Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calling all Quilters

Edited to add this link to take you to a photo page of the requested patterns CLICK HERE

Today I received an email from Pickle Dish Home of Kansas City Star Quilts. They are the publisher of Bonnie Hunter's Book Scraps & Shirttails and because I ordered my book directly form them I get email updates from them from time to time.

I thought today's message I'd share here - perhaps you have a quilt that would qualify for their request - if so lucky you! The chance to be published and get a free copy. I'll let you read what the email said:

In May we are planning to release a book that includes a selection of 25 of
the first patterns offered to
My Star Collection subscribers. The book, titled "My
Stars: Patterns from The Kansas City Star, Vol. I," will include redrafted
patterns that were published in The Kansas City Star newspaper sometime between 1928 and 1961.

Each pattern will include templates, fabric requirements, and assembly
instructions, as well as the history of the block. But we’re missing one thing –
quilts made up of these blocks! That's where you come in!

We're looking for quilts made up of these blocks to feature in the
book. If chosen, we'll ship your quilt here to be photographed,
and back to you. You'll receive a free copy of the book, and proper
credit will be given to you in the book!

Click here for a complete list of the patterns we're seeking
quilts for. If you're interested in submitting a quilt, simply email me a
picture of it by responding to this email, or at
info@pickledish.com. If you're
interested in pre-ordering the book,
click here

I took a look at the list of pattern they are looking for and I think I have one quilt pattern listed. Sunbonnet Sue, made by my Momma Newt that I'll send a photo of... ;) and maybe just maybe it will be accepted!? ;) oh wouldn't that make her happy in heaven to know that her quilt was published in a book!

I'd love to know if you submit a photo to be considered, and also what pattern.

Love from Texas!


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