Sunday, February 15, 2009

String Blocks Made and Ready to Mail for quiltsewpieceful


Look what I finished up today.. my first finished CYOC string blocks since my surgery. I started them last Wednesday and at the time thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.. making both of the B/W people at the same time.

Both wanted red centers... one scrappy B/W prints - for her I'd agreed to make 8 for her and she did for me too ... and the other swapper wanted he blocks to have a red center but WOB on one side and BOW on the opposite...

and I was all set to keep them straight and complete them all at the same time.... but after I got all of the first strips sewn on, I realized that those two swappers had different red center size requirements... quiltsewpieceful wanted centers that finished at 1.5" and the other swapper requested centers that finished at 2".

oh well - the person I agreed to make 8 for just got another 4 I'll package them up tonight and mail tomorrow... to.....quiltsewpieceful

I just hope the whole list of people don't think they are all getting an extra 4 from me LOL or I will never get caught up! :P No seriously, they have all been very understanding of me since at the time of signing up I didn't have a surgery planned... and then it popped up in the middle of it - or closer to the due date rather. ;) I appreciate the extra time they've allowed me.

I have no other projects in progress. Standing to press doesn't hurt... sitting to sew doesn't hurt... but cutting with the rotary cutter does not feel so great. So I'm taking it easy trying to just do a little at a time...and taking breaks when it's time to square up the blocks. ;)
I asked David if maybe he could do the cutting for me... and he gave me no response. figures.

Love from Texas!

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  1. I like those Black and White blocks with the red centre. Fortunate mistake for someone!
    I am glad you are healing well and so pleased with the results of your surgery. Continue to look after yourself.


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