Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love getting MAIL :)

Especially this time of year when every package has FABRIC in it!!! Although not for me.. (for the FQ Bingo) however, I do occasionally get a bonus FQ for me.

But this year... my FQ Bingo friends over on the HGTV board are doing something new this year... a lot of them are sending BBBBBBs!

Bingo Bonnie Bosom Buddies Bra Bucks! :0)

Isn't that awesome!!!?? I sure think so! They are so thoughtful to think of this special hostess appreciation gift (totally optional of course) but with $2 from one player, and $1 from another and an occasional $5 it really begins to add up. I'm saving and saving until all players are received before I go shopping... however I couldn't help but notice at Target that they had LOTS of bras priced under $15!!! Whoo hoo! No more $48 or more specialty bras for me ever again! LOL

I'm looking forward to not only getting new bras, but some blouses to wear to church and also even a BELT! Before my surgery, I didn't dare tuck in a shirt! ;) Not that I would have tucked in my shirt b/c since becoming a mom almost 5 years ago, I've spent 30 months (combined from Nora and Twins) nursing - and I had to be able to access the goods.. but any who, those days are LONG gone and now I can tuck in my shirt any time I want!!! oh and back to the bras... I'm excited about buying bras with MATCHING panties!!! Won't David be surprised and excited!!!**giggle*giggle*giggle**

But, back to the reason of this post... I don't post photos everyday of all the FQs arriving for FQ Bingo -I have a yahoo group (link in my sidebar) to do that on... but I did want to share this photo here on my blog tonight b/c it's from my friend Crazy'boutquilts. (the one I'm swapping My Blue Heaven blocks with)

So let's take a closer look at the items she included in her package....

I've never paper pieced before, but next month when I go on the Circle of Friends Retreat in Manchester, NH I'm signed up for a class for paper piecing. Crazy had mentioned in a email that she was going to a quilt show and hoped to buy some more of these she had used and love in the past at the show, and I replied back asking her to let me know how much they were b/c I'd like her to buy me some and mail.... I have no clue where I'd buy them here... and we all know I only get to visit my not so local LQS only once a quarter - and that's when I'm lucky! LOL

So thanks Sandie for picking those up for me at the quilt show you went to!
At the top - the fabric - you'll see her 10 FQs she sent in for 10 Bingo Cards for my upcoming game I'm hosting....and lookie what else! In the middle of the bottom row - it's hard to see - but she included a 1930's FQ for me! :) She and I both love 1930's... and we both requested 30's strings in her recent CYOC sting swap that she hosted... so TY for thinking of me :)

I love all the hand written notes that come with the Bingo packages. They really make my day to read them, and see every one's hand writing.... and this year KNOCK ON WOOD, no one has yet to forget to include their dollars to cover shipping to the winners. ;) Last year I had about 9-10 have to send separately b/c they had forgot...

Crazy included an extra $5 for the BBBB - Thank you Sandie!!! :c)

You'll notice I purposely covered up some of the words on her note. ;) That's b/c she is sponsoring another player and I didn't want to reveal who. That is another fun feature I'm doing again this year - they can sponsor their secret sister - or any special friend on the board to play.. send in FQs for them -and I take care of the rest - emailing that special person bingo cards... and not telling who from :) It's fun!

And lastly, but not least - I bet you noticed it first thing - the My Blue Heaven Block!!! My first from Sandie! :) Isn't it so nice!
I love that paisley blue print and the dark green with the fall leaves, and the... :) all of them! This is gonna be a scrap-OH-lishious quilt. Who knows how long we'll swap... and thankfully it isn't a race.

And those of you readers who have super good spotter eyes... you may have noticed the magazine to the far right in the top photo... yep, I broke down and bought a new magazine today at the grocery store.
There's been a lot of talk over on the HGTV board about this issue - click here for the thread on the discussion. :) and so I broke down and bought it. :) I just love the cover quilt.. and there's more than one hand bag pattern in this issue that I'd love to give a try to one of these days.

but not until after retreat of course! I have a growing list of things to do before I leave in April... and I'll save that list for another post another day ;)

So until then...

Love from Texas!


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