Monday, February 23, 2009

Only 6 more sets to go...

I'm about 3/4ths the way done with making the string blocks for the COFC swap. As of today I only have the 1930's swappers left to do. I've been saving the best for last ;)

This weekend I completed these for dtigger - who's requirements read: 1.5 inch finished any color center, with strings of animals (any animal even Disney animals like tigger, but must be an animal) bugs, lizards, reptiles OK too

I knew I didn't have a lot of these in my scrap/string box so I bought some fabrics to use for her recently when I went to Joann's' 50% off Sale in January. (photo above)

I had a few others to add but not many. I really try hard not to duplicate my strings in the blocks if possible. As I lined them up for their photo I noticed something.....

**one of these things is not like the others** Do you see it too?

the block with the red center is TOO WIDE. I had pulled that color along with a few other centers... from my noodle collections (2.5") and apparently I forgot to trim that one down to 2" cut before starting. :/ *sigh*

So Sunday night I pulled another red center to make for her and decided, it's just as easy to make 2 blocks as it is 1... so I made another 2 for her....and I'm gonna go ahead and mail the too wide block also - she may find another use for it. Maybe for the label on the back?

Love from Texas!

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  1. Very nice......hard, too, to get the animals to show up within a narrow space without having to fussy cut to the extent that you have a lot of waste, but you did a great job of that.


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