Sunday, March 1, 2009

My March Madness

I la,la,LOVE organizing the annual Fat Quarter Bingo over on the HGTV board each year. Every year we have so much fun talking up the game and watching the ever g-r-o-w-i-n-g Jack Pot get bigger and bigger each day as more and more players sign up to play and email me with their pledge of how many cards they want to play with.

Well this year is our 4th game and Game Day starts on April 1st - NO Foolin! ;) So this month I'm gonna be having so much fun opening all the packages that will be arriving! ...and speaking of arriving...

We received our first package of BINGO FQs for the jackpot over the weekend!!! KC1930's FQs arrived yesterday!!! and I'll add more than one photo so you can see/read her cute note!!!! Little bear sat so patiently as I opened up the box... He was my helper

and here's what was in the box... Little bear loved the variety that KC1930 sent in for the JACKPOT.

and you have to see a close up of her note....

It reads: Bonnie: Here's $7 for postage and $5 towards your "Bingo Bonnie Bosom Buddie Bucks" -Kathleen

Isn't that soooo cute - Bosom Buddies Thank you girlfriend!!

and she was so generous to share some of her beloved 1930s with me :) I am looking forward to using these for my project that I'm working on between just KC1930 and me soon :) Thanks Kathleen!!!

Love from Texas!


  1. I just joined the HGTV group ~ I've heard you talk it up for so long...I just couldn't resist any longer :) (and I hope to get in on your FQ bingo, too!)

  2. Bonnie...I am going to sit the FQ Bingo out this year but you all will have tons and tons of fun! I can see those 3 young ones playing in all that fabric..LOL


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