Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Call for Minis!

POTLUCK/Make-up Mini 9 Patch Swap Details can be found here. Several readers asked me about joining a while back and to each of you I emailed back with the details... I have not head back yet from any of them... but just wanted to make sure you knew about it if you are still interested. ;) Click on the above link to take you to the swap discussion over on the HGTV Quilter's Message Board.
Looking back at last year's on going Quarterly Swap:

Round 1 - 36 participants sent in 187 blue sets & 166 brown sets = 3530 minis

Round 2 - 31 participants sent in 168 red sets & 151 orange sets = 3190 minis

Round 3 - 24 participants sent in 179 green sets = 1790 minis

Round 4 - 18 participants sent in 112 purple sets & 104 yellow sets = 2160 minis

Total mini blocks swapped for the year = 10,670 minis!!!


We had a very successful swap, and I am so lucky to have such great swappers to work with! Thanks everyone! ;)
and here are the ones that get to stay here and live with me - until they grow up to become something beautiful! ;)

Love from Texas!


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