Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Am I on a roll or WHAT?

You're not going to believe this!!! but this morning while Nora was at school - I got an early start sewing in the dining room while the twins watched cartoons... I could almost smell the smokin needle as I put the pedal to the metal while sewing these sets up. LOL

I wasn't able to upload any photos on blogger -even after closing out and restarting my computer - so I walked away from the computer and went to the sewing room where I got a LOT done! :) yeaaa!

and I've COMPLETED 3 more peoples' sets!!! I even have them photographed and packaged ready to mail! They will go out along with the other 3 envelopes already out in the mailbox!
These fat red centers and WOB on one half and BOW on the opposite half are on their way to Shelbydale.

These greens on one half and florals on the opposite are on their way to QuiltTX I had so many greens and florals that I don't think I used the same fabric twice anywhere in these 4 blocks. ;)
and last but not least - all shades of blues around dark blue are being mailed to royalboomer. What a walk down memory lane as I pulled some of these beautiful blues ;)

whoo hoo! I still can't believe it! What a great productive day!

Love from Texas!

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