Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do NOT hug me...and I am NOT gonna hug you either

Last Thursday was my surgery. I didn't share a lot about it on here but most all of my online friends knew I was having a breast reduction. (How come it's easier to open up to online friends anyway??)

Here I am dressed, on my feet (feeling very LOOPY headed) and ready to go home on Friday. Praise the Lord they let me stay the night... I soooo needed that! Reckon they let me stay b/c I mentioned at least 83 times I have three kids FOUR and UNDER at home!??! ;)

Edited to add - this photo I was not in pain... very dizzy feeling from the meds.

and excuse the messed up hair - I wasn't thinking the night before surgery when I took my shower and used the special gel to reduce staff infection... I *Should* have dried and styled my hair that night.. but instead I put it up in a ponytail WET!?%$@# oh well.

Saturday my step mom and I went to the beauty shop and got our hair washed and styled.. ouch $15.00 for something I should have done the night before surgery?? OH well, I'm glad I did pay to have it washed and styled (no way I could have held my arms up to style it) b/c we went to Mass (Catholic Church Service) on Saturday night so I looked decent. ;)

For church, Clara stayed home with the babies so we could go with just Nora and my Dad to church. For the first time in almost 2 years I got to hear all the readings and the homily! ...and of course as soon as Nora noticed the babies were with us in the van on the way, she begged us to let her choose the seat we sit in...

We're always in the back with the babies....but Saturday night...in her 4 year old mind, the best place to be was in the front row in the 1st seat by the isle ;) Maybe that's why I hear the whole homily b/c I *Had* to pay attention!!! Father Tom would know if I dozed off or not!!! and with the meds it was hard not to sleep!

Some other things that happened on Saturday - sorry for jumping around...

After the beauty shop, Clara had a grocery list so we went. I AM SOOOOO Glad I called David and had him bring me a pain pill while waiting to get hair done, however at the grocery it really took effect! and I started feeling major craps in addition to the dizziness...

When I got around to the pharmacy - I sat down at the blood pressure machine and it was 113 over 60 with a pulse rate of 98 beats per minute.

I'm sure it's been close to the same since then.... I feel so out of breath and WEAK... all b/c of my "dressing" as they call it. (bandages)

I don't know how my Dr. put this gauze around me so tight while I was unconscious... (I wasn't able to hold my breath & suck in for him)... he probably had two people hold up my arms and then took a saran wrap like gauze roll and ran circles around my body pulling and pulling until he heard ribs cracking!

Edited to add - this photo I was not in pain... just being silly fae in the mirror. Trying to express the TIGHTness of the bandage. LOL

I really thought it would loosen up in a few days but dang it feels tighter by the hour! (swelling has set in probably)I wish I could talk someone into cutting down thru it in the back between my shoulder blades to let my ribs expand then tape me back up. I so need another 2-4 inches of breathing space!

I can NOT breath hardly. Is it 1:00 Thursday yet??? and SORRY, NO I am not sucking in for the self pic. for ya... I'm too afraid I FLOP OVER ONTO THE FLOOR if I held my breath! LOL

and imagine I was SO considering a tummy tuck at the same time... what an OUCH that would have been... so glad I didn't do it at the same time, but I DO still want one of those! maybe for my 40th Birthday!? ;)

......and tonight while taking these pics..I came so close to cutting on it some tonight = the excess that does pull out easily in the cleavage area.., but then thought OMG NO b/c once I do it will tear into pieces and pieces, crumbs and crumbs, and that would be MUCH worse if they all fell down into the bandage. talk about itchy!!! thank goodness I had that thought before I cut! talk about measure twice cut once rule... LOLOL

and for the 4 or 5 that are still reading and not totally grossed out.... I have one more Bonus tid bid of information especailly for you LOL ;)

The Dr. removed SIX POUNDS!!! 6! He told David I went from a FFF cup to probably a C cup!

I can't tell any difference yet on feeling lighter, I do NOT feel better but worse... back pain, bruised and sore..but I do like the way I look much better already :) and I know once he cuts this "dressing" they call it off on Thursday THEN I will be able to start to feel lighter and better. ;)


and agian, Please DO NOT hug me! LOL
Love from Texas!


  1. Oh.....it is obvious that this is very painful. I feel so badly for you. It is amazing what a difference this should make, though......6 lbs....WOW!

  2. I don't know what is happier...you or your poor back!! 6 pounds of boob???!!! I don't know how you made it this long, especially leaning over and cutting fabric. Congratulations on a well deserved surgery and I hope you make a speedy and full recovery!

  3. I'm sure you're glad the surgery is done even though you can't breathe very well and no hugs (LOL). Hope your recovery is speedy and you can get back to sewing soon. Take care!

  4. Can you have a cyber hug? Take care!

  5. A girl friend had this same surgery! It WAS awful, but she said after the pain went away, she felt like she lost 30 lbs!! She felt so much "lighter" and it showed on her face!! Congrats on getting this far. Here's a virtual (((HUG)))

  6. Dah-ling, you look mah-velous.

    Cyber Hugs to you (((((()))))))

  7. The difference is amazing and once the pain goes away (sorry) you will be so happy .... running around showing the new you!!

  8. Well, that's one way to diet. ;)

    Sounds like you're hanging in there, and next month you'll probably be squealing in delight over finding bras that fit in a regular store and don't cost an arm and leg! :)

  9. I know you won't regret this! Everyone I"ve talked to that's had this done has been so happy with it! I'm jealous, I'll have mine someday but not until I'm finished having babies. I want to be able to nurse and I don't want those puppies sagging anymore after I go through all of that pain!! Cyber Hug to you! (((HUGS))) :)

  10. So glad to see you posting! Thursday will be here before you know it and you'll feel SO much better. Get as much rest as you can and take care of yourself.
    Here's another virtual
    At two months out, I'm finally able to put some real good "squeeze" into my hugs!!
    XXOO, Donna in Maine

  11. A girl I worked with once had breast reduction surgery and I know she suffered for a week or so. Good for you for having it done but I tell you . . if I'd known, I would have gone with you and taken those 6 pounds! :)

  12. I would love to wear an A cup and I'm just a C/D depending on the bra! Good for you - hope you're on the mend soon.

  13. I'm sure your going to feel so much better.. DD says the big problem is the bra straps cutting into your shoulders.. She wears a DD, and didn't get them from me biggest I've ever been was a B when pregnant.
    I love my A's even though I can't buy a 36 A at Victoria Secrets anymore unless I want to order online.

  14. Bless your heart Bonnie! I'm glad to see you on the road to recovery. I kinda know how this feels: I had a lumpectomy which removed a chunk of tissue about the size of an empty toilet paper tube, and I was Fussy for that, so this must be many times Fussier.
    Squeezing your hand intead of a hug ~ Jeanne :)

  15. Bonnie, so glad to see you posting. I know you are going to love your new look very soon!
    When I saw your posting heading on my blog, I thought oh no! Then DUH, I remembered you had your surgery.
    Good luck with your healing!

  16. PRAYERS, not hugs, Bless your heart.
    Prayers, Bo

  17. Six pounds? Bonnie, as little as I am, I would have taken your left overs! LOL!
    Seriously, I'm sure once the pain stops, you are going to feel so much better.

  18. You looking marvelous darling! I lost 8 pounds when I had my reduction surgery. I did the same "muscle" pose. I didn't wear a bra for almost a year after the surgery. I was so happy not to have wear one. Then I started to feel too "flat" so now I wear one just to feel "girly". I went from a HHH to a C cup.

    You'll be feeling better before you know it and shopping for skimpy new tops real soon.

  19. conrgrats on the booooooooobage reduction! I had the same surgery 12 years ago and it was the best money I ever spent. I lost 7 lbs, went from a 46 triple D PLUS to 42 C. I have gained a 1/2 cup and now a 44 full c. once the elephant gets off your chest, you will be fine. it took about a week for me to feel almost human agin. (mauh) Liz

  20. Ice packs is all I gotta say! I had a reduction due to having all my milk ducts taken out and they gave me these really really cute circle ice packs made from gauzy soft material. I still have them in my fridge for when the kids get a 'booboo'(<-haha boob oo get it - okay sick sense of humor! LOL) as they bend nicely for elbows and... whatnot! LOL
    HOpe you are feeling better!!!


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