Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess What I got to work on yesterday and today...

Two days straight, I've got to spend a lot of time in here... our dining room which I've taken over with my sewing ;) while the babies watch Sesame Street and their other favorite shows in the morning.

Can you guess what I've been up to?
Can't tell?????

I'll give you another little hint...

Yesterday I was on a roll with my CYOC string blocks. Sewing, sewing, sewing... and today I got to trim them all up ;) ....and I must say, these little gals sure do look sharp! My favorite so far - I saved the best for last.... all the swappers who requested 1930's prints :)

I completed 16 blocks with red centers, 4 blocks with purple centers and 4 with white centers for me.

I figured I'd work on blocks for me while I fed the others thru... making sure that I got to use some of my favorite 30's prints in my blocks too. I've learned from my early days of hosting that if I save mine for the last, then I come up short...either literally or end up with the repeats in a swap.... so after about 3 swaps of this, I learned to include mine in with the rest and work on them at the same time ;) and since then haven't had any problems.
I'm reallying having fun with these... and only have 2 more swappers' sets to go. I hope to get them completed over the weekend so I can mail them all off at the same time on Monday.
Happy Weekend everyone and Love from Texas!


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