Friday, May 28, 2010

Schools out and I'm getting some homework completed

Did you see the post before this one of Nora graduating Kindergarten?

Today was her first day of summer! It sure was great to not have to get up early. ;) I got to sleep in until 8:00

Look what was in my mailbox today... and I got to do some of my homework ;)

Now why did I pile up these cuttings on top of my scissors as I went along? I know later I'm gonna be looking for them... silly me.

oh and look what I did... I broke my bobbin door. It was my fault - I had laid one of my presser feet I wasn't using in the tray down below and when I ran out of bobbin thread I didn't move it out of the way before opening it.. and SNAP. :/

Thankfully it still sews with the door down... or in my case off. *sigh*

Love from Texas!

String blocks from terrimae

b-bonnie, just wondering if the package I sent was ever received???

terrimae - good news!! I DO have your blocks that you sent! I found them last night in the box of strings and thankfully I had left them in the bag with your name/addy card so I knew they were from you. sorry I missed posting a photo when they came. Just took one now and uploading form the camera. Wink

sorry about the delay in reporting -but they are here!!! Wink

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congratulations to Nora!

(Nora's the 1st one on the Left of the bottom row)

It's official. Nora graduated Kindergarten last night! ;) I know she's gonna miss her friends over the summer.. but starting next week we begin with swimming lessons then the week following she's going to Creativity Camp at the local college for a week.... then Vacation Bible School... then her Birthday....then our 4th of July Vacation to KY... then... you get the picture - it's gonna be a busy summer!

Congratulations Nora! I'm so proud of you!! I know you will do GREAT in 1st grade.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you to whom ever you are!

Hostess Gift, Crocheted Wash Cloth - these are the best!

I was searching for something in the sewing room recently and look what I found! This was the very first crocheted wash cloth I was ever gifted - as a bingo hostess years ago - and then I considered it "TOO PRETTY TO USE" and set it aside...

Later I received a solid white one which equaled ever even more TOO pretty to use... and Nora adopted it to use for her smaller dollies ;) and still enjoys it...

My 3rd crocheted wash cloth I received, also as a hostess gift, was made with blue variegated yarn, and I finally broke down and use it and....


I ♥la♥,la♥,LOVE♥ my blue one I've been using the past year... and can't wait to start using this one too ;) I really wish I knew who to thank for them - I don't even know if all 3 of them are from the same person or not... grrr-that hard drive crash last year to make me loose my record keeping..

But if they are reading - 1 or 2 or 3 of you... THANK YOU! I love my 2 Crocheted Wash Cloths! I only wish I had 5 more! One for each day of the week! ;)

Of course the white one is still in the doll bed... Nora is not giving her's up... ;) and if I'm ever gifted with any pink ones I'm sure she will claim those too. LOL

Love from Texas!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Light & Dark - tip to share!

Remember how a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to be hosting another Scrappy 4 patch swap over on the HGTV boards??? Well I am hosting another swap - and I'm so excited that the swappers list is growing every day - we are up to 27 swappers and counting! ;)

Interested? Check out our thread topic HERE over on the HGTV board. NOTE to those of you already signed up to swap with us - I sent out a group email tonight... so you should have something from me in your in box ;) Thanks to those of you blog readers who have joined. ;)

Look at the two above photos that "tryingtoquilthere" shared of her fabrics. What a great tip to use color vs black & white to take a closer look at the contrast of the color values before choosing what fabrics to pair up and sew together!!! :) Thanks for letting me share that tryingtoquitlhere!

Monday, May 24, 2010

MAILCALL - form HGTV Sunshine quilters

I'm the hostess for June and I'm collecting pink/white strings around a center white strip and am gonna donate to Mary & Sue over at the HeartStrings Quilt Project.

These were made by bradleysmom

and these were made and mailed by elainetoo who also had a few others that measured up smaller but she sent so that maybe they can be used in a pillow - or on the backing side...? I'm sure they will get used up - Thank you Elanietoo! ;)

and here is a look into my dining room - Geesh! The bingo fabrics have been gone over a week now and I still haven't gotten my rear in gear! Someone strike me with a wet noodle!

Love from Texas!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Guild Night With Winnie Fleming

Well yesterday I held my breath nearly all day hoping that nothing would *happen* for David at the plant to keep him from getting home on time...


it was the 3rd Thursday = GUILD night! whoo hooo! ;)

my 2nd time to go - in case you're a new reader.

I asked my friends on facebook if they thought I should take a show-n-tell or not... and what a silly question right? Of course I should take something - they said. So I choose to take the first mini quilt I made last fall and swapped with crazy'boutquilts.

And also I took to show-n-tell another mini that is still in progress... that is for a very *special* cause. A local friend is heading up this charity project at her local church. Ladies are making dresses, memory boxes, Bereavement dresses, angel wraps, and various things to send to and donate to the EmmazingGraceFoundation.org

The first time I visited for the sew-in back in March, my friend Jill asked me if I'd make a quilt... or quilts.. depending on how much time I could spare. I put together two of the same and have fabric left over to make at least another or two of the same... The one in the hoop is being hand quilted but b/c it's taking me so long to complete it I know that the other tops I have ready will be machine quilted or maybe simply tied.

Do you notice anything in my closeup below?.......

I'm wearing MAKE-UP people!!! Real make-up! Even eye liner! :P AAAahh

I think I'm fallin in ♥ with 3rd Thursdays!

...and another little funny I shared on with my facebook friends while getting ready was...

you can click the above facebook clip to make large enough to read. :)

So back to my Guild night - I did make it on time... just barely ;) This time I had my camera ready for photos of "Show & Share." I don't recall hearing her name, but she's the same person who shared the art piece last month. She is very creative and I really like her work.

Like me, she is very active with an online quilting group and this piece that she shared and talked about was for a "Something Old is made a new" theme project. She bought a cheap quilt and cut it up and used it to recreate something like this... ;) With her permission I took a close up of it and in the bottom right corner you can see where she was stitching the word "New." I really wish I had thought last month to take a photo of her other piece as she had stitched an image of her own two hands sewing... very, very AwEsOmE!

Besides the above guild member, I was the only other person who brought anything for show-n-tell..... I got several compliments on my fall mini and was asked to pass it around after I mentioned it was the first time I had ever ordered from Connecting Threads (where all of their fabrics are less than $6/yard) So I was more than happy to let those who wanted to "feel" it and check out the fabrics as they had never bought from CT before... I hope no one looked TOO close at my stitches - b/c I know next to nothing about making evenly spaced out stitches or keeping them straight...

So have you ever heard of Winnie Fleming??? If you are located in Texas, maybe you have had the pleasure of meeting her or seeing her trunk show. It is awesome let me tell ya!

Here she is in front of a table of her quilts that she shared...

and I wish I could share with you photos of each of them... like I did for you last time... but did you notice how neatly folded and stacked those quilts were... and I forgot to mention there were more not shown on a 2nd table behind her...

Well I was asked to be a "quilt-holder-upper" helper.... is that what you call em? and those neat stacks... I did that. ;)

I did do a little searching on Google and found a few photos to link to that are of quilts made by Winnie. :) This one was super awesome!! and SUPER HEAVY!! Never Enough Feathers It was featured at the Quilt Festival in Houston last fall - there was a special section for award winning quilts from any guilds in Texas.

and here is another quilt by Winnie that I found while Googeling. By a blogger who attended a show and she took photos of Winnie's Lone Stars - it's the last quilt shown at the bottom of her page.

I searched and searched - to find her take of the pattern Sue Garman's pattern called "Omigosh!" (3rd photo down here) Winnie calls her's "Oh My Stars!" and it used the same mini 9-patches and star blocks instead of churn dash blocks. it was AWESOME!

She had some copies of her book there with her and I bought one and had her sign it ;) Thanks Winnie!

After the meeting I had a couple stops to make before heading back home... can you guess where I stopped first...? I'll give you a hint.. they sell food! and since I didn't eat before leaving my house at 6:00 and it was now after 9:00 - I was H-U-N-G-R-Y-!

Yep - Chick-fil-A! I think I've started a 3rd Thursday Tradition! ;)

I did stop by here too before headin home... but they didn't have what I was lookin for. :/ oh well, I probably didn't need it anyway..

Love from Texas!

Facebooker Quilters... Have you Voted?

Have you voted yet??? Today is the last day! If you're on Facebook already - Click HERE ON THIS LINK to take you directly to Accuquilt's Facebook page. You may have to hit become a fan first...

and mind if I share with you the one I voted for??? To also vote for it - all you need to do is CLICK HERE and leave a comment it. The photo with the most comments/votes wins! and They said there is no limit to how many times you can comment.

Isn't this pretty??? I think so! and I'm not just saying that b/c blogger friend Mary Johnson created it and is in the AccuQuilt's top 10 Barn Quilt Contest either. I really do think out of the top 10 it's the best one!!! It would be so easy to see driving from the road ways...

Last year while driving home to KY as we got to TN and all the way into where my Daddy lives... I noticed dozens and dozens of barns along the rural roads that have painted quilt blocks on them. In my hometown, the local high school kids have taken on the project and will paint a block on any farmer that gives them permission's barn. Isn't' that cool. I think so!

I asked my Daddy, if he was gonna do it.. and his reply was - no one's contacted me about it yet, but if they do I'll be sure and give them your local number and that way you can tell them what you want on it. If I get that call - Mary's block above is what I'd pick... and in those exact aqua and lime green colors. It'd look AwEsOmE on his black tobacco barn don't cha think?

Hummm maybe I need to use the yellow pages and look up the local high school's number and find out who's in charge... and tell them to call my dad... His barn is along the by-pass road that takes everyone and their brother to wal-mart... It would be seen by lots of people! ;)

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bingo update

I bet a few of you have noticed it seems like a ghost town around here - and you are right. I've been busy wrapping up the 5th Annual HGTV Fat Quarter Bingo that I hosted recently and preparing these diaper boxes ready for shipping (without the diapers of course) to their new homes.

I took 4 of them with me today to the Post Office.. and will take another 4 boxes and 4 more packages tomorrow to the PO.

My table is clearing off!!! I can't wait to get my machine set back up and sewing soon!

In case you didn't know I have another blog over at www.FatQuarterBingo.blogspot.com if you would like to see more photos of what was inside these boxes ;) And in case you are wondering how you can play... or when the next game is... well we only hold it once a year - game day each year April 1st - no foolin! Each year in mid January I begin emailing past players with the details and by mid February I open it up to new players and invite them on the HGTV quilter's message board. If you'd like to be notified click over to the blog and leave a comment letting me know ;)

Here's a look at my newest fabrics. The above was gifted to me today from Miss Ginger at the library - they had used it as a background for a bulletin board a while back and no longer needed it. I am sure that I can work it into my scraps ;) What a nice surprise!

and take a look at a few shirts I picked up at the Goodwill recently. ;) I got them cut up and added to the big plastic storage bin - and saved some cuffs and collars for Bonnie. She is coming to my parts of Texas in August and I plan to take her a box of parts. ;)

I'll close with a photo of my girls. :) They wanted me to tell all of you again - THANK YOU to those of you who contributed to their quilts (from the HGTV friends) They love sharing a room and having beds that are the same :)

Love from Texas!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EQ7 blogers are also hosting giveaways!

Have you heard? about the new EQ7 and all the giveaways?? Most have already ended but a few are still open. Click on the links to take you to their blogs! SO sorry I didn't remind you sooner - but I too forgot until today...

Leeann Hansen - Hurry Ends SOON! You can comment on any of her blog posts and simply put in EQ7 and be entered for more chances

Cherri House - HURRY ends today!


Ann Waldron

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm in the slide show of Crayola Quilts

My quilt was mailed a few weeks ago to my friend in NC, Quiltaholic -who is the HGTV Crayola Challenge Coordinator. I just checked her blog today and found that she has updated the slide show of received quilts and mine is now included! ;) They are in alphabetical order according to maker - so look for mine labeled bingo-bonnie :)

I'm still collecting checks for the huge raffle. Leave a post with your email for more information on where to send in for tickets. They are $2 each or 3 for $5 and for a limited time you will also be entered into a little bonus giveaway too that Quiltaholic came up with. Click here for details on that special prize made by both her husband and herself.

All proceeds from the Quilt Raffle (Over 30+ quilts) will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charity. Last year the crayola challenge quilts raised $4,000! We are hoping to raise even more this year. The drawing will take place September 11th, 2010.

If you are new to my blog and want to read about my progress of making my Crayola Challenge Quilt and see many photos along the way CLICK HERE and it will take you to each of my posts about my quilt. thanks for visiting & Thank You to those who have supported my quilt!

Love from Texas!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a top

This is the 2nd kit I've received from Downey & www.QuiltsforKids.org and of all the many many quilts I've seen around blog land - this one is hands down the UGLIEST fabric combination I've seen! YUCK.

Just for the Record, I want everyone to know I did not pick the fabrics... I just put together the kit they sent to me.

Piecing was completed Monday 5/10/10 and Quilting still needs to be completed. I gotta find some scraps of batting and zigzag them together to make large enough for this...

Nora was my official pinner helper - video of her in a previous post here on my quilting blog ;)

The focal fabric (blue background) has suns and moons, barns, sheep, birds and a goose wearing a scarf and top hat. Also there is a candle stick and stars...

This kit came with their new quilt label where we get to write our first name and quilt name on it - and then enter it into their online data base so we can track and see which child receives our quilt. EDITED TO ADD - the link to Downy Touch of Comfort Home where at the bottom right you will see where quilt receivers can enter in that they got a quilt.

I will let Nora put her name on the tag... and also let her name it - she's having a hard time thinking of anything. I suggested "Silly Goose" since that is what I call her a lot... or "Silly Goose doesn't know when to sleep" b/c of the suns and moons...

and her reply was. NOPE it has to be what I think of mom. :/ *sigh* So to my readers, thanks but no thanks for naming ideas... :P

Love from Texas!

sorting, counting. stacking, some refolding... getting ready

224 (1 yard cuts) and 459 Fat Quarters... yep that's what you're lookin at... and what I'm playing with as I sort thru them and divide them out equally among the 8 Blackout winners!

Stay Tuned! Now it's time to round up some diaper boxes that I've been saving!

Love from Texas!

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Monday, what's on the design wall/floor?

I'm not sure how it happened, but it had a lot to do with my 2nd Quilt for Kids kit package arriving over the weekend... along with Nora school had early release today - which meant that after lunch when the twins went down for nap time, she was already home = I did not have to wake them up to go pick her up which = for more free time for us! ;) yeaaa.

Nevertheless, I had other stuff to be doing - such as sorting thru all those BINGO FQs and yard cuts on the table (however I'm still waiting to hear back from 2 outside border winners on color preferences.)

... but Nora wanted to see inside the package, which then led to her wanting to see the fabrics unfolded... and then she started reading the directions to me! and she was begging to help me...

Which she did so well... and before you know it - we had all the 2-sies sewn into 4-sies... and then each of the rows were sewn together.. just waiting to be joined when about the time I heard Paul Thomas wake up on the monitor...

Tonight after everyone was to bed, I was struck down by the ugliness of this fabric combo that they sent to me this time, and said to myself - wow, I better get this thing's borders on so I can sandwich soon and quilt b/c if not - if it ever gets put aside - it will NEVER get completed b/c it's SOOOO UGLY! what were they thinking?

only one more border to go - which is of the same blue print fabric as the large 6" blocks. There was a new style tag - where I can place my first name and then name of this quilt... I'm sure I'll let Nora print her name on the tag b/c she is my helper... but as to what to name it...? I'm tempted with "Ugly Goose" but that wouldn't be nice to the kid that gets it... I do call Nora "Silly Goose" often so maybe that will become this one's name...?

Tomorrow Nora will be back at school ... and I can get back to my BINGO Fabric sorting while the twins watch Dora and then nap... today we got to make a few memories... she was in charge of removing all the pins... or as she likes to call them "nails" ;)

For more Design Wall Monday updates check out JudyL's "Mr. Linky" over at her page. ;)

Love from Texas!