Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whooo HOoOO! I'm DONE...

...and if my dad were around he'd say "stick a fork in her, she's done!" LOL ;) and yes, I'm finished with all of my CYOC (choose your own centers) string blocks for my swap!

The last 5 sets are packaged and ready to mail out tomorrow! :) (Monday 3/2/09)

These are going to crazy'boutquilts. She requested red 30's center strings.

lace angel she wanted her's centered around a blue 30's center

And like me, quiltnany, requested a white center string for her 1930s.

savedsinnr didn't have any requirement...any 30's center ;) She was one of the few who wanted a finishedsize of 2". A little wide if you ask me, b/c it doesn't leave for much room to add very many stirngs on either side... but to each their own ;) I do think that if the blocks were larger - say 9" then this size center would work nicely.

aak! Seems I didn't take an individual photo of the blocks for KC1930 :( sorry KC! I did have them in a photo down below in a previous post but they were layerer on top of one another... guess that's the only sneak peak you get this time. LOL and that for sure makes you "Best For Last" :) :) :)
Love from Texas!


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