Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the first 12 blocks for my CYOC swap

Last week, I started CYOC string blocks for 3 of the swappers. (My first blocks I've made for this swap) and after working on them a little here and a little there all week...on Saturday I finished up and gave "hair cuts" to 12 of those blocks.

4 for zizzybob, 4 for knotme and 4 for TX~Wildlower

Above: Knotme requested a WOW center with half the block in Brights and half in pastels.

Above: TX~Wildflower requested a WOW center with red on one half and a mixture of tan, beige, white or neutral on the other half.

Above: zizzybob requested WOW center and florals strings. These were my favorite to make as I revisited so many of my floral fabrics. :)
I hope these swappers like what I made for them. I haven't mailed them yet but will post on the HGTV board CYOC thread when I do.
12 blocks done - UPTEEN more to make. *sigh*
I had hoped to do more sewing during the Superbowl... but somehow Dear Husband SNUCK upstairs to watch the game so he wouldn't be interrupted :/ leaving me to attend to the kids.. so I didn't get back to sewing any strings. Instead I played and rolled around in the floor with the babies... playing fort under quilts and even a few superman flying stunts. :) it was FUN! I'm gonna miss this after the surgery a week or so while I heal so I'm glad I took the time today to do that with them. :)

Love from Texas!


  1. wow, I love those blocks...nice colors and great pattern

  2. I just love your string blocks. With a dark and a lighter side. I am so glad I found your blog again.


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