Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time for swappin nickels again...

I know it seems like I'm swapping a lot this year.... and actually it's because - I am! :P The nickle swap hosted by BeanyMalone use to be monthly but this year she's doing it quarterly.. and although I thought I'd just swap neutrals and be done.. ( I did swap 20 sets and received a huge variety of 200 back) ;) and have already put them to use in my block swap project between me and a friend... but for this quarter when I saw the color choices yellow, blue or red... I just couldn't' help but sign up for the red and blue groups!

I have several Red, White and Blue projects in mind including this recent snowball pattern on this magazine cover...

So above is what I've washed, pressed, cut and packaged up and am mailing in for the swap. Can't wait to see what I get back later in April ;)

Love from Texas!


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