Monday, February 23, 2009

Making the best of Four hours waiting in the Dr's office

Nora and I spent ALL morning in the doctor's office today We got there at 8:40am and didn't leave until after 12:00 NOON!

NOTE TO SELF: Never attempt to see the Dr. during "walk in hours on a MONDAY ever again if I can avoid it. Call and make an appointment.

The good news is, I had my redwork project with me and both she and I got a lot accomplished while waiting... I finished bock 3 "Endless project ideas" of the Quilters Blessings BOM and Nora completed 8 or 9 pages of artwork while we waited.The doctor said her eye was NOT pink eye... but an infection indeed... He gave her Amoxicillin and eye drops to take 3x/day for 5 days. He says she can return to school on Wednesday.

This was her eye tonight. Sorry for the messy face. The photo was taken while at the supper table. I had a closeup one that I took from my cell phone but it was blury.

Thankfully David was able to leave work and meet us at the Dr's office and trade vehicles and take the twins back home. They did not need to be there in that SICK-O waiting room!!! and of course I bribed Nora and told her to sit RIGHT by me and not move (as people are called back the benches open up and she's so tempted to move seats and stretch out) I told her about germs and it was obvious there were some REALLY sick kids.. and Nora noticed that.
So bribing her for a milkshake from Dairy Queen was just the trick ;) she stayed RIGHT by me and hopefully didn't catch any other germs.

Love from Texas!


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