Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you Lisa!!

For the past two weeks, going to the mailbox has been lots of fun... only I'm not allowed to check it!  Nora's 100th day of school is tomorrow, Tuesday 1/24/12 and she and I put out a request on facebook for my firends to help her collect 100 postcards b/c she has to take 100 somethings to school for 100th Day.

Well guess what my friend Lisa-TX did... she and her daughters not only sent Nora postcards from Texas but Lisa also mailed me a belated Christmas card of her precious family but also made a one of a kind, just for ME, BINGO fabric zipper bag!!  :)

Thanks so much Lisa!!  :)  I love it! I LOVE it! I la,la,LOVE it!  :)

Love from Indiana!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is


Have you heard about the "Home is Where the Quilt Is" contest??

I'm not artsy enough to even consider sucha challenge, but perhaps some of my blog readers might be! :)  Click on the link above to take you to their webpage for more details. Lots of GREAT prizes for the winners!!

Love from Indiana!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Box was Busted!

Well today is Wednesday... meaning the twins go to preschool today so I can run errands (((ALONE))) :) yeaaa!  Places to visit, post office, Target, Best Buy, the UPS Store...  but first I had to load a big box into the van.  
Here in the rental home not everything fit inside the house, so we are using 1/2 of the 2 car garage to store a dresser, a nightstand, a rocker glider and the top bookshelf part to a custom built oak cabinet for my sewing room... which doesn't leave much room for the kids toys and bikes.  See this mess?  It has to be stored this way so I can park the van on my half and get the door down. urgh.
That big red & white box in the back was the one I needed... so that meant having to move the wheel barrel holding the bikes.... strain.... tug.... push.... ;)  I'm thankful nothing fragile is inside, b/c the box was not in very good shape at all.  Bursting at the seams - really!
But never fear - I managed to get it into my van and off to the UPS store. 
However they wouldn't ship it in this box.  I asked if they could just tape it up really well and the answer was "no." :(  So there went another $11 bucks for a new box. That's a shame b/c I wanted the Birthday Girl to think she was getting a "Radio Flyer Racetrack" to help her enjoy her ride "OVER THE HILL" lol :cD

Anyone want to take a wild guess at how many pounds the box stuffed full of shirtings weighed?????  

Love from Indiana!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Guess who found the local Goodwill Store here in Indiana last Friday??  The kids were all at school so I had lots of time to browse the isles! :)
I also discovered that there is a Hancock's Fabric Store in the neighboring town so yesterday after church, we ate out close to there and after we were done, David stayed in the van with the kids while I got to go in and take a look around and get signed up for their mailing list.  Thread was 50% off so I picked up two spools of a neutral color.  That's what I use the most of.  
Also I scored Quiltmaker's latest issue of 100 Blocks!! Good thing since I've not seen it in the grocery stores and I didn't win a copy during their bloghop.  They also had brochure flyers by the check out for "Quilter's Day Out" coming up in March.  I'll have to plan to go to that for sure!! 

So last night just before bath time for the kids, I ran to the basement and turned on the space heater so that after the kids were in bed, I'd have a warm and cozy room to go to and spend some time cutting and sewing. :)  While listening to the weekly top 40 Country Countdown I cut up about a dozen shirts and spent some time sewing my Hand-Me-Down blocks into rows.
 It's growing and growing and takes up almost the whole floor in my sewing room right now before borders.... but oddly according to Bonnie Hunter's photo she used twice as many blocks in hers!  Her rows are 9x9 and then big borders.  Not sure yet if I'll make this one big enough for my king sized bed or what??  I do still need a few more blocks either way... so I guess I'll just wait and see.  On the design wall are 2.5" strips for the next block in progress.

Head over to JudyL's website to see what other quilters are working on and have shared with her Design Wall Monday Mr. Linky.  It's my favorite place to visit each Monday. :)

 In other news:

Did you notice all those bobbins in the above photos?  They arrived Saturday in the mailbox.  I found them on ebay for $0.69 each! SO I bought 40.  That should be enough for a while so that I can now start playing with my new bobbin winder that David gave me for Christmas.

I did a lot of reading and researching before buying and I'm pretty sure they will fit my Bernina machine.  If you are interested in buying bobbins HERE'S the LINK to where I purchased them on ebay.

And speaking of GREAT deals!! For Christmas, David bought the Side Winder from walmart.com and only paid $18.00!!  At first he told me that he'd called JoAnn's and the girl on the phone quoted him a price close to $100 dollars!!??  What? So that sent me to the computer to google and find out who had it for the cheapest price.  And the funny thing is, our Walmart doesn't even have a sewing department any longer... but we did the "in store pick up" and received an email telling us when it was available to be picked up and all David had to do was go to Customer Service and it was there waiting for him.  So easy!

Now that I have the Sidewinder and a good supply of bobbins, next on the wish list is one of these:
I did a price comparison search here and the cheapest price I found was $10.41  Since Valentine's Day is next on the calendar... I better find out how to email cupid! ;)

Love from Indiana!