Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nora's Habitat Diorama - The Blue Whale

I am ***SO*** glad I thought ahead, and put Nora's Science project in the front seat of the van tonight so we don't forget it tomorrow!   I'm so proud of her and her 1st "project" for school.
Just before Thanksgiving she brought home a sheet saying they were to choose any animal that lives in desert, rain forest, ocean, artic, or regular forest and show how they get their food, water and their shelter. 
Before I finished reading the assignment paper she was already telling me, " I want to do my natural habitat for the BLUE WHALE because it's the biggest animal or mammal on the earth Mom!  I am gonna keep my animal choice a secret and not tell any of my friends at school b/c I don't want them to copy me!"
It took me a whole day of shopping to gather the stuff we had decided we needed for our shoebox.  Hobby Lobby, the pet store for the rocks, Target are just a few of the places that I found what I needed.
Adding the facts of her blue whale to the side of the box was her idea....but we typed them b/c there was no way she could write small and neat enough... Did you know that a Blue Whale's heart is the size of a small car?? Or that it's main arteries are large enough that a human could comfortably swim inside them?
She knows so much about animals of the ocean... thanks to her Godparents (Michael & Abbey) for getting her the book "Nora the Nonapus" when she was only 3 or 4 years old. We have read that book at least 500 times and now she reads it to us! :)  Who knows, maybe one day she'll get to swim and scuba dive in the ocean and take up-close looks at all the creatures that keep her so fascinated..... 
Maybe Marine Biology is in her future? Who knows?  and to think I start to sufficate if I am sitting in knee keep water and try to put my face with snorkel tube and mask into the water.  true fact.
Here's a view from the top looking down - and the over all view so you can see the box top that it will sit on.

I'm looking forward to seeing what animals her classmates choose tomorrow.  Who choose desert, or forest, arctic or ocean...
 Oh and you know one of my favorite parts... the back of the box. :)  She wrote, "Nora Minor.  Together with Mom. Cool! Really. ♥

Love from Indiana!

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  1. I forgot to mention in my post how when we moved to IN/KY this summer every time we crossed the Ohio River Bridge, Nora would ask us if sharks, octopuses, dolphins or whales were in the river. Took her a while to grasp we are not living on the Gulf of Mexico anymore and salt water doesn't run this far inland. "Fresh water" is a new concept to her. lol


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