Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Christmas Ho-Down Dance!

This is so fun! I have seen other friends who "Elfed their self" and inserted photos and just had to try it out myself. It took a while but ended up being so cute and perfect for the placement of who did what - Nora at the end does a cartwheel! And that is perfect b/c this year she is taking gymnastics! ;)

Click HERE or Cut and paste the link into your browser to see our hodown!


Hurry and watch b/c it expires January 15th, 2010!

I thought it turned out very cute! Especially the placement of who did what – wasn’t planned just worked out that way!

David and PT kicking up heels at the start,

Then me and the girls playing rake guitars,

Then the twins,

Nora and I up in the loft while PT does his dance,

David and the twins,

Olivia roppin up David,

Then David in the loft as the girls dance by…

even Nora did cartwheel at the end, which was perfect b/c she started gymnastics this year!

Merry Christmas & Love from Texas!

It's Wednesday already?

Although this photo was taken the week before we left on vacation - both Nora and I have worn these same outfits while here in KY while we visit family. We drove it straight through and made it in record setting time from TX to KY - only 14 hours! We arrived Saturday around 9am

...and since my broken camera is still broken - really really broken - as in - stuck in video mode only - I've not been able to take photos while here in KY visiting :( and that makes me very sad!

However you can betcha that I have been grabbin up my step moms every chance I get and using it! I'm sure she won't mind since there is no worry of wasting film! ;) and LUCKY for them and us - we had an extra photo printer that we got free with a rebate still BRAND NEW in the unopened box that had been sitting in the garage for a year that we brought with us to GIFT to them this year for Christmas! :) Dave Ramsey would be so proud of our baby steps, as we just started the "Total Money Makeover" November 1st.

Just wanted everyone to know that yesterday my daddy got a good report from his most recent PET Scan tests. Edited to Add: I missed it yesterday when they came home from the doctor - but today heard that the scan found a small spot of some sort. Something to do with the liver or normally located near the liver but Dad's wasn't.. so they will do a MRI test on it after the first of the year. The doctor said that it could be normal for Dad but that he didn't know what it was and in appeared to be in a different than normal spot... but all in all a GOOD REPORT :)

Thank you for all of your prayers for my Daddy, Ollie Newton during this past year!! He learned that he had Stage 2 Rectal Cancer in April and underwent several radium and chemo treatments before his surgery in July of this year.

It has really meant a lot to my Daddy that so many people form ALL OVER were thinking of him and prayin for him.....

and even took the time to send him a get well or thinking of you card!!

Just look at that stack of cards he showed me - ALL from my online QUILTING friends! You all are so AwEsOmE!!! :)

Look at this funny one from my HGTV friend NICUnurse! ;)

Love from Kentucky!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look at my LOOT!

One last look at all of my gifts before they were opened....

and then after they were opened.

Thank you Shawkl for choosing to spoil me for Christmas! :) It worked!

Love from Kentucky!

#21 - unmarked gifts in my box

these do not have assigned themes - or if they did they fell off... ? Sorry. But after I opened up all 20 of my gifts I noticed these 2... the snowman tin wasn't wrapped (or again if it was I don't remember)

I'll admit, there is a very good chance I got distracted in between opening gifts, taking photos of each item before and after, and jumpin up for the phone once and also to go see about Paul Thomas who loves to get naked every 2 minutes!

But take a look at what was in the golden box! ANOTHER Handmade item from Shawkl!!!

Isn't this pin cushion GORGEOUS!? I love all the variety of stitches on it - Kathy is a great stitcher and over on her blog she shares lots of how to on many fancy designs often used for crazy quilting - click on over to check her out. ;)


Love from Kentucky!

Monday, December 21, 2009

#20 - Let it Snow

#20 Let it Snow! They have forecasted snow for where my Daddy lives in KY, but it didn't come. However I've seen several photos in blog land of lots of snow!!! some had 18"!!! WOW! Well guess what's in today's package??

It was beautifully wrapped up in Snowflake fabrics...betcha ya can not guess...

what do you think it is??

give up? You didn't say bath crystals did you?

did you?

well if you did you're half right... look at these BeAuTiFuL Crystals!!!!!

Shawkl made FOUR pair of earrings for me! I can wear a different pair each Sunday to church and never repeat for a month! ;)

I love how sparkly they are!

i tried to hold them up to the light to capture some cool photos for my readers - but I'm sorry to say that no matter how many I took none of them looked half as good as they really do here in person.

I really really Love them Kathy!!! those and all of my LOOT! You are so so very generous to include me in this gift giving exchange/swap from the HGTV boards!!! I'm a very lucky girl this year!!! TY-TY_Thank YOU for secretly sponsoring me this year!!!

Love from Kentucky!

#19 - Mistletoe & Holly

#19 Mistletoe & Holly... humm I wonder if there is a sprig of Mistletoe inside??? I think my readers would find it interesting that when before we were married, my hubby and I both went to Western Kentucky University and there were a couple trees spread out on campus that had mistletoe growing in them year round and every time David and I drove under one of them on the main streets that we used everyday - we always leaned over and kissed as we passed under :) Awwww :)

That seems so forever ago.

Aren't these cute? I have no idea when they will get used as I do much entertaining now that I'm a mom... but one year we just might start having get togethers again??? so until then, I'll store these in the bottom of the china hutch with my other holiday/birthday decorations and use or regift maybe? Hey, I know what you are thinking - but Shawkl gave me permission! :P and so far this is the only thing that I've even remotely thought about - but my girlfriend that I am thinking would like these entertains alllll the time - and she looooove martinis - so these remind me of her :) plus she has these cute acrylic coasters that you slide a cocktail napkin into to use... and my friend loves to change them out for every occasion and season..

Love from Kentucky!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

#18 - Stocking

Santa's Bag and #18 Stockings all in the same day??? yep! ;)

It's a little heavy too - care to take a guess...?

Character Cold Boo-Boo bags... to keep in the freezer for anytime the kids get bumped. These are perfect b/c around here there are lots of bumps and bruises happening all the time. There are 5 one for each of us. I'll be Garfield! ;)

Love from Kentucky!

#17 - Santa's Bag

This is a very heavy gift bag for the theme of Santa's Bag... Hummm I wonder what is in here that could be this heavy...

Oh my lucky stars!!!! I can not believe my very own eyes!!! and as soo as I opened this bag and peeked inside my mouth dropped to the floor!!! MODA??? oooough I soooo love MODA!!!

A Moda Jelly Rolly - and let me tell ya it made my mouth water then and also today as I look at the photos once more! Those pink & green colors are fantastic! Spring Magic - oh Kathy you sure worked your magic on me... I'm under quite a spell now ;) love my Santa bag!!

Thank you Santa!!!

Love from Kentucky!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

#16 - Jingle Bells

the 16th gift theme is Jingle Bells and I can guess what's inside b/c I can hear it ;)

Yep exactly what I thought and my kids are gonna love it! You should hear the twins singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way...." They are too cute! ;)

Love from Texas!

#15 - Snowman

#15 is "Snowman" and here's another gift bag made from very cute fabric. :)

Hummm I wonder what's inside. Maybe a snowman? ;)

Umm. how about some "Bling!" for a snowman! ;) Very cute stickers that look like jewels. Also a set of metallic stamp ink pads. This reminds me of the year I rubber stamped all of our Christmas Cards and all the gift tags for the presents. That was in my B.C. Life (before kids)

However Nora is getting the age that she enjoys being crafty and helping... maybe next year she and I can make a few cards together.

Love from Texas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

#14 - Santa

The #14 gift is "Santa"

Do you still believe in Santa??? I do! ;)

Either Santa has a lot in common with my 2 year old Paul Thomas (who likes to streak every waking moment) or this coat got thrown out b/c Mrs. Clause shrinked it in her washing machine! haha I'm hoping it was b/c of the later reason and not the first - if so I hope I don't see Santa on Christmas eve!

Love from Texas!