Tuesday, April 29, 2008

blog give aways

Have you heard about these? Do you ever enter them? or are you like me and most the time by the time you are browsing and catching up reading come across a blog give-a-way and as you read over it discover it is long gone.

well, this week I happened to stop by the Pat Sloan's blog and read her post about wanting to know What's in YOUR purse, briefcase, bag, or pocket? Her goal was to get 500 people to reply but only rounded up 145 comments.

I had to make a reply as my husband is always teasing me for wearing 1 of 2 of my favorite shorts all the time... "well, they have great pockets for my stuff I must have on me at all times!" I replied.

and what are my must haves you ask - here you go so you don't have to search thru the 145 comments :)

cell phone -b/c I can't always get to the house phone... plus i keep it on vibrate so not to wake a nursing baby... and close friends and dh can always reach me.
fingernail clippers - I have 30 fingers and 30 toes so nearly everyday at least one limb gets trimmed ;)
digital camera - don't want to miss capturing something fun!
Kleenex - for spit ups or nose blowing.
If I can remember to grab a band aid and keep in pocket that comes in handy too - b/c my 3 year old often needs to cover a booboo and if I have it with me it saves us a lot of time!

Those are the must haves everyday!

So now, I am so excited to haev won my very first blog-give-away :) :) :) I'll be sure and share a photo of the scrap bag of Nikki fabric when it arrives!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's so crazy here - but I LOVE it! :)

Where have I been? What have I been doing??? Well let's just say - that I didn't post anything in March, b/c for me there was little to no time for blogging during my MARCH MADNESS Season here at my house. And I'm not talking basketball. ;)

I know that not so many bloggers really know me very well.. in fact i am willing to bet that i have more HGTV quilting members come take a look more often than the occasional blogger since I don't belong to any "blog rings."

Nevertheless,.... many of my online friends know me as "bingo~bonnie" and that's b/c I host a HUGE Fat Quarter Bingo each year on the HGTV board.

It takes me a few months to prepare for the super-dooper-blackout game. This year I began receiving packages in February and by game day (April 1st) I received just under 2400 FQs!~ Yes, you read that correct!! two-thousand, four hundred!!! actually the count is 2385 but I am gonna even it out to 2400 b/c it is easier that way ;)

This is our 3rd annual game. And for the first time, players were split into four groups each playing for a quarter of the jackpot! :) The first year everyone played together for 770 FQs.

Last year, everyone was split into two groups for 1600 FQs... and this year 2400!

Pictures... I know you are wondering where are the photos miss "bingo~bonnie"???? We wanna see your loot!

Well, for now, you will have to trust me - they are in the photo at the top of this post... all in those USPS crates and diaper boxes stuffed under my dining room table. I had to put them away for a while. After all, we won't have a winner/s for a few weeks - I only call 2 numbers per day. ;c)

For now, I have BIGGER and better things to work on - BIGGER??? what could be BIGGER than 2400 FQs????@!#@!

well, how about 3610 miniature 9 patch blocks???? Yep, call me crazy all right - I love a challenge... I am hosting a quarterly swap for mini 9 patches.. (finish at 3") I have so wanted to collect these and what better way to get a larger variety than a swap??? And I figure that I can get back into my swap hosting if I do it only 4 times a year - rather than the monthly noodles that I use to do before the twins were born. :)

However, the excitement really caught on for these mini cutie pies! We at one time had 50 swappers signed up but for various reasons several had to drop out b/c real life stuff is always more important than a swap :) and now I am so glad... b/c it is all a little overwhelming to me now. and i will be limiting future rounds to 35 or so swappers...

For round 1 we had 35 swappers contribute:

192 sets of 10 blue minis and
169 sets of 10 brown minis... = 3610 total minis!

and I do have photos to share of those... here is some of my progress:

Here are all of the packages..... from the swappers. and here we are at half way of preparing the packages - you would be surprised at how long it takes just to open everything up... all those baggies...

and now the swap has started! I even placed small packages in the windowsill behind the table.

and these are just the BLUEs! When I get these all swapped and bagged up I will only be half done and ready to get out the brownies... :)

OH what fun! so toddle-loo to all y'all... I have swapping to do! :) If anyone needs me I will be in the dining room for the next few days and nights! ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie