Friday, February 27, 2009

Neutral Nickels YUM!

Nickels and more Nickels! For round 1 of the year we had the choice of neutrals or patriotic or both.

This time around, I focused on just swapping the neutrals. Actually "both Nora" and I swapped 10 sets each ;)

White on Whites, Cream on Creams, some greys.... and the best part? I shopped my stash!

I already have more than one project in mind to use them in. Blocks that I'll be swapping soon with my friend Crazy'boutquilts and also another project I saw recently on the cover of this magazine.
BeanyMalone over on the HGTV board is the hostess of the nickels. This year instead of swapping monthly she's cut it back to quarterly but doing more than one color at a time. The next swap is for Reds Blues and Yellows = Due by the end of March.
So far there are over a dozen swappers in each color group so that is good. The more people that play along = eliminates duplicates being sent back.. or a lot of your own ;) at least that was what I remember from when I hosted my swaps ;)
I know I'm in for the reds and blues for sure! maybe the yellows depending on what I find when I go shop my stash. Here are a few more photos of mine and Nora's neutrals.

and wasn't this a sweet gift that BeanyMalone included for me? I love that carousal horse FQ ;)

NOTE - these were due at the end of January and I received them just before Valentine's Day (a GREAT turnaround time) I'm just now getting time to write up my post. For a week now blogger hasn't been allowing me to upload photos. Thankfully tonight I'm getting to catch up! ;)

Love from Texas!


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