Thursday, February 12, 2009

My posting has helped Emma

Hi Bonnie,
I just wanted to thank you for being so frank about your recent Breast Reduction surgery. I have been wanting the surgery for a number of years and have just recently started looking into it. My family doctor tells me that everyone she knows who has had it has been happy that they did it. But, not being a plastic surgeon, she couldn't really tell me much more than that. (She referred me to a couple of surgeons.) Reading your blog post and seeing the post surgery pictures was a much better idea of what it's like. I applaud your honesty, both with your words and your pictures, and want you to know that your posting has helped me.I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. Knowing that you are a spiritual person, I'll say a few prayers for you too. I always enjoy reading your posts. You have a lovely family, and a bright outlook.

Sincerely, Emma

Wasn't that a nice email that I read this morning??? I have received so many emails both from my church family and so any from my online community friends!!! - and honestly, I have not the time to reply to each and everyone b/c while Dad and Clara were here I took FULL ADVANTAGE of my resting time ;) and didn't even turn the laptop on some days at all. ;) But I'll get them replied. Most onlineers will visit here and be able to read this so please know that your kind words and Thoughts and Prayers really meant the world to me!!! Thank you all!

So if you don't mind, I want to do a cut and past here of this email and also my reply as my entry for today's blog post. ;) Some may call it lazy, I call it smart for not having to retype what it was I had planned to tell my readers about anyway! ;)

Dear Emma,

Thank you for your kind message. I'm surprised at how many people have taken the time to write to me since I announced about my surgery. Either they'd had it done or knew someone who did.

I went yesterday and got my bandage removed!!! and I'll post about that later on today or tonight on my blog But let me tell ya - after it came off I've not FELT MY BACK HURT ANYMORE! NONE! David and I went to a few stores in and out of the van each time before we returned to the town we live in, and each time I got in the van, I said, "My back doesn't hurt!"

Last night I went to bed with a smile on my face and kept thinking of all the "never agains"

  • never gonna have the constant back ache!
  • never gonna have to have bulging buttons on my shirts!
  • never gonna have to hang ALL my shirts up to dry to prevent shrinking!
  • never gonna walk by a perverted man and turn his head b/c of my FFF sized boobs!
  • never gonna have to wear deodorant under my boobs to prevent sweating!
  • never gonna have to wear lots of powder under my boobs to cover the stink!
  • never gonna have rashes from skin on skin touching!
  • never gonna have my boobs resting on my belly fat!
  • never gonna have to be hanging out the sides, under the wire, and over the top of my bras!
  • never gonna have to hid behid a babby I'm holding when getting my photo taken.
  • never gonna have to avoid posting photos of myslef b/c of my big boobs.
  • never gonna regret having this surgery done!

It was the best rest I'd had in so long.. other than a little tenderness (not bad though) on the lower sides of my breasts I laid there in my bed with JUST ONE pillow and slept the whole night! (all week with the tight bandage I had to sleep propped up with lots of pillows.

I even r-e-a-c-h-e-d for the remote on the nightstand just past my alarm clock to turn on the TV for Nora. (She's out of school today and I got to sleep in a little.) and that didn't even hurt!!! Use to my back hurt badly doing that!

and for the first time in my life - I've had this sports bra on that he fitted me for yesterday at my appointment (sized MEDIUM!!!) and I've not had to pull or pick at the band ONCE since I adjusted each of the arm straps!!! and I slept in it!!! and it has stayed put!!! Now that is a miracle! I can't count the number of bras that I pulled at over and over so many times, that I wore holes in the bands under the arms...!

So yes, it something I highly recommend!!! It's the most difficult the day of, and still sore the day after but you can tell a huge difference in each and every day - it just keeps on getting better... and once that dressing is removed (and trust me you'll be begging for someone to cut it in the back and give you some breathing room) but at least you will have a date to count down knowing that it is only temporary... and after the Dr takes it off.... well... it is so liberating!

I had my surgery Thurs. came home Fri. took my last prescription pain medication on Saturday - and from Sun until Thursday only took 2 extra strength Tylenol three times....

uncomfortable? YES

painful? NO

....and I was a little afraid about the bra...if it would hurt the stitches... but it feels like tight rubber band you'd have around your wrist...and it tingle if it rolled over your arm hair? Only this feels like the rubber band is around your middle...and it tingles only when I move to bend over... I got a few things out of the dryer and noticed that... but not in PAIN.. just a little ouch.

well enough for now.. I may very well cut and past this into my blog update so I don't have to retype LOL

Thanks again EVERYONE for your comments, thoughts and prayers, emails, PM's and for sharing your experiences and encouragements with me!!!

Happy Weekend and Love from Texas!


  1. I am so glad this has worked out well for you. I never had big boobs until I got older and gained some weight (had been an under-100-lb. weakling through my 20's). Now I have the rashes and "stink" you mention and it's upsetting....don't know what to do about it...use diaper rash cream, etc. I don't know, though, if I'd be a candidate for this at my age. I'm very happy for you, though, and am glad you shared this journey with us.

  2. Pat I would recommend powder over diaper rash cream... that would seam too messy. I think the main thing is ot keep it dry.

    and i bet you would be a canidate - my Dr's oldest patent was 74. and since I posted my experience - tons of people have emailed me saying they had it done in all stages of life... 40's 50's 60's...

    it was my cure for my back pain! and I highly recommend it! Now I can live life again... where as before if I had been sitting down a long time and get up I couldn't straighten my back all the way without extream pain...I was thinking I don't want to live to be 50 even! I won't make it... now I have none of that pain!

    I've thought of a few "nevers" to add to my list... maybe I'll post again another never agian list ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and for all the comments everyone has left or emailed me! ~bonnie


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