Monday, February 2, 2009

Sew Much Sewing

I've had so many compliments on my "Quilter's Blessings" BOM that I've started recently.... both here and over on the show-n-tell thread at the HGTV boad. Thanks everyone. :)

Today I was revisiting Bea's blog and read today's post about how she's received so many requests for the now retired BOM pattern... and for those of you who missed downloading it each month alst year - you get a 2nd chance to receive the patterns! Click here to read about Bea's offer.

Above is a photo of where I am on block 2 "Sew Much Sewing" aren't Olivia's shoes so cute there holding up my hoop? ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. I don't do that kind of hand work, I tried when I was young but didn't like it but sure admire those who do and admire their handi work.

  2. How fun to find your blog! I have boy girl twins + big sister as well. I'm surfing around tonight looking for new redwork ideas. I found you from a forum post somewhere that you were listing them in your sidebar. Thank you! Have you seen the cute basket BOM over at Bunny Hill? Can be appliqued or done in redwork. http://bunnyhill.blogspot.com/


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