Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy to be in line at the drivethru

Lookie at what's back in the passenger seat of my mini van... my Quilter's Blessing BOM stitchery project! ;) WHOoo HOoo!

Here is how much I have done on my 4th block. I was happy to be the 5th car back at the drive thru today ;)

I now have additional hoops that I bought on my last trip to Joann's... so now all I need to do is print out and trace off "A Christmas Wish" blocks and get those ready to go.

And look at my growing collection of DMC floss! :) I really really love looking at all of these colors together! I downloaded a DMC "Shoppers List" to keep inventory of what I have vs what I don't have - and I have many more to go but for now, I have all that I need to get started on Gail Pan's "A Christmas Wish."
Nora was with me and she had fun looking and searching for the numbers of the colors I called out on my shopping list. I had all of the colors for the Willowberry Designs' Verandah Views written out and Nora would have loved to kept filling up the shopping basket with floss colors but at regular price $0.33/each, I thought we'd do best to just get the 6 or 7 for the Christmas blocks and save getting the others until later when they go on sale.

and if anyone out there is wondering how I went about organizing the colors.. I used blank Avery address labels...

and cut into 4 pieces...

then I placed one on each of the DMC brand plastic spool cards...and folded it over the card and pressed shut...
then I took my scissors and trimmed away the extra sticker hanging over...
I then wrote the DMC number on both sides. That is why in the box photo you see some of the numbers written at the top left and some on the top right (b/c I haven't payed attention to turn them all the same way)

and guess what I learned - my friend Crazy'boutquilts just started her own floss box too! Do GREAT MINDS think ALIKE or what???!? ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. I just write the numbers right on the little spool things....I have nearly 2 boxes full of DMC thread from my cross-stiching years....so I am ready to go on these BOM's....if I get the time to start. (Am busier in retirement than when I worked fulltime. LOL)

  2. Hey Bonnie! I learned to cross stitch when I was 8 so I've been doing it for a few years :-) - I have four thread boxes full and two shoe boxes full waiting to be wrapped - you have a long way to go sister!!! My advice, keep up on the wrapping or it will take on a life of it's own.

    Best part of having so much DMC - I always have the right color to match almost anything!


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