Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's in the mailbox???

Last night I worked really hard to do up these stirng blocks to mail out. Whoo hoo 3 sets ready to mail to swappers!! That's a good start on catching up right?

Blue in? or Blue out? either way aren't they pretty??? They are made for Shauna's crafty quilter for the CYOC string swap.

and these beauties above will be on their way to Arnden -she wanted BRIGHT spring colors aound white centers. To me they reminded me of the Easter Egg colorings ;)

and lastly here are the blocks I posted about previously -I didn't get them mailed as I had liked before - but they are packaged and in the box today ;) Here they come quiltsewpieceful!

Love from Texas!


  1. Very nice-looking string blocks...thanks for sharing the photos...glad you are recovered enough to get back to sewing.

  2. LOVE the red with the black and while! VERY cool!

    Check out


  3. Bonnie-I like the white centers to the string blocks. Gives a beautiful diagonal pattern.
    Mary H in Spokane,WA


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