Monday, September 21, 2009

My first jelly roll and first online purchase

I'm sure if you visit your LQS (local quilt store) often then you've these fabrics from MODA. Aren't they beautiful?! I think they're called Three Sisters? I can't remember exactly... I've had them over a year now and still haven't cut into them yet...

My "not so local" LQS (but nearest to me) store has a buyer card that they punch off for each time you spend $5 worth.. or maybe it's $10? I don't remember but I keep it with me in my wallet at all times b/c after the card is full the neon Pink card is worth $25 at their store! :) Who doesn't love FREE money?

Last year I spent my card on my first ever "jelly roll" and have had it sitting around ever since.
I loved the quilt hangin in the store but they didn't have any patterns left for it - so thankfully I remembered to write down the name and came home and found it on eBay for sale and purchased it under the buy it now. I think I paid under $8.00 for the pattern "State of Grace."

Then last year I was given a $25 gift certificate from one of my FQ Bingo players (a mighty generous hostess gift I might add!!!) and I had one year before it expired... I almost forgot about using it - but then I remembered it and at first had NO clue as to what fabric I would select to purchase from equilter.com

...but then it dawned on me!! More coordinating fabric to go with my jelly roll and pattern! Yes! :) The dark brown fabric could be used as a border, the stripe as the binding and the large floral on blue background as the backing... now all I have to find is that white fabric the pattern calls for as the focal print.... hummm no idea where to find that b/c my LQS is sold out and not reordering it. Wish I knew the name or number for it.

What do you have sitting around that you can't cut into just yet??? I don't have time to start this pattern just yet as I have many other irons in the fire... but one day... yes one day! ;)

Love from Texas!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious..

I mentioned yesterday how much I love Triangulations - they are great for making multiple HSTs from the same fabrics - especially for the smaller sizes, BUT what about when you want or need more variety of colors? Like only 2-4 of the same fabric? or want HSTs that finish at 5" or larger??

Or for me, I like using the old fashioned way to make HSTs best for the larger sizes b/c with the Triangulations software I feel like I'm wasting paper if I can only get 6 or less on one page... so look what I discovered today....a new trick.
Use to - I'd mark two lines to sew on... but after about 3 years of having this foot for my Bernina #57 I tried something different and just drew ONE line down the middle.... and would you believe I just discoved a new use - use the edge to stay on the line while sewing 1/4" away!

Now I only have to draw one line instead of two and do not have to change presser feet before sewing! I'd say I feel kinda smart for figuring this out, but I actually feel rather stupid that I didn't' think of this long before now. :P

Love from Texas!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

up next... Triangulations!

Nora's not the only one who has homework to do...Here is a look at what I'm working on - doing my homework as I call it. I really love the Triangulations software that I bought several months back. It's super fast to make a dozen 2" finished size HSTs and they all come out PERFECTLY every time!

These will be used to make more My Blue Heaven blocks that I'm swapping with Crazy'boutquilts. Our next exchange is in October so doing my homework now will help me to be ready to get blocks together soon.

Love from Texas!

Friday, September 18, 2009

How do you bind your quilts?

Have you tried out JudyL's machine binding tutorial yet???No? I have twice now and I la,la,LOVE IT!!!

I've finished off two quilts with this method so far and while my first quilt wasn't the best result, it got the job done and was super fast to do! But on my 2nd attempt I did much better and the space between the seam on the back and the edge of the binding was about 1/8" or less... perfect! ;)

The key/trick is to not fold over the binding TOO far onto the back side when pinning. Actually I found it more helpful to have the back side up so you can see the stitch line and pin just barely covering it up. Also another key/trick is to stay RIGHT on the edge or in "the ditch" so to speak while sewing.

Take a look at the link above and watch JudyL do it.. and listen to her tips. I'm so glad I did. If I can do it - so can you! ;)

This quilt was quilted by Joanne during her Quilter's Stimulus Package promotion. She has since packed up and moved her family to NH and is busy unpacking and getting settled into her new home. I'm sure by the time I'm ready to mail her my 2nd quilt she'll be ready again. I love the variegated thread she used upon my request. Not thrilled about the wide stitch length but it'll do... next time I'll remember to ask her not to make it so wide.

And last but not least, Lookie! Lookie! A label! :) I remembered seeing years ago where someone took a square and folded into a triangle and sewed on while sewing on the binding. I went to my 5" nickel stash and found a color that would go good with the backing and used it. I really like how it turned out! and I only had to hand stitch down one side!

I'd really like to learn more about how to print out labels using my computer. A year or so ago I read about it and even copied some notes into a word document to save but when the computer crashed I think I lost it b/c I can't seem to find it.

What do you do for a label? Anything fancy? I'd love to see photos if you have any to share.

Love from Texas!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soccer Mom - What about a Ballet Mom too?

Yep, this is me - a "soccer/ballet mom" :P That's what I am! :)

This year has been a big year for Nora - lots of new beginnings. Kindergarten, first time playing soccer and also first time to take ballet lessons... She has also began RE = Religious Education on Wednesday nights at church so we sure are on the go a lot these days. Here's a look at our week:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday = soccer practice
  • Wednesday = CCD Religious Education
  • Thursday = ballet class
  • Friday
  • Saturday = soccer games

Here are a couple photos I took of her today in her new ballet dress...

The Dance studio owners name is Rose and so all of the girls have a rose embroidered on their bodysuits. Aren't they pretty?

and what about those swap blocks Bonnie??? Well I decided I wanted my top to be a little larger than the 24 blocks I swapped so I signed up for a continuation where we are all swapping just the units with one another ;) 4 patches and HSTs and we can use for more blocks, borders, what ever. So until then here they are sitting under the design wall ;) After the October swap I'll work on getting them into a top.

I love the basket in the photo above.. I use it with my 9.5" ruler in my lap some nights while watching TV to do the finger pressing swirl thingy.. I forget if I ever shared the link with my readers or not - but take a look to see how easy it is to Press 4-patches. Linda Warren shows us an easy way to avoid bulk in the center where the seams all meet up.

as I sew my 4 patches I place in the basket and when it's full I use the ruler on top of the basket as a little lap desk. What do you do while watching TV??

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a blue heart

Here are a couple photos of a project I just started Monday and have been spending lots of time with this week.

In the carpool line, drive thru, and at soccer practice... even at the kitchen table while waiting on the chicken to boil last night.

It's coming along - just need to finish up the center part. I pulled out all of my blue threads and used a variety of them starting with the lightest shades at the top and darkest at the bottom.

The Red Circle indicates the very first stitches made by Nora ;) I'm hoping the photos can be clicked on to be made larger..?

Love from Texas!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1930s blocks are back

actually they've been back for quite some time now - since the end of August... but after I took these photos then my laptop crashed... and went without a laptop for about 4 weeks... so I'm just now getting them saved off the camera card.

Take a peek to see what was inside my swap envelope ;) These 1930's Jewel Box Blocks were swapped out by our lovely hostess Crazy'boutquilts.

I made and sent in the maxium number of sets (3 sets of 8 blocks) Since the dining room was completely empty form the work we had done last month it made for the perfect photo spot ;)

and here are some more My Blue Heaven Blocks that Crazy and I are making and swapping just between us :) I had mailed her a set of them when I mailed in my swap blocks. We love to double up on the packaging and save on shipping throughout the year.

and of course Nora enjoyed helping me... isn't this a cute one of her standing back admiring the blocks? and yes that is a toddler bed in there... just like the one she has upstairs in her room. A friend from church offered it to us free! :) but I'm not quite ready for it for the twins...

Ta-Da! :)

Nora: "Momma can I use your camera?"

Me: bribing her - "If you give me a good smile I'll let you take a few..'

love it - and the ones she took too... of her piggys :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures! Pictures! I've missed my pictures!

Well as you may have read - my latest digital camera took a very hard fall about a month ago and left me with no way to take and post photos - other than my phone camera but the quality is just not the same.... however I'm happy to report that about a week ago I thought since it's stuck on the "Cannon" blue welcome screen when I turn it on.... would it hurt if I dropped it again and knocked some sense into it? LOL :P

And that is what I did - and it worked! Still the camera isn't working correctly - I still can't change any of the settings or go to video mode but at least I can take a photo or two now! ;) However, for the record, I do NOT recommend dropping your camera on accident much less on purpose... that's the whole reason I need a new one b/c I've dropped it at least 50 times in the past year :/

and just so you know - I HAVE been working in the sewing room on and off over the past couple weeks... Remember the mini 9-patch swap I hosted last year??? I'm hosting another small "makeup/potluck" swap again due in October for anyone who wanted to use up their leftover strips... or need more :)

The above are 6-7 sets of minis ready to be squared up... and look at this CUTE fabric below -with the hearts!!! I just la,la,love it!!!

I loved it so much - that I didn't want to share these with my swappers!! So I used up all the mini 9-patch blocks along with some other strips to make just a plain checker board mini quilt... or quilt block actually b/c it is only about 12".... each square will finish at 1"

Aaak - forgot to get a final photo of it... but the one above gives you an idea. I don't have anymore of the fabric to use for backing or binding so I'm thinking one day (not anytime soon as I have a list of to do already-see the 1st photo) I'll just simply use KONA white and made up a small doll quilt for one of my girls. ;)

And how about those Star Struck "Leaders & Enders" Bonnie..... how are they coming?

Yep! Still working on them in between sewing other stuff... I need to find a little box or something to drop them into so none of them get lost... just need another 40-50 so these will be going on for a while...

And b/c today is JudyL's Design Wall Monday - I can't actually show you what is on mine - b/c it is a secret project.... a fall mini swap but here's a neat photo that gives a hint. I finished adding the boarders on it last night and today will sandwich it up and begin quilting on it tonight. I think it's gonna roughly finish around 22"

Digital Camera Fun

Created with dumpr.net - photo fun

These are the fabrics that I ordered from Connecting Threads for the project. I'm happy with the colors since they are for fall... but good thing this is just a small table topper style quilt b/c I wouldn't want if for my bed... too yellow/orangy. .

But last night for the photo I placed it in the center of my dining room table now and it's growing on me - it really looks good in there - I'd love to show you a photo of what I see when walking by the doorway.... but I can't yet.

Good thing I have a 2nd mini all cut out and ready to sew up... a keeper for me? or perhaps a gift to a special family member... mmmm... I don't know yet. ;)

Glad to be back with a few of my pictures! Hope you didn't delete your bookmark for my site b/c I've been gone so long...

Love from Texas!