Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Santa

Oh look what I just added to the top of my Christmas wish list!!  Rumors have it that Sprint is getting the iphone in mid October according to the Wall Street Journal article I just read - CLICK HERE to read.

This is great news to me b/c I'm so tired of my "click and wait" old phone!!! and now I won't have to change carriers to get what I've been wanting all along!

Also just found out that David's new employer has a deal with Sprint and so I'm calling them to update our information and tell them and start receiving the corporate discount with Sprint!! :) Yeah!

What about you - ???  Have you ever thought of calling up your cell phone provider and asking if they give a corporate discount to the place you or your husband is employed?  We use to get a 15% off our bill with Firestone... and so when David told me about his new company getting 25% I didn't hesitate to give them a call!!! 

More savings, means that I might be able to talk Santa into an upgrade for me! :)

Love from Indiana!