Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going Out of Business Sale

The saying goes, "Absence makes the hart grow fonder."  But I think that when talking about my absence from blog posting, it really just makes me feel more behind, and overwhelmed, and lazy.
  However I'll never get back to it, unless I jump in where I am right? right. Well to help I'm including lots of photos of my recent shopping trip!
It's been a busy summer for the kids and I - Girl Scout Camp, swimming lessons, all three kids had birthday's in June and we had a cookout party at my MIL's home.. back home to Vacation Bible School then the 4th of July holiday the kids and David went without me to our hometown in KY for the festivities while I stayed at home and "prepped for surgery."
July 5th, I had a hysterectomy surgery and came home from the hospital after one overnight stay.  After the fireworks on the 4th, David left the kids with his mom and drove back here and arrived sometime after midnight to be able to take me to the hospital the next morning before the sun came up. The surgery went well and my Doctor was able to talk with David immediately after the 3.5 hour surgery and told him that she didn't see cancer present - but still did two different tests, one a whole body cavity wash and the other was a frozen test on my uterus after she removed it.  Other stuff was sent off for further lab tests but she seemed very optomistic that everything was good.
So after we were home on Friday that night I was sitting on the sofa reading emails from my phone and guess what popped up in my in-box from my local guild president?  A "Going Out of Business Sale" at a quilt shop in Louisville, KY.  All of the major brand names - only $5/yard!!!  I read it and then *sighed* ourloud, "Aah man, that stinks!"

What? asked David - so I read it out loud to him, really thinking that he had already tuned me out.... but when I finished he said, "Well, let's go tomorrow. It will be good for you to get out some." I couldn't believe what I was hearing him say.  "Na, that's OK, I wouldn't want to make you have to wait that long on me in the car while I shopped - you know it will be crowded and long lines for cutting and to pay...."  David said that there was no way he'd sit in the car, b/c I'm not suppose to lift more than a gallon of milk and he said he wouldn't mind holding all my fabric bolts for me while I shop.
Well how can you turn that down???  lol so the next day we went.
It didn't take but about 15 minutes to get to the bridge that they are resufacing from IN to KY and the bumpidy, bump, bump on it told me - this was probably not a good idea!!  ouch with every pot hole.... but turning back to go home wasn't an option for David.
After we found the strip mall the LQS was located in we got out and walked into the mall and I had to immediately find a seat and rest from walking in - mainly the car ride over.
It didn't take long to recognize several faces of shoppers leaving and comming and also sitting at tables waiting on those still "inside waiting to pay and we joined them at the table.  They were my fellow guild members from Indiana who'd received the same email that I had :)  It was fun hearing about how they arrived as the store opened right at 10:00am.  They thought David was a real gentelman bringing me over and guaranteeing to be my shopping gopher and hold everything for me.
We did make it down to the store and made our way into the store. I've never seen so many quilters in one store at the same time in my life! Hundreds of people I tell ya!! Everywhere.  I didn't even know what it was I was looking to buy when I went - but when I came across a whole section of Civil War fabrics, I knew I'd found what I'd come for. Cha-Ching!
I would have loved to have bought 2 yards of every single CW bolt in their store - but you've seen that cute photo/saying that says "Shopping with your husband is like going hunting with the game warden!"

Well I'm here to testify that that's a true statement. Not that David complained, he didn't. Not once did he mention anything about the amount of stuff I was picking out to have cut... but I really felt that I needed to remain calm and keep my control. lol  The above photos show you the variety I selected to add to my small CW collection at home.  Since then, I've thought several times about driving myself back to that store after he went back to work that following week.... but I'm happy with what I have so I need to just focus on that. :)
Nora had been in KY at "Mimi's house" from 4th of July thorough the weekend but on Sunday David's mother brought her home - leaving the twins with David's sister for the next week.  Nora needed to come back so she could be here to take her 2nd session of swim lessons.
What a fun week it was for us with her.  She and I spent some alone time in the "Happy Room" and made several blocks. The first one we worked on was finishing up one of "The Farmer's Wife" book blocks that she'd picked out everything for but the projct got put on hold about a month ago when she was helping use the iron and burned herself.
Needless to say she didn't ask to use the iron anymore. Thankfully her hand has healed nicely.
I shared this photo of Nora at the design wall on facebook last week and was asked several questions about the blocks. I don't know if these will all be in the same quilt or not, our guild charity coordinator gives out "homework baggies" each month and we all grab a few to complete and then return. She has dozens of quilts in progress, all at different stages. A very easy way to do something small and yet be part of something BIG. :) 
Nora enjoyed helping and being my assistant. She would cut apart chain piecing and then lay them out on the design wall so I'd know what order to sew them together again. She did ask to use the iron again today and I said nope, not ready to try that again! She's not sewing at the machine just yet... but maybe once I get set up at the new home? :)

Speaking of which - we DID finally choose a home! and are "Sale Pending" status until closing on July 31st... please visit again - I promise to get back into posting more often and share photos of our new home with ya :)

Love from Indiana!