Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The best gifts are the home made ones right?

Over the summer I worked on my guild's "Challenge Quilt Project" and made a quilt from the given guidelines using the Easy Angle Rulers.  I let my 5 year old choose the fabrics and he helped quite a bit during the process of piecing and puting together the quilt top.  You may remember the Dino quilt if you follow me on facebook - as I shared photos of it there.  Why is it, that it's so easy to email a few pics to facebook and skip out on blogging about it??  Bad Bonnie!

Also during that same time I used a simple 4 patch and made my youngest daugher a Panda Bear quilt using her 2 favorite colors. Pink and Purple! Every little girls delight right? and her favorie animal too! 

Quiltaholic, a long time quilting frined that I fist met on the HGTV quilting forum, and then later met in person at a retreat, quiltied them for me and did an outstanding job!  Much more than what I expected!!!  WOW!

The quilts arrived on my door step on Christmas Eve - just in time to wrap them up (without the binding) and give them to the twins for Christmas!  A gift made by "Momma" ;) 
Love from Indiana!


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