Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat...

Love from Indiana!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I la,la,love the colors of Fall!

I've taken more photos of the trees these last 2 or 3 weeks than I have of my own children!!!  lol  What can I say, I've missed seeing a REAL AUTUMN and now that we are living in our new area, I'm loving all the beautiful colors of Fall!  Here's the beautiful red tree on the corner where I turn to go into my neighborhood each day. :)

Here's another I took early this morning on my way home from taking Nora to school. Love the beautiful colors of fall!!!

What about you, do you take photos of the trees around your area??

Love from Indiana!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What four words describe you?

I forget who it was that posted this, but I  saw this on facebook tonight and thought you might get a kick out of it too.  Take a look and tell me what first FOUR WORDS you see... and do you think they describe you?

At the bottom you'll see what words that I saw first.   

I spent about 2 hours today looking for the BOBBIN CASE to my sewing machine before I finally found it! *whew*I hope you're having a great weekend.

The first four words I saw were - patient, honest, loyal, and thoughtful.  I have never thought of myself as a patient person, although I do pray for God to help me be more patient with my kids....  I hope to one day be patient.  I guess today I was patient while searching 2 hours for my bobbin case. lol

Love from Indiana!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Evening Edition, Free Nook Book and Quilting Cave Alert!

Here's a Nook Freebie that is entertaining me this weekend.  I just started it and am already 100 pages in.  The time that it's written in in 1988 from the voice of a girl called Charlie who is a High School Freshman.  I started 9th grade in the fall of 1988 so I think that is what attracted me to the book.

Overview - It's 1988, and Charlie Woodchuck is the most minor of niners. At thirteen, she’s the youngest girl at Snowy Cove High School, and so clueless, she wore leg warmers and acid-wash jeans on her first day. Big mistake! Almost as big a mistake as signing up for a boys-only shop class. Doy.

Just when she thinks the first week of high school can’t get any more weird, Charlie discovers she may be adopted. According to her Science textbook, her eyes should be blue, not brown.

Now the girl with the boy’s name will have to use her detective skills to uncover the mystery of her identity. She'll need the help of best friend Stacy, expert blackmailer, and new friend Ross, expert class clown.

Before the year ends, Charlie will face down the biggest bullies of all: the all-powerful members of Snowy Cove’s School Board. The Board doesn't like what Charlie's been up to, and they're all out of doughnuts.
ALSO for Amazon Kindle users CLICK HERE (make sure it's still free)

 In other news - It seems that there's a "Quilt Cave" in the making... today I've been in the basement opening up box after box in the sewing room. I almost teared up when I found my iron!!!!! Now I can drop off that $4 clearance one I bought at Target a few weeks ago at the Goodwill!! So much stuff to sort through and figure out what goes where!

I even found my design wall!! Who knows, maybe by the time Monday rolls around I'll have it hung up and can take a photo to share in JudyL's weekly show-n-tell design wall Monday posts. lol  But don't hold your breath...

Love from Indiana!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Quilts and Sewing Fall 2011

While grocery shopping about 2 weeks ago, I picked up this issue of Simple Quilts and Sewing Fall 2011 and flipped through it and took a look.  Doesn't the cover quilt catch your eye?? I'm one of those crazy types about trying to match up the directions of stripes, and these are obviously not matched up!! But surprising as it is, I really like the quilt just as it is.  I think if I made it I would do the same as they did and not worry with the match maker process but just get them done!  It would be great for using up all the shirts I've been collecting and cutting up these past couple years. Those solid square centers are perfect and I like the variety of sizes. Love the fallish colors!

I really couldn't justify spending $8 for this magazine at least not on this $200+ grocery trip... so I did put it back in hopes to buy a copy next time... only last weekend, I could. not. find. a copy in the whole store. :(  Waaah!  Woulda, Coulda, SHOULDA!!!

Above is the project that sold me on going back to buy my own copy! Nora is known as the "Queen of Tic-Tac-Toe" at our home. This past Earth Day, she even sat and challenged anyone to play her and played undefeated for over an hour.  Boys and girls along with men and women all tried to beat her at her game.  Either she tied them or WON! She never lost for over an hour!! :)

When I saw the denium game set, I thought - This is THE perfect gift that she and I can make together not only for herself... but for her to make and give to her school friends (both boy/girl) for when she gets invited to Birthday Parties!!!  Probably a little more time involved than making our usual pillow case, but the price is right Bob!!!  FREE is Cheap - oh yeah! and it would be a gift that she helped make.

So after not being able to find it at Kroger, I put out an APB with my friends on facebook and already have a friend in Mississippi who is gonna help me track down a copy. :)  We are on fall break this week, however I have NO desire to take along 3 kids all over town to find one for sale at another store... but as of next Monday when they are all back in school, I'll try looking at Joann's and Barns & Noble to see if I can purchase my own copy and then if no luck, I'll give Abbey in Mississippi the go ahead to find one and mail her a check.

Too bad I have no idea which box in the attic has all my old too small for this body jeans... I guess I will also go to the Goodwill and see if I can find a couple contrasting pairs on sale for $0.50/ea too. ;) 

After looking online to purchase - I did find this FREE carrying tote bag that sort looks like a "booty" bag pattern.  CLICK HERE  to take a look.  

Love from Indiana!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Sunset

I'm sure there are nice sunrises and sunsets where I lived in Texas - but honestly I was home so much that I rarely saw them.  Since moving to Indiana, I'm the one on the road taking kids back and forth to school every morning and then to after school activiites, so since I'm on the road so much, I'm often smiling as I drive along and enjoying the beautiful colors spread out along the sky.

This evening I pulled off the road to capture this photo.....which is nice enough, but the real thing was even better!!! 

Love from Indiana!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Free Nook Book!

I just love Max Lucado and downloaded this one as quickly as I could while it was free - it's called

God's Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours

Carpools and car crashes, job switches and joint custody, moves and motionlessness. Is there a cohesive storyline to the chaos, confusion, and clutter of your daily life?
According to well-loved author Max Lucado, the answer is a resounding yes!
So what is the text of your life?

With his unequaled warmth and honesty, Lucado plumbs the depths of your storyline and comes up smiling.'Your story indwells God's,' writes Lucado. 'This is the great promise of the Bible and the hope of this book ... Above and around us God directs a grander saga, written by his hand, orchestrated by his will, unveiled according to his calendar. And you are a part of it ...'

Join Max for an unforgettable journey woven with New Testament stories and contemporary examples of God's beautiful story-making skills. The beginning of the narrative is legendary, the middle unfolds with surprises still in store, and the ending of your final earthly chapter ushers in a reunion that almost defies description.
It's time to see what your life looks like when God's story becomes your story.

Love from Indiana!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Evening Edition, Free NOOK Books!

I recently finished reading the popular book called The Help by Katheryn Stockett - best $9.99 I ever spent!!! The book is so good and I loved how each chapter was in the voice of different characters.  David and I saw the movie recently and although it was good... the book was better! :)

Thanks to a new webpage called the-cheap.net I've found many books for very little.  I just finished up Replaced by a Stranger by KC Stone that I bought for only $0.99 and it's based on a true story.  I'm not good at writing reviews - too afraid I might give away too much, but I enjoyed the book.  Not very often you hear the story written from the cheater's persepective...

**Based on a true story**
Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Emily Weston enjoyed a good life. Small towns offer great relationships where everyone knows everyone and a peaceful back drop to set the scene of her what seemed to be perfect life. However, this small town was no stranger to affairs, lies and abuse and now, Emily Weston has added to it.

Emily Weston was a woman who had everything she wanted, a loving husband and a great job. However, the pressure of all the flirtatious behavior Emily faced each day at work became too much. Her inner desires and lack of attention from her loving husband, coupled with the onslaught of temptation at work, would prove to be stronger than the marriage she had worked so hard to build. It will soon be apparent all of the things she had worked hard to achieve would come crashing down in a twisted pile of rubble full of lies and deceit.

Emily strived for some kind of balance in her life and she found it in another man. All of the things she had long desired, she found in Troy.....compassion, excitement and fulfillment. She would also discover, along with her fulfilled desires, a game that no one wins....... Lies lived on the tip of Troy's tongue and his manipulating personality seemed innate. This and more arising danger would be looming for Emily along with many heartbreaking choices.

Now that I'm done with that I've been searching for more titles, preferably FREE to add to my Nook Color.  Here's one that I recently found and thought might be good and thought I'd share with you. Be sure and double check to make sure it's still free before you download.

My Sister's Voice by Mary Carter

Publishers Weekly writes -

Carter’s talent continues to evolve, as evidenced in this solid offering about deaf artist Lacey Gears, whose happy life—good boyfriend, rising career, faithful dog—is upended when she receives a mysterious note informing her that she has a twin sister she didn’t know existed. Lacey soon discovers the message is true and that she’s not an orphan as she had thought: her parents put her up for adoption and kept her hearing twin, Monica. As she comes to terms with this, she reconnects with her sister, but the secrets kept by her birth family could have dire consequences. Though the plot is limp in spots, Carter’s command of deaf culture is superb, and Lacey is a charismatic heroine—a nice contrast to her unstable, clingy twin.

So now that fall is here - what are you reading?

Love from Indiana!