric softener to launch the Downy Touch of Comfort program - bringing a "touch of comfort" to hospitalized children in Children's Miracle Network hospitals nationwide along with "Grey's Anatomy" star and mother of three, Chandra Wilson.

Now, Downy has developed a special documentary to raise awareness about the cause and Quilts for Kids' mission. The documentary shows the heartfelt effort that numerous people have put into helping these children feel close to home; from our quilters to the Downy Touch of Comfort spokeswoman, Chandra Wilson, many people have made a difference in the lives of children such as those seen in this film.

We encourage you to view the film and share it with others by sending them the links or by sharing this on your FaceBook page.

Link to Quilts for Kids: www.quiltsforkids.org

Link to Downy.com: www.downy.com/helpingkids

Link to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igraIvlADEs

As mentioned in the film, each purchase of a specially marked bottle of Downy will go back to Quilts for Kids to help us create more quilts for the millions of children that are hospitalized each year. The new specially marked bottle design features a "quilted" label and the Downy Touch of Comfort logo on the front, and five cents from each of these specially marked bottles will help Quilts for Kids, Inc. and Downy reach our goal to deliver 10,000 more quilts to these children this year.

We truly appreciate your interest and continuing support of Quilts for Kids and Downy Touch of Comfort

One stitch, one quilt, one child at a time,

Sally Weber

Chapter Liaison
Quilts, for Kids, Inc.

It's Sunday and I'm excited to get back to working on the ducky quilt and filling it up with even more love than before - now that seeing this video has touched my heart! The faster I can get it quilted, the faster I can get the binding sewn on and sewn down... and the faster I can wash it up and with some of this! Have you purchased your bottle yet? The one with the quilt on the label?

....hopefully sometime this week as I'm already planning to go to the PO on Wednesday to ship off my Crayola Quilt... so if this one gets completed before then, then I can ship two quilts same day... one to NC and the ducky quilt to Quilts For Kids! ;)

Oh and did you notice in the video that BIG bag that they filled up with quilts!!!??? I have one like it and it does hold a lot! ;) I can put a whole king sized quilt in mine if I needed to!

Well until next time...

Happy Quilting!!!

Love from Texas!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How did I not notice this until now?

I've been visiting Crazy'boutquilt's blog for what seems like forever.... and just recently did I notice her little mini quilt over on her side bar - I think that is a dime on the top row! Eek, it's tiny isn't it!

But what caught my attention is that it looks just like my 18th Christmas Quilt from Momma Newt.

I've never really known the name of the pattern although Momma Newt called it Birds in Flight - click here if you'd like to read about when I blogged about it a couple years ago. Has it been that long ago really??

To me it looks exactly like the "Spool" patterns I've seen only placing the colors in different areas of each block. I've googeled Birds in Flight but never came up with anything that looked like my 18th Christmas Quilt.... so of course this week when I noticed the exact same looking pattern on Crazy's sidebar I contacted her! ;)

Crazy replied back to my email saying that she made her mini several years ago and no longer has it b/c she gifted it - but she has a great memory b/c she knew the book title that she got the pattern from her local library and what was called in that book... and that it finished at only 18" x 11"!!! and can you guess what!!!???

I have the very book that she mentioned!!! The Best of Scrap Quilting Made Easy. My friend Ms. Ruby from church, gifted it to me last December when I pieced the blue & yellow quilt for her to quilt and give to her mother. Ruby said that she had 2 of the same and gave one of them to me!

In this book, it's made a little differently - NO "Y-seams" that must be the "made Easy" part of the book ;) and they call it "Flower Bed" Crazy said that it was simple to make and finished at only 18"x11" Wow! that IS a mini quilt isn't it!!!? The book says it's a weekend project... and only calls for 20 nickels... hummm...

I really love my quilt made by Momma Newt and although it's not quite large enough for this queen sized guest bed - it doesn't look too bad draped over the comforter with the longest side of the quilt going side to side instead of head to toe... not wide enough to put on the bed the other way..

Our email messages back and forth prompted me to get my quilt out of the curio for photo taking and I'm glad I did, as it's fun to look at all the many different fabrics in it. Using a Christmas scrap was always a signature trademark of Momma Newt's quilts even if only one fabric... and I especially love them in this one - since I'll never forget my 18th Christmas when she gave it to me!!!

I only wish I had the photo that was taken of the two of us that day after I opened it up and saw it for the first time. I remember sitting on her lap (she insisted!) and huggin and kissing her... and I can still smell her when I think about it. ;)

Yep, I'm for sure going to make me a mini "Flower Garden" in honor of Momma Newt sometime soon! Should I go total random scrappy with my 20 nickels like Momma Newt did.... or go with floral nickels like the pattern "Flower Bed" calls for... hmmm.

and here's my little man Paul Thomas... who's still feeling yucky :(

but happily hangin out on the stairs with his "little bear" - their favorite spot. ;)

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you Ms. Eleanor!

Today I found *Another* Check in the mailbox from my reader Mrs. Eleanor!!!! My second reader to support me in raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charity!! Whoo hoo! this helps put me over the $200 mark that I've raised... it will be sent off to our coordinator quiltaholic in my next mailing. ;) As a group we are hoping to raise more than the $4,000 we raised last year to give to RMHC.

More quilts have arrived - click over to Quiltaholic's blog to have a look. Mine hasn't been mailed off yet... as I'm hoping to hear back from the local newspaper still. If I don't get a call back or reply email this week I will give up on the local papers.

However on the good news side - I ALSO send an email to CKNJ, the Central Kentucky News Journal - in my KY hometown where I grew up and they ARE very excited about featuring me and my quilt in their "Milestones" section of the paper!!! Weee! I'm not even going to tell my Dad & Clara - just let them open up one Monday or Thursday and see me there! ;) Of course when they replied they said that they wanted a photo of me to go with the story - so that will be interesting to see what I come up with them. I doubt they'll want any funny faces that I've been known to take. :P

...and just b/c that post was in 2008 doesn't mean that was the last time I played in the mirror... LOL I have lots more since then - I just haven't shown ya. Guess I'm waiting to be double dog dared or something... :P

So thank you to my blog readers who are thinking about donating a few bucks to this great charity of the Ronald McDonald House - every little bit gets added up and together we can make a great contribution!!! and Not to mention - all of those who help out get CHANCES TO WIN SOME BEAUTIFUL QUILTS!!! ;)

I told my dad about selling $200 worth already and about the two blog readers who have sent in checks... and he told me, "Well that's no good, you're ruining my chances of winning... that cancels out the $10 I gave you."

I told him, "Well Daddy, that just means you'll have to send me money EVERY month from now until September for MORE CHANCES!!!" :P

and he laughed as he replied, "Well maybe so. You could sell freezers to people in Alaska couldn't you?" :P LOL

Well maybe so - but I don't want to find out. I just want to sell chances on quilts! ;) Thanks again Mrs. Eleanor for helping me with my goal to help the RMHC!

Love from Texas!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GO to the TIME OUT BENCH - Everyone

I don't even remember why they were all THREE in trouble today but I do remember that I just happened to have my camera in pocket and they were sitting there looking all pitiful... Olivia couldn't look... and Nora made that sideways face on purpose when she saw my camera pointed at her and Paul Thomas well....he didn't even have the energy to cry if he had wanted to.... poor little man.

oh what a week it's been! Paul Thomas has been sick... nearly everyday out one end or the other.

But sick or not sick, a momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do... just wish I could remember what exactly it was that they did. I'm guessing took all the sofa and love seat cushions out maybe? They don't do that very often nowadays but when they do - they ALL go to the bench in the foyer b/c no matter "who" did it - they all had fun with them.

Love from Texas!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Crayola Challenge ROLL CALL

Posted Feb 22, 2010 10:26 PM
I'm waiting to hear back form the messages I left at our local newspaper office - I thought I'd try my luck at getting photos of my quilt published and share the story of why it was made... Wink wish me luck!

oh - another $30 check arrived today from a good friend in Iowa Wink and I stuck it in my cookie jar with a few others - I'll plan on mailing you another envelope Friday of this week of what I have collected since my last one Wink

Thanks again for letting me hang on to my quilt throughout this month so that I could take it on tour around the local places and show it off. David even took it to work with him about a week ago - and he said he didn't have the heart to tell the women there that they wouldn't be guaranteed to win "my wife's quilt" Roll Eyes but I'll make sure I tell them when I write the ladies my thank you cards. Wink

here's hoping that I hear back from the paper soon.....!

Love from Texas!

Stuck in the ditch

Hey there... wondering about me... where I am? Why no new posts... well that's b/c I've been stuck in the ditch as far as thinking goes on this quilt. The "Quilt for Kids" specifically stated they want quilting in the borders and I really don't have any good ideas for it. YET. so I'm stitching in the ditch of the narrow one for now...

then I need to get to thinking on what I'm going to do for those 6" ducky blocks... I have a neat idea but not sure how hard it will be.

Love from Texas!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I couldn't help myself

This weekend I found myself over in the neighboring town that has our closest Joann's - Nora and I had gone over for a bowling birthday party and after it was over she was begging to go to Joann's!! ;) She loves to get little ceramic refrigerator magnets to paint... and she was out *gasp! LOL :P

So take a look at the goodies that I picked out for Paul Thomas' I-Spy quilt. It's hard to see from this photo but the green above the construction fabric on the bottom has robots on it. I love to hear Paul Thomas pretend to be a robot and talk in his robot voice!!! ;) And that fabric to the right of it is of oranges - and HE LOVES "norn-ges"!

After making Nora's a couple years back I have lots of left overs but was informed by Nora that we "do NOT have enough BOY ONES Momma!" So after I cut these I should have around 50-60 of the 100... I'm sure by the time I get them made I'll be ready to do some more shopping for his quilt.

It also helps that my HGTV friend Jessica is also working on collecting for I-Spy quilts for her two boys and she and I plan on trading fabrics with each other ;)

Love from Texas!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Wow, so many of you took the time to leave me comments of helpful links and tips and lots of encouragement on my machine quilting. THANK YOU to all of you for your kind words and help, and encouragement!

Today while the twins napped I got my rear in gear and got back out my duck quilt - the "Quilt for Kids" kit and just dove back into it. ;) and I actually had some fun! :P

The only thing missing was having some music going.. but being as I do not have a radio in the house or one of those ipod thingys that are so popular... I just had to hum to myself and make my own music... la..de..da...

I was really feeling into my groove... and then the phone rang. It was my husband calling while out for his very late in the day lunch... as in it's 2:30 and he was just leaving the plant to go pick up a bite to eat.

when I told him that I was gonna have to go upstairs and wake up the babies in about 10 minutes so I could leave and go pick up Nora - he offered to go get her and bring her home for me! ;) Wasn't that sweet!?

Not only did it mean that I wouldn't have to disturb the twins and wake them up - It also meant that I could continue "movin and a groovin" on my free motion quilting ;)


I have such an EVEN GREATER APPRECIATION for machine quilters now!!!

One of my commenters, Elaine Adair, mentioned that her machine is in a cabinet and sits level with their surface - ooough how awesome it would be to have a sewing cabinet!!! I sure bet the quilt would move so much easier if I had one.. but for now the dining room table is all that I have.

The little white slippery surface thingy (Supreme Slider) I helped Santa buy me does a great job making up the difference.

Something else that I used today for the first time were these gloves!!!

I had misplaced them, after receiving them from Santa for Christmas... but after Elaine asked, "Are you using quilting gloves? - a must! I LOVE Machingers." I searched until I found them - and what do you know!? The brand I ordered from Santa also from Leah Day's website, are Machingers! Just like Elaine recommended. ;)

And using them today DID make a WORLD of a DIFFERENCE!!! Can you tell from my photo how every fingertip is rubbery?? They are great!

And what about those tails?? I helped Santa pick out something else for me too that I used for the first time today. They're called Cheater Needles made by Clover. Have you ever used one? Click here to see Leah Day demonstrate how they are used.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to get my camera to focus on this needle... it took longer to get one clear photo to share with you - than it did to bury all of the threads on both the front and back sides! :P

and because Leah mentioned that she used Pin Place to keep and store her Cheater needles, I helped Santa buy me one of those too :P Sorry, no photo but mine is suction cupped to the side of my machine so I can always find it. Click here to see what it looks like - and notice the special combo offer if you buy both the Cheater needles and pin place together.

So now that all of the diagional blues and yellows are fee motioned... and safety pins removed, and tails burried with my Cheater Needle.... all that is left to do are the large ducky blocks and borders.

Any suggestions?

oh and there's one more thing/notion that I helped Santa buy for me that I didn't get a photo of - but will share a link to. These "Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers" I have no idea how they work, but if Leah Day says, "This completely eliminates backlash and bird's nests on the back of your quilt!"

and she has to use them... then I figured I did too. I added one to my bobbin case before I ever began on my quilting and my back side's stitches look as great as the front! ;)

Happy Weekend & Love from Texas!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My plan for "My Blue Heaven"

Remember all the blocks Crazy'boutquilts and I made last year and exchange with each other? Maybe you'll remember, just recently in January, while waiting on a quilt to be quilted by a longarmer, I used that time to work on joining swap blocks together - that's my 2010 goal this year.

I joined up 4 blocks together into large blocks. Well here is what I'm going for in my layout design.

Thanks Sandie for helping to create me with the visual so now I have a road map on how to get from blocks to a top with borders. Now All I need is to find that perfect blue for the outer borders and also a great fabric for the backing. ;)

Love from Texas!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little Show-N-Tell from today

Today I took the Crayola Challenge Quilt with me to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) to show some of my new friends. Months ago when telling a little about ourselves I mentioned that I liked quilting...

But I don't think that this 20-30 something crowd took it to mean that I actually made quilts! LOL During meet & greet time, when we enjoy some breakfast foods and chit chat before the meeting begins - it was certainly an eye catcher and lots of people ooooughed and aaahed over it! :)

It was fun to tell them why I made it and about getting a sea green crayon in the mail... and that all the proceeds from the quilt raffle were going to The Ronald McDonald House Charity. I even came home with two donations for quilt chances!!! and a couple others said they'd give me $$ next month!

But during the craft time, the decorative serving spoon that we all made was proof that I'm just not what they call.... crafty. :P Cute idea and I saw some great ones at the table I was sitting at... but my stones just weren't secured tight enough to stay put.

Oh well. Everyone's got their touch of Martha

I'm just thankful mine is in the quilting category! ;)

Love from Texas!