Monday, March 23, 2009

A special gifty from a reader :)

I'm sure my readers know that I'm in the middle of hosting my 4th annual HGTV Fat Quarter Bingo... which I've been very busy with and about to get even busier with this coming week as I prepare bingo cards and email out to players.

Anyway, I occasionally share a photo or two here but for the most part I try not to crowd up my blog with all of that stuff - that is what my fatquarterbingo yahoo group is for - I share mail call photos over there each week. :)

But look at what the mail lady brought today!!! Somewhere in these packages is a package from a blog reader, Jessica who joined the HGTV boards recently and has become a first year FQ Bingo player! :)

Not only did she include some extra "bingo~bonnie Bosom Buddies Bra Bucks" (Thank you very much) but she also sent me some bright and pretty cutie pies for my newest collection....

New DMC Floss!! and plastic bobbin cards!!! Aren't these colors Beautiful!!! So springy! I love em!! :)
Jessica reads my blog and knows about my growing collection of DMC floss. :) On the lid are the ones she sent to me and the two on the left are the only duplicates. Luckily I still have a receipt from Joann's and think I can exchange them for others. ;) Just a simple switch-a-roo... and most likely I'll bring home a hand full more too... ;)
Which reminds me I need to remember to take this with me next time I go.. a DMC Shoppers Checklist (you can download/print out here) *aak* they removed the list! I tried to link to it but couldn't find it. I do have it downloaded and can email to you if you want one let me know. ;)
Last time I shopped at Joann's was when I went to my Dr's follow-up appointment, I had the envelope with me of numbers listed of what was required for the BOMs I'm wanting to start... Christmas Wish and Verandah Views.
and still ended up buying 5 duplicates myself!
That same day, I did end up going to both Joann's and Hobby Lobby to find the variegated green I needed - and they only had it in the collection box at Joann's and I didn't need all 25 colors for $18... so I did find it sold individually at Hobby Lobby and while there I couldn't just walk out with one floss.. so I picked some off my list and apparently didn't pay attention to numbers that were used in both block 2 and 3 or 1 and 2 whatever.. :P
So I'll just stick them in the van so that the next time we make a trip over to the big town I can exchange them ;) Looks like I need to make a note to buy a second storage box too :D
Thanks again Jessica for thinking of me and my new g-r-o-w-i-n-g DMC floss collection! :) :) I appreciate your "support" in both my bra bucks and floss stash :)
Love from Texas!

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  1. I'm so glad there weren't many duplicates! I tried to go for a springy look (it was overcast and rainy the day I was at the store and grasping for *something* springy!!). You do know, right, that you've now got me researching hand embroidery patterns and trying to learn how? Because you know...I need ONE MORE HOBBY!! :)
    Glad the box got to you safely and I can't wait to be the first to yell BINGO!!!


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