Sunday, March 1, 2009

Color me happy

Here is a GREAT website that Daisy the Chocolate Mouse shared over on the HGTV Board... Maybe you have heard about it? Maybe not??

Wonder How To - there are lots of how to videos here about quilting and embroidery!

So how was your Saturday night??? We were over in the Big town where Joann's is, and I had my flyer 40% coupon with me and ran in real quick before driving back home. Nora and Paul Thomas were asleep so David stayed in the van with the kids while I went in for what I went to get.

Anyway, I knew exactly what I wanted to use my 40% off coupon for. Ever since falling in love with embroidery, I've been eye balling the box of DMC new color collection threads...thinking that was the best way to start my own collection and save 40%

Well when I got there I noticed they had them $14.95 marked down to $6 on clearance so I bought that box and then used my coupon for the Christmas collection box reg. priced at $14.95.

Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else wants to check their Joann's for the clearance box. My store was down to only 3... I already threw trashed them (meaning tied up and out in the big can outside) or I'd go dig them out of the trash and list the colors that came in each of the collection boxes...

Also I must give credit for where my color craving came from... recently I noticed over on Willowberry Designs she posted about her threads... and I fell in love with her thread box.

Doesn't she have a beautiful photo of her threads? So I had thought to myself I will wait... occasionally Joann's puts their plastic storage on sale either 40% or 50% off... but last night I couldn't help myself - before I knew it I was standing in the middle of the plastic storage isle... and imagine my delight when I discovered that at regular price this little box was under $2!!!


I should have bought more of the little plastic card holders though as during my last trip I bought the big key ring thingy with about 20-25 plastic holders..... *sigh* now another trip is needed to the BIG town.

Betcha you can guess what I did last night while watching TV with David. I am just so excited over all of these colors... until now I've only stitched with red...#321...Now that I have a small collection going I might start the Christmas Wish blocks and the Willowberry BOMs

......and I can have more than one project going b/c I even noticed their 7" hoop like the one I already have was on CLEARANCE also for only $0.97 so I bought the last one. Can you tell I had a happy time last night?

and so did the kids... we took them to Chunk-E-Cheese! Hope you all had a Happy Weekend!

Love from Texas!


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