Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yesterday I showed you what I mailed...

Today, let me show you all the lovely blocks I've received so far! :) I spread them out on my kitchen table and still had 6-7 that didn't fit on the table top... There is already talk of another round starting soon...I'm not sure if I'm participating yet. I want to but I'll have to sit out a round if I don't get the current ones mailed...the spur of the moment surgery 2 weeks ago interfered with my sewing time -but thankfully EVERYONE in the current swap I'm in was VERY understanding and have given me extra time to mail my blocks ;)
I've hosted string block swaps before - but this was my first Choose You Own Colors -where also the swappers choose not only their colors but center strip width... and honestly it's confusing. It would be helpful if all center strips measured the same size or at least for those swappers doing the same color way... the B/W people... the swappers who want 30's...I know I've had a little difficulty keeping the 2" people straight from the 2.5" but that's just a minor detail.... maybe I should just pay closer attention!
I asked for 1.5" finished white centers with 30's mixed and LA,LA,LOVE mine!!! If I do this swap again - either this next round or future I want the same! b/c i want to make two twin size bed covers for my girls for when they share a room in a few years.

Oh and I asked for one strip to have a 30's red background - which I love b/c it gives the blocks that little sparkle. ;) I sure hope this swap takes place again.... and ya never know... I just *may* be ready to join the next one soon... I'm about 7 sets away from being done with the current round - and I'm working as fast as I can. (see my progress from yesterday below)

I completed 3 sets today and mailed out a total of 6 people's - this sign up cut off date is my motivation!! :P We'll see...

Love from Texas!


  1. You are definitely on a roll! :-) They look great!

  2. I am LOVING all of these string blocks! It makes me want to go join your board so I can play, too! But...I just don't have time right now. But I do plan to go check that board out soon! Way to be productive :)

  3. Love your blocks, what a terrific job.


  4. I really like the sparkle the red adds. I've never done a string quilt but it is on my long list of to-do's. Thanks for sharing these, I like the string quilts done up in the 30's fabrics.

  5. I just love all string quilts. This will be a pretty quilt! I wish I new about the swap and have fun finishing your pretty quilt.

  6. Your blocks are so beautiful as are the ones you made. I really love the string quilts.
    Prayers, Bo


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