Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gail Pan is hosting a blog-give-away

I'm not sure I remember how i did it... but some how when I found the BOM "A Christmas Wish" over on Gail Pan's blog I subscribed as a RSS Feed (what ever that means) and now each time she makes a new post it sends a copy to my email box automatically - even to a specified folder with her name on it. Which I love and wish I could do for about 5 other blogs I read daily.

Anyway this morning, I noticed an email from her and she is announcing a new blog-give-away for one of her lovely patterns. To take a look and enter click on her name above. ;) Good luck to you and me both! It really is a lovely pattern that works up fast with noodles. Don't you just love the hexagon cornerstones?

And speaking of "A Christmas Wish" BOM - it's the only photo icon I've left on my side bar. The other free BOM stitchery projects links are still over there but just in a list form. I figured I wouldn't crowd up my side bar with projects that I'm not actually working on at the moment but still share the links for any of you who may need them. ;)

I've noticed a lot of "A Christmas Wish" blocks around blog land - any of my readers working on them? I've yet to trace my designs but did buy a second hoop so I can have 2 projects going. Did you choose a white background or cream? I can't decide. I'd love for those of you working on it to share with me what you choose.... and then I'll stop by your blog for a visit to take a peek ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Hi Bonnie, I'm doing the Christmas Wish stitchery BOM of Gail's.

    I've been following along on your surgery posts and hope you are well on your way in your recovery from that.

  2. I am dying to learn how to do stitchery...any good websites you would recommend??
    As for keeping up with blogs that don't have RSS feed ~ I use Google Reader. Since you are on blogspot you already have a google account, just add the Reader to your list of services (its free) and just add any blogs you want to keep tabs on. I log in during the day and it lets me know which blogs have been updated! (otherwise I'd get lost out there in blogland!) :)

  3. I'm doing the Gail Pan BOM blocks and I love them! I have the first two stitched but not bordered yet. I seem to have too many other things going on at the moment but I'll get to it. Mine are stitched on unbleached muslin simply because that's what I had on hand to use up. Hope you're healing up well! :0)

  4. Bonnie
    I am glad your surgery went well and your are pleased with the results. I have saved her patterns to my computer, just haven't started them yet.


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