Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our FIRST Family Vacation!

Yep, that’s right, after 10 years of marriage (3 years as parents) we are finally going on our first EVER family vacation! Of course we have traveled with our 3 year old many times… both car and plane but does it really count as vacation if the end destination every time is to our parent’s homes?

This week, we’ll be visiting our best “Couple” friends who live in Savannah, GA. It’s been 2.5 years since we seen them. We first met J&T just after we married and moved to GA the first time in 1998. W-O-W we have almost known them for TEN years and through several moves of both them and us – well, more us moving than them… we have remained in touch and friends!!! (Thank you internet and free cell phone long distance!!!) :P

We choose the week of Halloween to visit with them because ever since their boys were born, David and I have always been right there in the-smack-dab-middle-of-every-major-holiday at their home!!! For many years before we had kids, we had “nephews”!! We’ve even been known to listen for the phone to ring early Christmas morning to get the “come quick alert” and we jump up and go in our PJ’s to see the kids as they explored and discovered what Santa had left for them! Those were some of the good ‘ole days for sure! Of course, that was when each of us lived in connecting neighborhoods and we could get there in less than 2 minutes!

After we had Knucklehead, we even spent our first family Halloween with them at their new home just after they had moved to Savannah. So this year being the twins’ “first” Halloween, I cant’ think of anywhere else I rather be! We’re looking forward to meeting our 3rd nephew who turned 1 in May this year and they can’t wait to meet Milk Man and Stretchy Sister!

So, I’ll be back in a week – until then… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Love from Savannah, Georgia! :)

Above photo of Knucklehead today at her Preschool Class’ Costume Party. She got the Coolest Costume Award! :P ..... and then these two cutie-pies were just too "Toot!"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Christmas, just aroudn the corner - what's on your bed?

Yep, Christmas will be here before you know it and it is just a matter of weeks before we begin pulling out those Christmas decorations and begin getting into the spirit. Wouldn't you love to spread this beautiful quilt across your bed this year while decorating for Christmas???
Well, maybe you CAN SLEEP UNDER IT ON YOUR BED if you are lucky enough!

Several of the quilters of the HGTV Quilters Board worked together to make this quilt. The dozen blocks in the center were donated by gotthebug and that began the project. I made one of the 9" outer boarder blocks earlier this year and Quiltaholic put all the blocks together!

This is our 2nd year to raffle a Christmas quilt made by HGTV quilters - to raise funds so that we can buy Christmas gifts for less fortunate children. Last year was a huge success and we provided a really nice Christmas for several families and we are hoping to again help as many children as we can with the funds that we collect. The more tickets we sell, the more children that we can help!

Would you be willing to participate and buy tickets to help put smiles on some special children's faces this year when they get up on Christmas morning and find tons of surprises under their tree??

Another surprise for this year is Nichole Webb, a national award winning quilter and teacher for longarm quilting has offered to quilt this for us!!

Tickets are 2.00 each or 3 tickets for $5.00

If you want to purchase tickets, send me an e-mail and I will then reply back with Quiltaholic's information so that you can buy them directly form her.

Sorry she doesn't blog or I would link you to her.....so in other words, it is up to me and my blog to get the word out to all the quilt bloggers in blogworld. So, please consider this your invitations to feel free to mention it on your blog too and link the photo here ;)

According to Quiltaholic's post yesterday we haven't' raise nearly enough funds yet - tickets have only been purchased form HGTV board members and her LAC Forum and MQR Forum. If you would like to follow the discussion click here:

Here is what Quiltaholic wrote this morning:
Nichole called and left a message today that she should be mailing the quilt to my by Saturday...I can't wait to see it...She said it is beautiful!

If you haven't contacted me for tickets, please do so and help put Christmas under the tree for several deserving children this year... I will post photos of the finished quilt as soon as I receive it back..

... But we do have a slight problem..Ticket sales are very slim...We have raised $175.00 on the quilt so far...

Marie and I are going to set up with the quilt one day at Walmart and try to sell some tickets but we need all of your support for this charity drive...I was a little skeptical about doing 2 quilts in a year but the majority vote won that we would..I will have to delay giving the quilt away on the scheduled date if ticket sales don't increase...I hope you all will help..

Happy Weekend everyone! ~Bonnie