Monday, November 30, 2009

It's here!! Christmas Lights Photos

As promised here are the photos of my quilt after quilting....... sorry I've been keeping you waiting for photos. My fault. sorry.

The box arrived last Tuesday however last week was crazy - starting on Monday with both of the twins being sick. Paul Thomas had a few episodes of diarrhea, while Olivia ran fever all day and night and vomited half a dozen times :( Thankfully I had a big store bought quilt near by all day for her to vomit into and just tossed it into the washer b/c there would have been no way to make it to the potty each time. It was a horrible day for all 3 of us last Monday. Poor babies!

We went to the doctor Tuesday with Olivia and found out that she had a big infection in her thumb that she sucks. You can read more about all that over at our family blog. Thankfully now she is doing better and it's healing.

Anyway - back to the quilt!!! ;) This is what it looked like when I opened it up Tuesday night. It was folded up with love can't you tell? ;) Oh lookie there are my handsome snowmen just as excited to see me as I am them!!

The next few photos I took the following day outside on the driveway. Notice anything about that strip on the backing? Mmm-hmm... a mistake.

And you know what??? I knew about it the day I sewed the backing together. I was in a hurry that day to get it to the mailbox place on time and as I was sewing the 2nd snowman piece on (THE FINAL SEAM) I noticed that a part of the zig-zag was turned around backwards...

and as I noticed it I told myself, "You know what Bonnie, this quilt is called "Christmas Lights" and this my dear, is one on the back side is a stubborn strand of tangled Christmas Lights! And right now, it's just not worth the time to untangle it! :P So box it up and mail it as is already!"

Margaret Gunn over at Quilts Of Love was the one who I sent it to for quilting after I read about her special offer for introductory offer ;) and I upgraded for a low upgrading charge of $20 more and got lots of fancy feathery quilting for the borders and boy oh boy it looks wonderful!

The next 2 photos I copied from her flickr page that she took of the quilt when she gave me a sneak peak :) I didn't get around to getting the quilt trimmed and squared up until Saturday this weekend. Would you believe it was in the mid 70's here and I was back outside on the drive way in my PJ's on all fours pinning on the binding. :P Wonder if any neighbors saw me?

I'm so happy with it, and although I've not shown it to David since quilting - he's seen it along the way as I've been working on it. I know he's going to love it when he opens it up on Christmas. So that means that I'll have to work on it during the day while he's at work and the twins are napping b/c it's TOO BIG to work on behind the steering wheel while I wait in the carpool line at Nora's school. :P

Love from Texas!

Lots of goodies up for grabs

Spun Sugar Quilts - Mid-Ohio Quilter is celebrating her 405th blog post and has lots of goodies up for grabs! I'm already drooling over the idea of winning some of her 1930's FQs and she hasn't even drawn my name yet! ;) You have until 12/5 until the drawing - but hurry up b/c December is just around the corner!

Love from Texas!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

I saw this photo posted on a friends blog and loved it! The egg baskets remind me of my mother. She and I along with my grandmother, Momma Newt, took a basket weaving class once when I was about 10 or 11 and for about 2 years my mother made lots of egg baskets just like these - same sizes and color which she dyed herself using a mixture of walnuts and sometimes tea to stain them.

For Easter that year she gave all of her nieces and nephews their very own egg basket to use. I wonder if anyone still has theirs?

I however did not get one for Easter that year, as I had made my own in our basket weaving class... but of the few larger egg baskets around the house I knew that one day one of them would be passed down to me. When Momma Newt died, I did get the one that she had made in our class. For it was her first, only and last ever basket to make.... quilts were her specialty. ;)

I know Barry, my oldest brother, has one of the egg baskets that mom and I worked on weaving together - I did the fancy work on the handle and around the main band for her since that part was easier for my smaller hands. It was the prettiest basket that we ever made - lots of details.

I wish I had a photo of it as it really turned out beautiful and Momma was so very proud of it. Now some 20 years later - As a mother myself I can see why... being proud of your child and the sentimental value of something we made together... sorta like a mother's love woven into her child. ;) If she were still around I think I'd pick up the phone and call her and ask her if she still remembers when... and I'm sure she'd say yes.

Just wanted to share a little something with you. When I saw this pic it reminded me of those times. ;) and for good memories I am thankful! Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Love from Texas!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Lights is quilted and headed home!

As you all know a couple weeks ago I found a steal of a deal on longarm quilting but the catch was that you had to have it to her in just 7 days. Well lucky for me all I had left to do was the boarders on my beautiful Christmas Lights Mystery Quilt.

Mrs. Margaret has been so great keeping me updated on the status of my quilt since she received it and notified me earlier this week that it's making it's way back home to me! I'm not sure when exactly it will arrive but I'm hoping either tomorrow or Monday? She did give me the USPS tracking number and I checked it but it appears that recently all they do is show the date it was accepted and then never again update it :/ What's up with that?

She did share with me 2 close up photos for me to see while I wait.... and I can tell that I'm in love already! Funny thing is I went to show my husband last night and the page would not come up while I was clicking on the link - I tried 4 times while David stood over my shoulder... but nope. No pic, nothing. Timed out.

Then he left the room and the page came up and I could see it - so I guess that is a sign that he's not meant to see it until he opens up his package at Christmas this year!

I asked Mrs. Margaret if I could copy and share them here on my blog - and I don't think she will mind, but I haven't heard back yet... so stay tuned. ;)

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have you seen these?

I've seen these cute little crayon rolls all over blogland. Lots of people have made them and I forget now but someone once posted a tutorial for how to create one... but unlike the ones I've seen before with just crayons, or coloring pencils... this one has something unique!

It is different. It has a space for a notebook in the middle!!! How clever is that?! And who thought this up you ask... ? I'll tell you who.

So hurry on over to her blog - the drawing is next Friday night. And for anyone who just has to have one - take a look at her shop where she has new stock.

Love from Texas!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini 9-patch lovers LOOK at this quilt!

I have found a quilt I know you will love – look at all those mini 9 patches!!! I now need to be on the lookout for some yardage of a dark navy or black to use and also a rust or burnt orange to use where they did. Don’t’ they look great together????

I'm in the HGTV Crayola Challenge that is due in February 2010 so I won't be able to start on this until sometime next spring... but for now, I’m printing out the photo and hanging up in the sewing room!!!

Love from Texas!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lucky for Santa!

I know by now many of you bloggers have seen this posted on lots of sites... how could you not? Quiltmaker Magazine is hosting a blog hop visiting 10 sites each day and each of the quilters have a featured block in this copy and there are giveaways after giveaways! Each block maker is giving away a free copy and also their block they made... and sometimes other goodies are up for grabs! Lots of prettys to look at! ;)

Well over the weekend, LUCKY me was contacted by Terri over at Whimsicals Threads that she had drawn my day for her Day 4 give away!!! Whooo hoo! I've been hoping to win a copy so that Santa would not have to go hunting and searching for this magazine to put in my stocking on Christmas eve. I even asked her to write on the envelope "do not open until Christmas" ;) so that I don't accidentally open it when it comes in the mail.

Good luck to all my fellow readers on winning their own copy too! There are still lots of chances!

Follow the 100 Blocks Blog Tour daily Nov. 9-13 at quiltmaker.com/quiltypleasures for inspiration, ideas and giveaways galore!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Freedom Stands" (2005)

"Freedom Stands" (2005)
Originally uploaded by bingobonnie
Today, November 11, 2009, is Veteran's Day and at Nora's school they are having a special service today to recognize all men and women who have served in the United States Military. I went last year and was impressed with the turn out that they had. I'm guessing close to 50-60 Veterans and their families. Even Congressman Kevin Brady spoke. I regret that I didnt' get to stay for the whole service b/c of the twins...who were about 17 months old then.... I'd love to go again today to their service at the school, but just do not think that I could handle the now 2.5 year old twins...

But I am certainly thinking today of the many men and women who have so freely sacrificed for our nation. To be gone so long at times away from their own family so they could protect mine.... And for the all too many men and women who we do not get to thank b/c they didn't' make it back home alive.

The quilt shown above is one that I made in 2005, just after I moved to Texas and really got "into" quilting. I donated the top to "Quilts With Love" a group who makes quilts to mail to soldiers who are currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was one of the very first quilts that I ever made and donated to charity and I can't put into words the feelings I had the whole time while I was making it and praying for the man or woman who might receive it. So far since they have began mailing quilts, they've given 1818 solders a Quilt made with Love.

Now some 4 years later, I can only wonder about the soldier who received it... if they are back home or not.. I hope that the quilt I made for them wraps them up and keeps them feeling loved and appreciated as that is what I wanted. I'm proud to be an American and even prouder of the ones that were before me who helped make our country the best in the world! THANK YOU!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love the Star Checks found in Quiltmakers 100 best blocks

Anyone out there been following the blog hop of 100 Best Blocks that Quiltmaker Magazine is hosting on their Quilty Pleasures Blog?

I saw this block made by Sue Garman over on her blog called "Star Checks" and since I happen to have a few dozen mini 9 patches in just the right size to choose from - it was easy to recreate a red and white block to look a lot like the one Sue made. What do you think?

This is the first block I've seen that I thought, "Oh I love this! I have to make one of these!"

also you have to click over to the Link I shared for Sue b/c her "Monsters" quilt is tooooooo cute!

Are there any blocks you have made yet? Did you know that there has been a Flicker Group created for anyone to post their blocks they make into. ;) Click here to share the projects you make using a block from 100 Blocks at their Flickr Group!

I'm headed over there now to share my photo ;)

Love from Texas!

Just a few pics to share

Well guess who now loves her Mini Mouse polka dot dress...! Only a week and a half AFTER Halloween ;) She did love the Micky suit too and it was well worth letting things work out the way they did however I still wish I could get Paul Thomas into the suit if only for long enough to take their photo together... for the scrapbook to look at years down the road. :(

and have you ever seen such a head of curly hair that Olivia has??? ;)

Here below are a few photos I took of the extra blocks that I had left over from making my blocks for the Christmas Lights mystery. As you can tell... depending on which way you turn them they can make for some neat designs!

The photo above on the right is what I ended up going with to make a row to join in between the two backing snowman pieces ;) I love a little something extra on the backing ;) don't you - makes me feel like I'm doing a "Bonnie" thing as Bonnie Hunter often includes scrap blocks and pieces on her backings. ;)

That zig-zag piece on my table above will go in between the two snowman pieces for backing for my Christmas Lights on the back side.

Oh and one last photo before I leave ya... A little sneak peak of what I've pulled from my stash to use on my Christmas Mini Quilt exchange with Crazy'boutquilts! ;)


Oh and one last thing before I forget about the Christmas Lights Mystery - ATTENTION TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS QUILT - I just read last night, over on Quiltmaker's Magazine's BLOG they have posted asking for people to post photos of their completed quilts (or tops) onto their Flickr group.

For everyone who uploads and shares a photo of their Christmas Lights Quilt, they will be entered into a drawing! Ooough, doesn't that sound exciting?

I told Miss June, I'd be happy to spread the word and that all of you would "hit the ground runnin" right over to share and post your photos!

For those of you who use Google Reader and want to add their page - their regular home page is: http://www.quiltmaker.com/blogs/quiltypleasures/

Love from Texas!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Lights top is DONE! ;)

Some photos taken outside today - here is the view that I have when I'm walking out of my gauge. Can you see that tiny little peek of red leaves?? I'm so glad that the land owner didn't bush-hog that away the last time he came thru as it's my only colorful tree for me to look at for fall. My part of Texas just isn't very colorful for this time of year. Pitiful isn't it - but I really do enjoy those few red leafs!

I love that our neighborhood is right in the middle of town but that our home is on the backside of the neighborhood and we only have houses across the street and one home to the left of us... Directly behind us and to the right of our driveway we are surrounded by nothing but pasture....acres and acres...

You may have seen my post last night, and I really thought I'd be getting my Christmas Lights done, but I was too tired to do the back and forth limbo from the sewing machine to the floor to pin and sew borders on so I waited until today to do that... thankfully the twins enjoyed a show while I sewed and then after lunch time they went down for their nap and I could finish up.

As you can see, as planned I didn't go buy any large print of red/green fabric to use for the largest border - but unlike my plan to use the red... I had to go with the black b/c I was 17" short of the red. But I think it turned out GREAT! ;)

The sun didn't' come out but someone else did... can you guess... take another look.

see those black dots in the background behind my quilt thrown over the BARBED wire fence (what was I thinking?? - so glad it didn't hang and snag the fabric or get caught in the loose threads of this top)

Did you guess cows??? Yep I was lucky to get their photo today! The land surrounding us is so large that we don't see them everyday but rather maybe only once a week!

What is it about cows that they can't help but be nosey and stare at you the whole time you are near them? I grew up on a small farm in KY - and remember standing there just looking at them as in a stare down... never did I win :P Probably b/c as a kid I would give up and go play in the sandbox or something more fun that staring - but I did give them a good 5 minutes or so before I gave in.

Shoot, they pose FIVE THOUSAND times better for me than my own kids do! Think people would notice if I just took their picture for the Christmas card instead this year? :P

and here is just one more of those beautiful red leaves... The trees behind the cows have an orangish tint to them when the sun is brighter - but today was rather cloudy. Still in the high 70's - not cold at all despite the no sun...

Speaking of cows... I talked to Daddy and Clara over the weekend, and my Daddy sold all of his cows last weekend. First time in my life that he's had no cows at home, but he has been considering it for a long time and thought it was time to get rid of them... I think it was a good choice for him. I guess now when he comes down to Texas to visit there won't be any rush to get home to make sure his cows didn't get out or not! ;)

And one last photo of the top thrown across my kitchen floor with the cute snow man fabric I already had in the stash (some 6 yards) that i will use as the backing :) I am pretty sure I purchased this when our local Hancock's went out of business in 2007 when I was pregnant with the twins. I must have bought all that was left on the bolt to get an additional 10% off that they were offering... and I'm so glad I did! It's gonna be perfect!

And because I don't like to cut and resew back together the same fabrics with large prints for backing fabric - I hate when they have an obvious don't match up line... I'll use some of my scraps and pieces to put a strip of them in-between the two large pieces of snowmen ;)

I can't wait to get this on it's way to Maine for Miss Margaret to get it on her longarm machine!

I'm so excited that this WHOLE quilt front and back was made using STASH!!! I did collect the scrappy 4 patches thru a swap I hosted but the ones I made to swap were all from my stash so I'm counting it as 100% stash! ;) Whooo Hooo! ;)

Love from Texas!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A new plan for borders and QUILTING

Thanks for letting me know that the link in previous post wasn't' working correctly. I went in an changed it and think I've fixed it now. ;)

I had planned to do borders last night but after kids were put to bed was too tired to think. :P

and actually I'm glad I slept on it b/c I do not have a large print fabric in my stash to use for final border like Quiltmaker Magazine suggests... but went back to look at Suebee's blog photos
I noticed that she used the black for #1 then the fabric she substituted for what they called for green for #2 and then her big #3 border was the same as her what they called for red in the blocks... and i think it looks very nice framing the busy quilt...

So today after Mass when I get home and get the twins to napping, that is the same formula I'm gonna use...

1st do black they call for cut at 2"
2nd do my green (hope I have enough) cut at 2.5"
and 2nd for larger border do the same red i used in the quilt. Wink cut at 5"

SPECIAL NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU - I also was reading around last nigt on blog land and discovered a new to me blog in PERFECT timing b/c she is a new longarm quilter getting started and offering super low prices for anyone who can get them their quilt top to her in the next 7 days!!!! WHOOOOooo hoooo! Now I don't have to worry with trying to do this one myself on my bernina! And it will be done in time for Christmas!!!

check out her blog and super deal here:

in her photos gallery of her regular website she has already quilted one CL Mystery quilt - http://www.mainelyquiltsoflove.com/main/?page_id=322

Edited to add her email address - msolomo1 at maine dot rr dot com and dont' forget to tell her that Bingo Bonnie told you about her Wink

Love from Texas!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Recap

Well here is a snapshot of what I got put together today Wink I'm behind it holding it up in the doorway of the dining room and was lucky that David didn't mind taking a fast pic so I could post before going up for the bath & bedtime routine Wink

Have any of you seen the beautiful one that Suebee Sews turned out?? Her's is made up of all fall colors and is beautiful! Wink Click on over to her blog and take a peek! Don't forget to tell her how great it looks!!! Big Grin

I especially like how she used the same black, green and reds for her borders where as the photo in Quiltmaker showed a large print for the final border and I've got nothing here in my stash to use for that... so I'm hoping that maybe I'll have enough to do like Sue did and just have the 3 borders out of the same that was used in block making. After all the quilt is busy enough without having to introduce a busy final border.

And in other News.... Nora's ear is looking good... can't hardly tell looking at it from the front - although her ears are not symmetrical - forgot to get a photo showing that...

She and David enjoyed making chocolate chip pancakes together this morning. He's been working long hours all this week and the last 3 nights not home until after all the kids were in bed.

and another thing I did today... was take Paul Thomas to get a haircut. He's had only 3 prior to this - First was David's Aunt Connie in KY - also the 1st to cut David's hair and everyone else in the family. ;) And it looked Great! 2nd time was horrible and last time the 3rd time the woman who cuts David's hair did a great job but today she was off work... and I let another person do it... and WISH I had waited for Lynette to get back. It looks terrible now.

Here is the before photo - last time cut was for Easter

and here it is after today's whack job :/


The lesson I learned today was if the beautician has hair dyed jet black and is young, there is a good chance she is just out of school... and I should ask her before she starts if she has any kids of her own... when I asked her that question, it was about middle way thru and I was thinking man I hope this is gonna look better than I'm thinking... but no it only got worse and worse the more she cut. Next time I will either return on a day that Lynette is working or ask, "Who in here is a mother of a boy/s and knows how to cut kids hair???"

And b/c heis hair is 100% blond it really shows up that it's butchered. I should have saved the $10 and did it myself, I could have made it look like this. It's too short to part on the side and feather back now and in the crown she cut it too short and it sticks straight up... then around his ears there are random long pieces... urgh. Maybe it will have time to grow out some before we go home for Christmas and I can take him somewhere else to get shaped up before our trip to KY. and did I mention that the bangs part is so short it looks like a child took scissors and cut right at the scalp????

And this isn't b/c he wouldn't' hold still... he was sleepy and just sat there in the zone the whole time! It was way past due since last cut at Easter... and I'm telling you - so long she could have put it all up in perm rods and gave him a perm and he wouldn't have moved.. he was so sleepy. David said it's my fault b/c I don't know "how to tell them how to cut it" HELLOoooo - they are the ones that went to school, not me! How the hell am I suppose to know how they should do it???

Twice I've been burned, and once (last time) got a good one - I don't want it to look like they gave him a burr and left a little long on top.. I want a regular haircut.. with it shaped up around the neckline.. I should have waited for Lynette to get back to work on Tuesday... :/

sorry - thanks for letting me vent.

Love from Texas!