Friday, February 13, 2009

Nora's Newest Postcard

Today Nora received a special post card to add to her collection. VERY special. Not just any post card but a quilted post card :) a one of a kind!! Isn't it pretty?

And it's from a quilting friend in Russia! Isn't that cool??
This is her screaming out "THANK YOU" - when I said hold up the card and envelop by your face so everyone will see them too...guess she thinks my blog readers can actually hear her. LOL

She loved counting the stamps 19 that were marked POCCHR 1.00 plus one more another stamp for 0.30 WOWZERS!!! Marnia thought my Nora sure was pretty special!!! Thanks! :)
The note on the back read, "Dear Bonnie! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family! I wish you all the deepest ocean of happiness, progress, and prosperous business! Marina -roolen, Russia"
and as I had Nora hold it up to take a photo of the side with the note, I couldn't resist sharing this photo I caught of Nora yawning.. ;) My "all grown up" 4 year old "thinks" she's too big for daily naps... *sigh* wasn't it just a week ago I started this blog and named it "Nap Time News" b/c she napped twice everyday? Where does the time go?
Thank you Marnia for thinking of us. You are too sweet! ;)
Love from Texas!

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  1. Very nice card and cute photos of Nora. GOSH...she looks SO much like her mom, in my opinion!


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