Friday, February 20, 2009

Quilter's Blessing Progress

The last time I posted a progress report of my Quilter's Blessings was on February 2nd before my surgery. Would you believe I actually traced 4 more blocks and took with me to the hospital to work on to pass the time... LOL

I crack myself up - as if I felt like it!!! I was so ignorant taking that with me... I didn't take into account that they'd have me so "feeling good" aka drugged up and that all I would want to do is sleep! Don't even ask me about my list of things I was gonna get done on maternity leave that I made out before my first child was born...LOL

anyway, I've completed block 2 called "Much Sewing" (shown above) and have started block 3. Some of the nights I've had the laptop on my lap on the sofa while David watches TV but sometimes that isn't comfortable so I've stitched...and stitched... and now I'm OUT of DMC floss! :(

waaaaahhh! I even bought a second scan when we were over in the Big town for my 1 week follow up but now I can not find where I put that bag! *urgh*

and speaking of "quilter's blessings" - I'm very BLESSED!!! I have the best friends in Texas!

Heidi my best friend aka "my angel" called around and organized an angel team to come by my home twice each day to help me out. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon (taking turns)
Sometime between 10:00 - 10:30am the first helper arrives to change diapers and get babies dressed for the day.. and carried up stairs to go down for a nap.
Then either David or another friend has been picking Nora up from Preschool at 11:15-11:30am and bring her home so that I don't have to pick up and load babies into the car seats.
If David has brought Nora home he'll bring the babies downstairs to eat lunch sometime before he leaves... and change diapers if needed.
Then sometime in the afternoon - between 2:30 and 3:30 another friend will come by to help change diapers and take the twins up for their afternoon naps. :)
I'm able to lift them out of the beds as long as I keep them out from my body and they don't touch my chest area. ;) and going down the stairs is a lot easier b/c they love bumping down the stairs on their bums. :) I'd love to get a photo of them doing it one day for my own memory... but that would be hard b/c I'm in the front on my bum bouncing down step by step too.

Don't I have the best friends in Texas!?! Heidi was so thoughtful to organize this for me and is such a BIG help! Also if I have laundry needed to go up or down the stairs they are more than ready to help carry it for me. :)
Yesterday Nora had been invited to go to a belated friends Valentine party at noon.. so Gramme Kole (my best friends' mother) came over and changed diapers, dressed and put shoes on the kids and then put them in the van for me so I could go pick up Nora from school... wasn't that so sweet? She even gave me her cell number and told me to call and she'd meet me back at home to take babies out of car seats and upstairs to nap time... which she did ;) Olivia was already asleep when I got home...

Anyway, yesterday I took Nora thru McDonald's drive thru to eat in the van and then on to her Valentine party.... well guess how hard that was for me to just "sit there" and wait! I was the 5th car back and had no THREAD to use to stitch!!! :( I have to find my DMC floss SOON!!

Love from Texas!


  1. YOu do have the best friend Texas....gotta love Texas!!!! Sure takes alot of worry off of you and your husband.

  2. You have amazing friends!!!
    I hope the new you feels as great as you look!!
    Great job on the stitching! HOpe you find your floss!

  3. Talk about multi-tasking!

    Healing from surgery, driving kids around, McD drive thru and she wants to be stitching!

    Give yourself all the time you need to heal, girly. Let your friends help, they will be blessed by helping. And we know you have helped many before and will help in the future.

    Bested Wishes,
    Cindy B.


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